Over-the-phone interpretation: the perfect solution

April 1, 2022

The world is becoming increasingly remote – especially since COVID forced people, businesses, and all sorts of services inside the home. It’s also becoming increasingly connected and multinational, meaning lots of diverse cultures and languages are coming into contact and merging as one. 

So what happens when you can’t understand the person on the other end of the phone because they’re speaking a different language? How can businesses communicate important information to other businesses? More importantly – what happens when the phone call is an emergency? 

That’s why over-the-phone interpretation services are so important for helping people get in touch with language interpreters whenever they immediately need one. Urgency is key.

So, why is over-the-phone interpretation so important? And why has it become the perfect solution for all sorts of industry services and situations? Let’s find out.

What is over-the-phone interpretation?

Over-the-phone interpretation (commonly referred to as OPI) is a type of multilingual communication that connects people with interpreters via the telephone. Essentially it’s setting up a three-way call between the two parties and the interpreter facilitating the call. 

The interpreter breaks down the language barrier between the two parties. 

When is over-the-phone interpretation so useful?

Over-the-phone interpretation is used in all sorts of situations – healthcare facilities, call centers, government agencies, long-term business partnerships, etc. 

The most important form of over-the-phone interpretation is emergency call handling. If someone is calling emergency services in a country they don’t speak the language of, an over-the-phone interpreter can help them get the services they need. It’s a fast-acting solution to emergency incidents and accidents. 

What are the benefits of over-the-phone interpretation?

24/7 service 

These services are accessible around the clock – they need to be. You have convenient access to professional interpreters at any time of day, in any time zone. 

Helps with any project – big or small

Over-the-phone interpretation services are particularly useful in multinational business projects. For example, you may need interpretation during important meetings with business partners.

More precise than text-based translations 

A direct translation of conversations means important information will not be paraphrased or summarized  – meaning specific personalized details won’t be missed. 

Confidential and professional 

Over-the-phone interpretation services have a duty to remain confidential. By using an extensive global network of interpreters, you’ll also benefit from top-quality language proficiency and subject-matter expertise. 


Services like these also provide cost-effective solutions. There’s no need to hire in-house or on-site interpreters –  instead, you can outsource with a reliable third party. The best over-the-phone interpretation services also charge a set rate with no additional costs. 


Over-the-phone interpretation services are super easy to use. You can converse in any language quickly and effectively. Multinational companies like TransPerfect have set up telephone systems that connect you to an interpreter with lightning-fast speed. Just pick up the phone, dial the number, and select the language. No long-hold times keeping you waiting! 


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