Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Causing 100 Disk Usage

April 29

Windows 10 has comes with lots of new features. In this long list of features, a new Telemetry and data collection feature is also there, that collects all your user data and send it back to Microsoft.

Even though Microsoft has tagged this feature a way to improve the user experience. Still, there are allegations on Microsoft that it is spying on you.

Some user doesn’t want to share their data, as the data stored in their system is highly sensitive. Also, some of the users reported that the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry process has recently started causing very high disk usage on your Windows 10 system.

Many users have reported that after updating to Windows 10, they have started facing many issues with CPU.

Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

If you are using Windows 10 for a long time then you have noticed that Telemetry is enabled By Default but suddenly it started using a huge amount of CPU and slow down your computer system.

Everyone seems concerned about their privacy in Windows 10. But still, many Windows 10 users are concerned about this automated data collection. After disabling settings, you can sit back, relax, and quit worrying about your privacy in Windows 10.

What is Microsoft compatibility telemetry high CPU?

Microsoft Telemetry is a service in Windows 10 which Contains technical data about the how the Windows devices and its related software is working and send this data periodically to Microsoft so as to enhance the user experience by fixing the Potential issues that occur.

Microsoft telemetry capability is provided using the Diagnostic Tracking Service and is completely opt-in. Last month, Microsoft delivered some upgrades to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users (KB3075249, KB3080149, and KB3068708) that would offer the identical telemetry data. Microsoft telemetry is very important to service in Windows 10 that collects data from the computer and sends it back to the Windows programmer. Now Microsoft asserts that it gathers information for enhancing the user’s experience and enhancing the Windows platform to make it simpler.

Uses of Microsoft Telemetry

  • Allows windows to keep up-to-date.
  • Lets the windows secure, reliable, and perform well even in adverse situations.
  • Allows windows to Personalise or customize windows engagement surfaces.
  • Enhance the performance of windows through aggregate analysis

What is Windows telemetry data?

This Data includes basic system diagnostics information, logs of how frequently you use features and applications, system files, and likely more metrics that have yet to be disclosed. All this type of data comes under the Telemetry data.

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How do I stop Microsoft compatibility telemetry?

You can stop the Telemetry process from Windows Services. You can also chance Registry files to edit Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Process value.

What is CompatTelRunner EXE compatibility telemetry?

It is a special Windows Process in Windows that can check Windows issues and Softwares information.

Following are the specific examples of Windows Telemetry data:

  • Typed text on keyboard sent every 30 minutes
  • Anything you say into a microphone is transmitted
  • Transcripts of things you say while using Cortana
  • Index of all media files on your computer
  • When your webcam is first enabled, 35mb of data.

Disable Microsoft compatibility telemetry Windows 10

So, as we mentioned above what the Microsoft compatibility telemetry does and if you want to disable the telemetry services and if you don’t know how to do this. Here are given some methods by which you can disable compatibility telemetry in Windows 10.

How do I turn off telemetry in Windows 10?

You can completely disable this telemetry process using the below methods.

Method 1 – By Group Policy Editor

Step 1: On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at a time in order to invoke a Run command.

Step 2:  Type gpedit.msc and click OK.

microsoft compatibility telemetry

Step 3: Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Data Collection and Preview Builds.

microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk

Step 4: Double-click Allow Telemetry.

what is microsoft compatibility telemetry

Step 5: Select Disabled, then click OK.

microsoft compatibility telemetry windows 10 high disk usage

Method 2 – By Registry Editor

Step 1: On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to invoke a Run command.

Step 2: Type regedit in the box and click OK.

fix microsoft compatibility telemetry high cpu

Step 3: Click YES when prompted by User Account Control.

Step 4: Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows >DataCollection

solve microsoft compatibility telemetry windows 10 issue

***Pro Tip: If you can’t find Allow Telemetry,  then to create it follow the step which is going to say now. First Right-click on DataCollection and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value, Then name the new value Allow Telemetry.

windows compatibility telemetry

Step 5: Double-click Allow Telemetry.

microsoft telemetry

Step 6: Set Value date to 0 (zero) and click OK.

telemetry windows 10

If still, you have the high disk usage issue then we have mentioned some other methods too to help you. You can also try them.

Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry using CompatTelRunner.exe

There are 4  methods to disable Microsoft telemetry through CompatTelRunner.exe file but before that, you must know what CompatTelRunner.exe is and what it does.

what is CompatTelRunner.exe?

It is a process that is used to upgrade your system to the latest OS version or other Service Pack upgrades.

This process is part of a Windows Update, specifically the KB2977759 one, which stands as the Compatibility update for Windows 7 RTM (Release to Manufacturer).

It takes up storage bandwidth which may slow down your PC, and you will most likely want to get rid of it. Users complained of multiple CompatTellRunner.exe files showing up in the Task Manager consuming CPU and Disk Usage.

What does CompatTelRunner.exe do?

It is used to perform diagnostics on your computer to determine if there is the possibility of compatibility issues and collects program telemetry information if opted-in to the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program.

It allows Microsoft to ensure compatibility when you want to install the latest version of Windows OS.

How the CompatTelRunner.exe file effects?

The CompatTelRunner.exe file is located in the System32 folder and is owned by the TrustedInstaller any modifications you try to do to it will be met with an “Access is denied” error, which means that you can’t modify or delete it in any way.

This Microsoft compatibility telemetry eats CPU issue occurs because the process is owned by TrustedInstaller, and everything else only has a Read-Only permission over it, and you can’t modify it. Though this process isn’t necessary and can be deleted if you do want Microsoft to diagnose your system by itself and run the compatibility checks, then let it run.

Fix High CPU & Disk Usage Issue by CompatTelRunner.exe

The Microsoft telemetry service uses high CPU resources and uses a lot of disk space so to fix this issue follow the below methods.

Method 1: Disable CompatTelTunner.exe from Task Scheduler

Hold the Windows Key and Press R. Type taskschd.msc and click OK.compattelrunner.exe microsoft compatibility telemetry

Expand Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Application Experiencecompattelrunner.exe

Right-click on any of the tasks listed as Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser and choose Disable.

compattelrunner.exe disk usage

Method 2: Take ownership of CompatTellRunner.exe

The process is a fairly straightforward one, but make sure not to skip steps and keep in mind that you should be logged in as an administrator.

Step 1: Open Run Dialog box (Windows key + R) and type the following C:\Windows\System32

compatibility telemetry

Step 2: Then a window will appear. From that find CompatTelRunner.exe folder.

what is compattelrunner.exe

Step 3: Now Right-click on CompatTelRunner to Select properties

compattelrunner.exe disk usage

Step 4: Now, you need to go to Security Tab, after that click on Advanced Button.

windows 10 high disk usage

Step 5: Once if you find the Owner tab then select the edit button

fix high disk usage

Step 6: After that, a window appears, then select Administrators. Click Apply and Ok to save Changes made.

high disk usage windows 10

Step 7: You will be met with a prompt that warns you to close all Properties windows that are currently open in order to change the ownership, so hit OK Button and close them.

Step 8: When you’ve changed the owner of the file, next you should change the permissions. To do that, right-click the Compattelrunner.exe file again, and open Properties.

Step 9: Go to the Security tab and click Advanced once again. Within the window, select the Permissions tab, and from the list that pops out, select the account you are using and choose Edit.

Step 10: You will see a new window with options about the permissions. You need to select the current user account which you are using and click the Allow column box for Full control. Then Click Apply and hit OK to save the change.

microsoft compatibility telemetry 100 disk

Step 11: That’s all! Now you can delete CompatTelRunner.exe file.

When you’re done with this, you are the owner of the file, not TrustedInstaller, and you have full control over it, meaning you can delete it without being met with the Access is denied error. Feel free to do so, and you won’t see it taking over much-needed resources from your system.

Method 3: Repair Corrupt System Files

Download and run Reimage Plus to scan and repair corrupt/missing files from here, if files are found to be corrupt and missing repair them and then see if the problem persists if it does, move onto the next Method below.

Method 4: Use Command Prompt

Step 1: Click the Windows button and type cmd.

Step 2: Now run the Command Prompt as Administrator. To do so Right-click on command prompt and choose run as Administrator.

Step 3: Type the following commands carefully and press enter after typing each command

  • sc delete DiagTrack
  • sc delete dmwappushservice
  • echo “” > C:\\ProgramData\\Microsoft\\Diagnosis\\ETLLogs\\AutoLogger\\AutoLogger-Diagtrack-Listener.etl
    reg add “HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Policies\\Microsoft\\Windows\\DataCollection” /v AllowTelemetry /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

No doubt Windows 10 is the most user-friendly operating system, yet it has some issues. In this article, we have tried to cover all the important aspects related to Microsoft telemetry windows 10. We explained all the methods to disable Telemetry in Windows 10. We hope now you learned how to do Microsoft compatibility telemetry disable Windows 10.  So do you have any other methods, if yes then let us know? Yeah and if any query feels free to ask.

Thanks for reading this article


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  1. You don’t have to delete CompatTelRunner.exe. It is possible to leave in place but disable its execution. Bring up properties on C:\Windows\System32\CompatTelRunner.exe. Take ownership of executable. Then change permissions, adding modify and change permissions to administrator but removing execute. For all the other listed ‘Principal’s, remove all listed permissions. This way only the administrator can touch the file, but can’t run it (without changing permissions again). Leaving the file in place prevents update or any other SYSTEM task from replacing it. It also blocks it from being run by SYSTEM (since executable was removed as well as read). TrustedInstaller can’t modify it either – since all of its permissions have been zeroed.

    This allows you to run CompatTelRunner.exe at a later date if needed (by just restoring exec permissions), while blocking any attempt to run, replace or overwrite by SYSTEM or TrustedInstaller.

  2. I am Facing again on this issue. how do i turn off Microsoft compatibility telemetry in windows 10 permanently??

  3. I am using Windows 10 and while playing the game, I am facing this Microsoft compatibility telemetry has stopped working windows 1o and Microsoft compatibility telemetry busy issue.

  4. Thank you for the complete guide. I was very confused about Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry. Now everything is fine.

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