How To Get Free Netflix Accounts | 100% Working (2020)

March 28

Netflix represents the most dominant industry in today’s world. In Quarter One of 2019, over 148.9 million subscriptions are captured by Netflix. It is considered favorite for almost every other teenager who enjoys watching movies, documentaries, TV series on this website. An average of 140 million hours per day is used by all users on Netflix and many users are after free Netflix accounts. 

What is Netflix?

how to get free netflix account
how to get free netflix account

Netflix has pushed the TV industry, and cable connections way back and made content creation fully digital. People love Netflix because of its impressive features. Netflix offers up to five screen sharing possible, and you can also resume your playlist anytime on your mobile phones whenever you want. You won’t have to carry your laptops everywhere. You can download your favorite content and store it for you. Netflix retains amazing content like The Crown, Friends, Black Mirror, Orange is the new Black and many more. Netflix made over $4.521 million in the first quarter of the year 2019. It also shares 30% of global video streaming subscriptions all over the world.

Why Get Free Netflix Accounts?

Entertainment doesn’t offer a free source for everyone. We have to pay to get ourselves entertained. Netflix offers Rs.199 for mobile usage in India per month. This is the new scheme launched by Netflix for Indian users and this generated a storm of new subscribers to it. The common Netflix pack asks Rs.499 per month subscription which you can excess it anywhere and everywhere. Even now, many people aren’t able to afford it and want to enjoy it for free for which they find ways to get free Netflix accounts.

How to Get Free Netflix Accounts?

Underneath some ways are mentioned through which you can access Netflix for free. These methods are legit and you can count on them for sure.

Free Trial Accounts

how to get free netflix account
how to get free netflix account

This method is used by most of the users. For using Free Trial Accounts, you need to have a credit card and an email id. Following steps should be taken to use them:

  1. Start a new account using your email ID.
  2. Then add your credit card details and start the subscription.
  3. You don’t need to worry about the payment because the paid period will begin after the free trial period.
  4. Some days before the subscription ends, cancel the subscription.
  5. Repeat the above steps for different accounts and then you can use the Netflix account for free without any paid subscription.

You can use the above process by using PayPal or Paytm where you have already installed your Credit Card details. This will save your time and efforts both.

Trusted Cookies for Netflix

how to get free netflix account
how to get free netflix account

You can use cookies as well for free Netflix accounts. All you need is an extension. There are various cookies editing extensions available on Chrome Browsers. Install one of them in your browser and restart the browser. Then add the trusted cookies, which you will find on various websites on the Internet. Some of such cookies are listed below.

Open the official Netflix website and alter these codes into it. You will now enjoy a free Netflix Account, although for a limited period.

Virtual Cards Generators

Virtual Cards Generators
free netflix accounts

Virtual cards generator is the way where you generate fake virtual cards and then pay for your Netflix subscription through these. All you need is a trusted application that will generate 100% working Virtual Cards. Chillr, Mobikwik, TMW are some of the applications who generate Virtual Credit Cards for Netflix accounts. Applications like TMW generate fake virtual credit cards, and people use them for free Subscriptions. You need to login to these accounts and enter all your details. Once you are completely registered on these applications, go ahead and pay using these virtual credit cards.

Free passwords and email from Websites

Every end of the month several websites launch usernames and passwords of hacked Netflix paid subscriptions. The people who distribute it hack the paid accounts and distribute them in public. At the end of every month and year, you will see many usernames and passwords which work in real life.

You can also join the group of some people who distribute passwords and usernames of paid accounts at cheap prices. Also, we have given a list of such usernames and passwords in this article as well.

Airtel Netflix Plan

free netflix accounts
free netflix accounts

This is very useful for the users of India as they can give you some nice shots at free Netflix accounts. Airtel is offering free Netflix accounts to the people who are using Airtel Postpaid and broadband plans. People who pay for the postpaid plan above 500 and broadband plan above 1000 will get free accounts of Online streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime for 3 months. If you are an Airtel sim holder, go and recharge a postpaid plan for 500 and enjoy Netflix accounts for free.

Free Online Streaming Websites

free netflix accounts

Websites like and stream free shows of Netflix on their websites for the audience. You don’t need to pay a single penny and will have the excess to various shows of Netflix.

Free Netflix Usernames and Passwords List

To get some free Netflix accounts, many users try to find some free accounts available online. These accounts are high in demand and hence may be unavailable. However, we have made a list of a few usernames which are working at present. You can check them out and use them if they are working at all.

  1. Email:; Password: slider66
  2. Email:; Password: 051201
  3. Email:; Password: interview0929
  4. Email:; Password: techwebsites1
  5. Email:; Password:
  6. Email:; Password: cortisol22
  7. Email:; Password: substation232
  8. Email:; Password: cdefgahc
  9. Email:; Password: iyMe$kl
  10. Email:; Password: 17737271888

Free Netflix Password and Username Generators

free netflix accounts
free netflix accounts

Some websites claim to generate free passwords and usernames of the Netflix account. Beware of these websites because they are all fake. They use all your information for malpractices and send viruses to your system by using illegal things. Never visit any such sites. You may see they have generated some username and passwords but they won’t be real when you will use them. Username and password generating website also sometimes take your data of credit cards and use them for their good. Instead, you can contribute your share in your friend’s subscription and use it kindly.


Using Online content streaming websites for free can be done in many ways. But those websites ask for payment because they need to make money out of that. While using the above-mentioned ways, the risk of security is high, and it is illegal. To enjoy security and interruption-free entertainment just pay honestly to Netflix and enjoy HD experience. Netflix will give you excess to millions of TV serials and movies from all over the world in HD experience. You will be fully secure and tension free. Always remember, Quality is always above Quantity.

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