Methods to View Instagram Stories Without Others Knowing

September 13, 2022

Instagram is a bigwig amongst Millenials and Gen z. With the app constantly changing and adding amazing new features, we speculated it to last long. 

Though it started as a popular app to share OOTD or posts about events and vacations, where people would share some beautiful highlights of their lives.

It’s recently introduced features like reels (TikTok inspired feature where you act out on a pre-set scene or dance to a song), stories (a Snap Chat-inspired feature where you can post anything like photos and videos; it will disappear in 24 hours), and IGTV (a short YouTube like setup) have become more popular than what it started with. 

This app is a super tool for Instagrammers. In fact, it is an influencer hub where people have generated a fortune.

But this social media has a bit of a drawback. Its story feature doesn’t support anonymity. However, they introduced it as a safety feature so that people would know who is viewing their content. But sometimes, it is an absolute necessity to stay unnamed for many reasons.

If you are a researcher or a marketing head and need to research your competitor’s stories, you might choose to remain unknown, or maybe you need to conduct some outstanding Instagram strategy, or maybe just someone who wants to conceal their identity and would like to stay anonymous on Instagram story viewers for no big reason.

This article will take you through ways you can view Instagram’s various features anonymously. So, your online identity remains a secret.

Why can users not watch IG stories anonymously?

Instagram and other social media platforms always consider it their utmost priority that their feature is most beneficial to users.

Instagram users, especially influencers and celebrities, always require Data on how their story is performing and how many people have viewed them. They often need to submit this data to agencies and firms. 

They pay people on the stats of their posts and stories. Hence, Instagram has made it mandatory that whoever visits a story, their username will be visible. Also, they need to show their PR companies whether the target is achieved or not.

Methods to view IG stories on Android PC and IOS

Regardless of the system you are using, there are many ways through which you can view stories completely incognito.

Method 1: Swipe before its too late

To watch Instagram stories anonymously without using the standard Instagram story, viewers take advantage of the swipe interface. Just swipe back so that you cannot get noticed.

Method 2: Turn on flight mode

An android user can watch Instagram stories without getting noticed as a viewer. You can also avail of this method to view Instagram stories anonymously on an iPhone. All you need to do is turn on flight mode as soon as you tap on their story or highlight.

This is a rather problematic method: first, you visit an account, then you view their stories, and, in a fraction of a second, you need to turn your fight mode on. 

Method 3: Use an alternative account for IG

Now, this is a classic trick. We all have been doing it when there was not much access to technology or SAAS. It is simple you create an Instagram account that doesn’t bear your name. But for this, you need an Instagram account by hook or by crook.

Method 4: block the person

The classic method you can use is to block them after you have viewed their story. Blocking them will delete you from their ig reel viewer list. 

But this method of viewing Instagram reels anonymously is daunting. You need to instantly block the person, or else your username will be visible.

Ig anon viewer like are one of the best ways to view insta stories as you just need a link and no profile. This will profoundly let you view Instagram without them knowing your identity.

Method 5: Use a third-party interface

What are IG stories, viewers? 

Ig stories viewers are tools that work with total anonymity, which means you need not worry about having an account and revealing your identity to a viewer as far as it is public.

Also, you don’t need to sign in to your account to get access.


It is the name of a web service for an Instagram story, post, reels, and iGTV. You can view any public account and download their uploads without them knowing it. There are many similar tools, but it’s the best of instagram stories viewers.

  • There are some unique features to this web service:
  • This unique tool helps with anonymously browsing
  •  It has a straightforward User Interface
  • You don’t need to register on this platform
  • This web service answers the how-to view Instagram story without the account query that you have.
  • It has different language versions. So you can use it in your preferred language.
  • This unique Ig story viewer is accessible globally.
  • You can download these Stories, videos, IGTV, photos, and Highlights in different formats – like MP4, JPEG
  • It has a Fast loading speed. So you need not worry about its loading time if you have high-speed internet.

Step-by-step guide: How to view Instagram Accounts anonymously via Instastories. 

Here, make a list of steps (how to use that service with images View Instagram story without an account.

 Start your search with the profile name in the field overhead. Below are sample formats:

  • Username
  • @username
  • When you tap enter, it will move you to, whereupon all info is depicted if you wish to watch the account anonymously without signing in to Instagram. 
  • Wait for it to load 
  • Now you are free to watch a story, image, or reel, and if you wish to download it, you can do that too.
  • For that, tap your desired image or video now. It will be in full-screen mode. You will find there a \ “Download” button at the bottom. By clicking that button, it will download your video. As easy as ABC.


They introduced an amazing SAAS to help you view ig story without the account and anonymously.

Stories IG is also a web outlet that serves the purpose of downloading and viewing images incognito. Stories ig is a unique and easy-to-use instagram story viewer service free of cost. With the help of these platforms, you can easily own someone’s IG Stories.

Step 1: Write the user’s name in a field:

Step 2: Wait for it to load

Step 3: Watch the story you like


 let us discuss some questions that users come up with frequently

Can I watch IG anonymously?

You can watch Instagram stories anonymously and quickly without the need to log in or have an account. View without login or install anything. Just enter the Instagram username you want to stalk. Nobody will know you are watching their stories.

Can I download IG highlights, reels, posts, and stories anonymously?

Trust us, our SAAS is pro at hiding your identity. We don’t need your reason for anonymity but trust us, either you view or download. There is no one knowing about your recent visit. If something still perplexes you in the SAAS, there is an in-depth guide with images to solve your query about how to view ig stories anonymously.

Can I view an Instagram account that blocked me?

We completely understand that we often get blocked out of celebrities’ accounts. Well, now you can use our platform to view them if their profile setting is public.

Hope our efforts aid you in your puzzling situation. Next time anyone asks you how to view someone’s Instagram story anonymously or how to view Instagram stories online without them knowing, tell them about our effortless web service that charges no penny and is available on desktop and mobile.


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