Know Which Industries Have Dominated On Christmas Holiday?

January 7, 2021

The holiday season is an exciting time of the year, which promises an increase in global. However, things took a turn this year when the world got hit by coronavirus. A significant rise in the number of patients during March was seen, after which theaters, small pubs, independent shops, restaurants were closed.

During the first lockdown, a rise in online orders was seen, compensating for the lack of access to brick and mortar stores. It felt because this was the first time groceries, cleaning, and other essential products were ordered online.

Countries are now preparing for the second lockdown that has been imposed across several parts of the world. Thus, this results in the closing of shops again, and the consequences were worse than before. The outcome was severe on the industry’s revenue, particularly when the most important time of the year was around us.

Furthermore, as the pandemic continues, a rise in demand for sale was observed. According to research, Americans are now inclined towards investing in their homes instead of party wear.

Moreover, e-commerce and digital experience were again in the lead. And as the stats revealed, an increase of 36-38 percent in e-commerce seen since people turned to online orders more than ever. The reason? The Christmas season! Due to strict lockdowns, many people have been forced to look for gifts online! You can check out popular Christmas gift ideas.

Besides e-commerce, other industries also delivered an impact, which is discussed below. The blog examines how the holiday season has influence industries during a pandemic.

Infographic Source: Betway

Food Manufacturing Industry

A certain time of the year has a huge impact on the demand for exclusive food products. For example, during Easter, a certain rise in confectionary food such as Easter egg, hot cross, and Easter bunnies is seen. However, when it comes to Christmas, a certain rise in Turkey and pudding is seen. This upsurge was also observed this year.

Additionally, since people prefer parties at home due to pandemics, the sales in the food industries have observed a boost in sales. A significant increase in food items was seen, which resulted in additional profits for the food manufacturing industry.

The websites and stores were filled with enough stock to meet the upsurge demand. This keeps the customers happy, which increased profits.

Apparel Industry

Looking smart is an important aspect of our life. And, in the present day, a perfect wardrobe is considered significant in making a lasting impression. Dresses are designed for every occasion, including party wear, bridal wear, casual wear, and festive wear.

Unfortunately, due to the recent economic downfall, the apparel market didn’t observe a significant rise. Additionally, people are more prone to buying a gadget instead of clothing. Several individuals have witnessed a drop off in their salary growth, which also pushed individuals to choose between clothing and gadgets.

However, this doesn’t mean that no increase was observed. A slight upsurge of 0.7 percent was driven by, primarily by comfy clothes. Therefore, it is easier to conclude that joggers, hoodies, pajamas, hoodies, and leggings were on top preference to buy during the Christmas season.

Travel Industry

When the second wave started to surge across the countries, travelers remain extremely concerned about their health and safety. When the holiday season comes near, these concerns hit the travel industry. And it was felt by every sector associated with it, such as hotels, air rentals, rentals, tourism spots, etc.

However, besides being health-conscious, people preferred to book hotels and rentals at the last minute. The hotel booking was sided undeniably.  Furthermore, airports were seen as ghost towns. Additionally, according to statistics, 75 percent of foot traffic decreased across airports in the United States.

Across the globe, in-person visitation is implemented.  Additionally, according to facts revealed, 44 out of 50 states in the US reported a significant decline in visitation.  Three states, which include Delaware, New Hampshire, and New Jersey, reported no decline. While Alaska, Oklahoma, and Hawaii reported positive visits during the Christmas season.

Moreover, travel brands have also suffered a huge loss. A decrease in website traffic, on-site engagement, witnessed across the travel brands.

Additionally, the traveling rate was influenced by several combinations. These combinations include loyalty offers, promotions, and Covid infection rates.

Electronic Industry

Back in the day, when a pandemic didn’t hit the world, modest growth in the electronic industry was noticed globally. However, after the pandemic, things have taken a turn, and globally this industry has faced a dual impact.

The industry is categorized according to the basis of product type, geographical location, and application. These elements are further divided. Based on product type, it is further classified into DRAM, SSD, MCP, image sensor and process, etc. On the other hand, the application market is further divided based on the automotive, enterprise system, communication system, industrial and personal system, etc.

Each of these categories has faced a loss at the beginning of the pandemic. However, as Christmas comes nearby, a consumer electronic sale was offered. The sale was noticed across categories such as smartphones, refrigerators, laptops, washing machines, television, etc.

The sales offered through e-commerce platforms, which grew as much as 17 points. However, the physical stores didn’t see people coming by, although lockdown was lifted across several countries.

The year 2020 has been tough for most of us, including the industries. But as the show must go on, the industries took huge steps and offered huge sales during the holiday season.  Thus, a rise noticed among several industries.

However, in times like these, the travel industry was most affected. And it is still struggling with it. Hopefully, in the future, when the vaccine comes out, it will be on the surge again.


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