Ontario’s Cowbell Brewery is a Modern Wonder of Architecture, Farm-to-Table Eats, and Beer

March 2, 2022

Looking for a place to get away from it all and spend a day with friends, family, and fresh-brewed beer? The brewers at the Cowbell Brewing Co. welcome you to Cowbell Country.

The Cowbell Brewery in the sleepy rural town of Huron County, Ontario, is turning heads for a host of reasons. For starters, its state-of-the-art 26,000 sq. ft. facility and 45-hectare plot are large enough to host the entire population of the town where it resides.

The new brewery isn’t just a watering hole for locals. It aims to become a destination brewery for all Canadians looking to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy good old-fashioned family fun.

Here’s what you can expect from a visit to Cowbell Country.

Award-Winning Beer

Cowbell’s brewers know what brings people through the doors—great beer. In a few short years, Cowbell brews have racked up awards, including four gold and silver medals at the 2021 Ontario Brewery Awards.

Award-winning beers include the Absent Landlord Kolsch, Bobcat West Coast Red, Boxing Bruin IPA, and Shindig Lager.

Along with its staple brews, Cowbell Brewing cooks up special releases and draught-only specials such as its Renegade Series of beers. These limited releases are made with special ingredients and showcase the brewers’ range.

For those in your crew who don’t love a brew, Cowbell also makes homemade ciders and seltzers.

Farm-to-Table Meals

Cowbell Brewery’s rural location and connection with the Mennonite community allow unique access to farm-fresh local meat, cheese, veggies, herbs, and much more. The menu changes with the seasons and features delicious bar favorites like wings, pizzas, and burgers, as well as locally-sourced mains like flank steak, fried noodles, and hearty salads.

Cowbell is proud to offer a variety of dishes for meat lovers (made with local beef and chicken) as well as plenty of vegan and gluten-free options.

Stunning Architecture

Cowbell’s Grand Old Barn is the largest structure on the horizon in rural Huron county. But that’s part of its appeal. The massive beer hall was built with Douglass Fir timber from BC, huge glass windows, and warm copper highlights. The place practically glimmers with cabin-esque comfort, making you feel at home in an instant.

It’s not only visitors that love the brewhouse, but also architecture buffs. The architects earned awards such as the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) Sponsorship Award and the Environmental Achievement Project of Distinction Award for their innovative designs.

The Grand Old Barn features 14 meter high ceilings, a catwalk, two restaurants, a game room, a general store, and a full brewery within its walls, as well as a spacious beer garden outside.

Carbon-Neutral Brewing

Cowbell is North America’s only carbon-neutral brewery. In fact, it was actually carbon positive in 2020, meaning it created an environmental benefit to the area.

The brewery was built as a closed-loop system. It pulls water from a natural aquifer and recycles it using an on-site water treatment plant. The recycled water is then used to irrigate local soccer fields.

Cowbell also uses new brewing technology such as more efficient kettles and water-free sterilization to eliminate pollutants and waste.

Every time you take a sip of a Cowbell Brew, you’re doing yourself and the Earth a big favor.

Green Space Galore

Cowbell’s founders invite you to get out of the concrete jungle and take a breath of fresh air in Cowbell Country. Between beers, you can stroll the property and enjoy green grass and fruit trees planted on Cowbell’s 28-acre plot.

The trees were planted with assistance from the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority to help offset emissions, but they have the added benefit of creating a beautiful garden. You won’t find a better place to sip crisp Cowbell lagers and seltzers on sunny days.

Concerts and Performances

Cowbell’s next project is to build an outdoor amphitheater for concerts, shows, and cultural events. The venue will host up to 15,000 attendees and feature acts from Canada’s biggest stars.

The amphitheater hasn’t been completed yet, but you can expect it to show off incredible architecture and modern comforts if it’s anything like the Cowbell Grand Old Barn.

Visit Cowbell Country

Planning a trip to Cowbell Country is easy. The Cowbell Brewery is open daily and has plenty of parking for visitors. Day trips by bus also depart regularly from Toronto and go directly to the brewery.

But Cowbell Country isn’t just in Huron County, Ontario. It’s anywhere you open a Cowbell beer, cider, or seltzer and live the good life with family and friends. Cowbell beer ships all over Canada from the Cowbell online store. You can also find cowbell beers on draught at your local bar and in cans from the LCBO.


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