Let’s End The Debate, Which Is Better PES or FIFA?

July 31

While there are sports-related video games that hold no real competition in their fields like Madden and NBA 2K, when it comes to soccer, aka the most popular sport in the world, the debate is always wide open on which video gaming franchise is best, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) or FIFA. Both games are loved by casual video gaming fans around the world as well as Esports enthusiasts around with official FIFA and PES tournaments sprouting around the world.

Now, while for many video gaming fans and even people that like to bet on Esports, the EA Sports produced FIFA video game franchise has always stood tall above all other competition, there is no denying that Konami’s PES has always been right up there giving FIFA a run for their money.

With both FIFA and PES having their 2022 versions hitting the market sooner rather than later let’s break down which game edges out the other as the best soccer-themed video game in the market.

FIFA Is All About Legacy

Ever since hitting the video gaming market in 1993, EA Sports’ FIFA video game franchise has been the staple when it comes to talking about soccer-related video games. It has become a norm for every year for the FIFA franchise to release a new, groundbreaking version of their game, and while, yes, some of their versions through the years haven’t really been the absolute best, others have really been able to do a before and after in the soccer video gaming market. With FIFA 10, FIFA 12, and FIFA 13 is considered by many experts as the best versions of the title, fans continuously flock to FIFA as their top option for soccer-related video gaming.

EA Sports has always made it a point to keep the criticism of its soccer game to a minimum with a constant strive to fix any and all bugs and problems and continuously be able to offer improvements. With the implementation of the ability for fans to build their own dream team with legends of the sport being brought in yearly into the game and also a career mode that allows players to control their favorite team both on and off the field for as long as they wish FIFA has always tried to offer its fans the most realistic experience when it comes to playing soccer but through a video gaming console instead of on the pitch.

Yet the game has fallen a lot into the arcade-style zone of gaming, with the experience being more about the general entertainment rather than the true soccer experience itself. Considered by many as one of the absolute best-selling video gaming franchises ever, it is estimated that up to this date the FIFA series has sold close to 350 million copies worldwide.

PES, FIFA’s Worst Nightmare

Konami’s soccer baby, Pro Evolution Soccer, more commonly known as PES, holds as much popularity and street cred as its longtime foe FIFA soccer. While FIFA has been known more to focus on an arcade-style of gaming, PES is known more to be a soccer simulation kind of game allowing its fans to get a more realistic style of playing.

PES is known worldwide by fans as the soccer game you want to look for if you wish to play soccer in the most realistic way possible, with the game focusing more on the technical aspects of the sport rather than the magical twists and turns that one can do in FIFA.

Simply put, while FIFA is and will always be a general crowd’s favorite game, PES is considered by many experts as a game for more soccer savvy players, with the idea that what you experience watching an actual soccer game will be the same that you will experience playing PES.

While the FIFA gaming franchise has been able to stay at the top of their competition throughout the passing of time, PES has become more of a connoisseur’s game, making it more of an acquired taste but still just as popular and entertaining as its competitor.

One thing in which PES can brag about FIFA in though, the fact that PES is the one and only soccer-related game in the world where teams like Real Madrid and Juventus as well as stars like Cristiano Ronaldo are featured as they are, not with aliases or made-up names, given that PES holds the rights for the image usage of said teams and stars as well as other important teams across Europe.

So, Who Takes It?

Considered by sports video gaming fans and experts as the biggest rivalry in all of sports video games, FIFA and PES will continuously sit at the top of the mountain when it comes to speaking of the best soccer-related video games in history.

Easily put, if you’re more about seeking a real-life experience and challenging game with not as many fancy moves but real physical soccer then PES should do you just fine. On the other hand, if you’re all about smooth playing, making those stellar moves you’ll want to see on repeat over and over again and live out your best soccer star fantasy, then FIFA should be your choice every time.

If you ask me, it’s FIFA all the way, but still having PES around and showing a gigantic amount of love as well, because why stay with only one when you can experience both.


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