Know-How Blackjack Is Played And How Can You Win Using Maths

December 8, 2020

Did you know that using math can actually benefit you while playing blackjack? If not, this post will give you all the details about how you can play this casino game and use maths to win.

Blackjack is a popular casino game available to play at almost all land-based and online casinos and to win this game, you can rely on your math skills.

If you actually do some calculations and utilize the arithmetic knowledge you have, you can win more than you have lost.

Counting Cards

If you are using a strategy card, you are in a fight against a house edge. It means you lose money while playing blackjack even if you play with a small edge of a house.

However, you can rely on your mathematic skills to turn the tables around and win some money.

But how can you do it? Though card counting.

If you love to play blackjack, it is better to learn some more about counting cards. The good news is that it is not as challenging as you might think. All you need is to learn to use a proper system for card counting, and you are good to go!

Split Aces

If you start with aces’ pair, you get either 12 or two. However, none of them is a good initial total. But splitting aces can give you the opportunity for improving via a good amount.

Any cards from ten through the king offer you a sum of 21. Cards from 6 through 9 offer a soft 17 or even better. However, the cards that don’t provide much help are cards from 2 through 5, but you still get a soft hand through each of these. Hence, you still get a winning chance.

You can see this as another condition where eight out of thirteen chances help you improve your hand.

Casino Strategy Cards

By now, you have already got our point as to why maths can help you out in this game. But you might want to know if you have to do all the math alone. Well, the good news is that someone has made this thing easier for you and put that worth using calculations in a strategy card that is easy to use.

Get yourself a strategy card and use it whenever you play blackjack. You will see that the card offers the best and useful plays, so if you depend on that on each hand, you won’t be disappointed. The card covers soft hands, pairs, and hard hands.

Doubling Down

There is so much to know about how mathematics can help you win every time. WE cannot give you enough examples. One most important thing is that it enables you to determine how you can obtain more money when a good winning chance appears.

When you get a hard nine, ten, or eleven, doubling it down is usually more beneficial than to hit. What happens when you double down? The answer is simple. You get to in twice as much money during your play on the hand. Moreover, you get an additional card for completion of your hand.

If you have an eleven, it is better to double down when the dealer shows an ace. When you have a hard ten, it is most profitable to double down except if the dealer has a ten-point or ace card showing. With a hard nine, double down if you see the dealer showing a 3 through 6.

Keep in mind that a few soft hands can help you get more profit when doubling down, and you can increase your knowledge about these hands by utilizing a strategy card.

Seize Your Bets

Maths also help you when it comes to determining how much you should bet while playing blackjack. It is a very simple and straightforward process.

While playing f the casino has an edge, make sure that you bet the lowest possible amount. It means that each time you play blackjack, and you are not counting cards, you make the minimum wager of the table.

If you utilize a strategy card, you are playing against the house edge. It might not be that big, but it still is an edge, which means the bigger bets you place, the more you end up losing.

Shuffle Tracking

The advanced form of card counting is shuffle tracking. Instead of tracking the individual card count, you can keep track of the cards’ subsections as they are used. You can call these subsections tracking zones. After these cards are played, shuffled, you get to have zones of cards in the coming deals that have most of the original tracking zones of the cards. For this method, you need to ensure keen eye observation and some good memory skills.


Players heavily depend on their skills for achieving an advantage can use some probability elements while doing calculations. It can help them know what cards will be played next and must be dealt with. Players have an idea about the chances of obtaining blackjack, the number of two-card combinations, and the number of total possible outcomes in every hand. These skills are applied to blackjack math.

When you use a card counting method, it gets easier for you to calculate the probability of certain cards and what might be the dealer’s face-down card. If you keep track of the score, you can easily calculate the odds of blackjacks being dealt a three or a face card. The better you are at tracking, the easier it will be for you to apply mathematics while you play.


Blackjack math’s power begins with the deck having thirteen ranks of cards. Once you equip yourself best with knowledge and methods, you are going to play better than ever. They say ‘practice makes a man perfect,’ which is exactly what you need to do to win every time. It will take time, of course, but it is worth learning, and you can continue reading at


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