iTunes Gift Cards Generator | Legit Ways To Get iTunes Gift Codes

April 2, 2020

iTunes has been around the corner since 2001 but was nothing more than a media player and media library application. But what made iTunes a business was when it came in front as the portal to the iTunes store. It became an official platform to manage the media that users bought from the iTunes store. It is significantly advantageous when people look for iTunes codes and free iTunes gift cards. So in this article, we will share some ways to use iTunes Gift Cards Generator to generate free iTunes Gift Card codes. The great thing about iTunes gift cards is their usage is not limited to the iTunes stores but can be redeemed in all Apple online stores.

What is iTunes Gift Card or Codes?

iTunes Gift Cards Generator
iTunes Gift Cards Generator

iTunes codes work the same as gift cards. One can redeem these gift cards on their account for iTunes credit which you can use to purchase all the items available on the iTunes store. There are two types of gift cards offered by Apple: iTunes gift cards and Apple store gift cards.

Using these cards, you can purchase things from the iPhone App Store iTunes store and buy books on iBooks using a digital card named iTunes gift card. In some countries, these gift cards, known as iTunes Gift Cards, can be purchased from offline retail stores. You can buy services like Paypal.

The difference in an iTunes gift card is that it is strictly used to purchase online and digital content such as apps, games, movies, TV shows, eBooks, and iCloud storage services. In comparison, you can use an Apple Store Gift card to purchase hardware or products from the physical retail store or Apple Online Store.

What is the iTunes Gift Card Code Generator?

iTunes gift card generator tool is a web-based application that allows you to generate free iTunes gift card codes for yourself. On the one hand, where these gift cards are safe and free to use, most are fake and scams. Experts develop this tool to create unlimited codes with this generator.

All you have to do is complete any survey or human verification to generate code. You can generate as many codes as you want using this tool.

Why do you need an iTunes Gift Cards Generator?

If you have the iTunes Gift card or free iTunes Gift codes, you can use it to make purchases from the Apple App Store. For instance, if you own an iOS device, you will understand that some apps and games are not available for free. And the best ones are going to cost you a bit of money to download the apps.

So, in that case, with the help of an online iTunes Gift Card Generator, you can produce a variety of free iTunes Gift Card codes and redeem them using your iTunes account. You can use these codes to purchase music, movies, series, books, apps, comics, games, etc., with the help of this available balance.

How to Generate Free iTunes Gift Card Code Using Online Generator?

iTunes Gift Cards Generator
iTunes Gift Cards Generator

To use an iTunes gift card code generator, you need not have any technical ability or knowledge. Follow the easy steps below and begin making purchases from the iTunes store in no time.

Step 1- Go to any online available iTunes Gift Cards Generator.

Step 2- Choose your Device and Country.

Step 3- Click/tap on the ‘Generate Now’ button. This will generate a unique code.

The Gift card generator will take a few seconds to process your request. And in no time, you will receive your free iTunes gift card code.

Once you get the code, you can quickly redeem it on the iTunes website or the app later.

How to redeem the iTunes Gift Card Codes?

It is easy to redeem the iTunes gift card codes, which can be added to your App store credit. You automatically will get the balance to buy different things in the App Store and iTunes store. There are multiple ways to redeem the iTunes Gift Card code. You can also redeem these iTunes Gift Card Codes and App Store credit to upgrade your iCloud storage.

Refer to these steps to redeem the gift card Codes very quickly on your iOS device-

Step 1- Go to your iOS device.

Step 2- Run the App Store. Tap on your Profile.

Step 3- Choose the Redeem Gift Card or Code on the profile. Then sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 4- Once you enter the code, the app will automatically verify the code, and the balance is added to your ID.

Ways to get free iTunes Gift Cards and Codes in 2020

There are many rewards programs you can subscribe to earn or generate free iTunes gift cards. Most of them are from online platforms and require you to participate actively or passively to earn and redeem points for the iTunes gift cards.

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes List

No.       Code

1          XWQE7GCNG9ZDKQ

2          XLWJ36EJAUNCT4

3          XKPX8D5CCLN34T

4          XEHUMV9QYHQF5T

5          XLPFY4U62GKKAL

6          XS895HMQZ572CA

7          X3LVYJ8R2A9CR5

8          XDH5SXZFYP2S5Q

9          XF4SBYQG35U6KF

10        XB7Z3C8CEYZNLC

11        XV2GMPWBD3BVVY

12        X26ZGFD533KFYW

13        XUHEG3JUJ5P7C2

14        X3P8DX44PWKYC5

15        XSZJ76PQDX3QFL

16        XRUNS6839D2NE7

17        XCFFTUJ363F8U6

18        XU8EZG77EM76R4

19        XRC58QZA48TYDL

20        XZTHSUU3U8NWM7

iTunes Reward

One of the best and easiest ways to get iTunes gift cards is iTunesReward. The iTunes reward is a website where you can earn free iTunes gift cards simply by completing required offers or downloading apps.

iTunes reward is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that lets you earn points by completing tasks on the website. After collecting the minimum of 1000 points, the iTunes reward allows you to redeem a free $10 iTunes gift card.

iTunes gift cards for free using Social Media

iTunes Gift Cards Generator
iTunes Gift Cards Generator

Following the gift card companies on social media is another reliable method to get credit points. However, you should know the companies that offer free points or gift cards in exchange for a subscription or just by following them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Such companies mostly host competitions on their social media, and for retweeting or liking the posts, you get the rewards with free iTunes gift cards codes.

Alternatively, you can also start following deal hunters on Twitter and Facebook. These people and groups track down the ongoing deals and broadcast them to their followers in closed community groups via their social media platforms. These deals are in the form of gift cards.

Search Twitter and Facebook for deals, deal hunters, bargains, gift cards, etc. These sites specialize in Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play gift card deals.

Online Reward Programs

Online Reward Programs
Online Reward Programs

To use this, create an account, and an online rewards program will offer you free iTunes gift cards. Since this may generate scam emails, it is recommended that you give an official email address.

Reward programs will ask you to run surveys through an email forwarded to you to redeem the reward points for various gift card amounts.

In other methods, all you have to do is watch videos, complete the surveys, play games, etc. This will offer you some reward points. Also, you have to do is to fill out different kinds of surveys or share your views on a particular product or service to get rewarded with free points.

Promote products in exchange to win free iTunes gift cards

Promoting products is another unique way to get free iTunes card codes. In this legit way, you need to find the companies and websites that wish that people subscribe to their newsletters and promote the products to win a free iTunes gift card.

It is suggested that you should always opt for trusted and popular websites for availing of such an offer.

Set up an iTunes allowance

In this trick, iTunes allows an individual to set up a benefit every month for another user, i.e., the beneficiary to spend on iTunes. But, make sure that you and the recipient have a valid Apple ID and email address for the method to work.

If the other party is offering to help you pay for music, you can request them to fix up an allowance for you every month. Using this method you can manage your spending so that all of the credit doesn’t get consumed at once.

Final Words!

This was all about redeeming iTunes Gift cards and the legit ways to generate your own free iTunes Gift Cards using iTunes Gift Cards Generator. This will let you generate an unlimited amount of codes. But remember to not fall for all the scam websites offering iTunes gift card official generator. Also, if you have any other legit ways, feel free to share with us.

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