Is it illegal to buy Instagram followers in Australia and in Canada?

May 11, 2021

As business accounts look to grow, retailers in Canada and Australia want to know if they should buy Instagram followers or is it illegal?

While the practice of using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote the goods and service industry of small to medium businesses is nothing new certain marketing tactics are. And with new tactics come new concerns. In fact, one very specific concern.

Retailers are now starting to question the legality of buying Instagram followers in Australia and in Canada as businesses look for a leg up in newly digitized markets. In response to the recent push for online shopping paradigms, following widespread COVID-19 lockdowns, formerly e-business illiterate vendors are clamoring for insight when it comes to promoting their brands on the top social media marketplaces. Focusing most on followers.

Can you legally get in trouble when you buy Instagram followers in Canada?

I read many blog articles on the blogs of many Canadian law firms, and I can say that there are currently no laws that can get you in trouble if you buy Instagram followers Canada. The practice can help you boost your feed, and tap into the influence of other feeds that a variety of people follow. Expanding your personal sphere of influence as you have a greater chance to interact with new customers and genuine accounts. Buying Instagram followers can either help or harm, you in your quest to gain more notoriety and prestige.

The line between the two isn’t necessarily dependent on whether or not you buy followers, but instead on what you do with your account both before and after you make your purchase. Creating engaging content, interacting with existing organic followers, and posting regularly all tend to have a greater impact on your overall performance than your number of followers alone. But all of those ticks on your to-do list also have a greater impact the more followers you have. If you want to find the best sites to buy Instagram followers in Canada, Check out this blog post on Finderr.

It is against the law to buy Instagram Followers in Australia?

I did a quick search on Google and found this blog called Oz Finder listing the best websites to buy Instagram followers Australia. I suggest that you check it out as it has reviews of each site and the pros and cons for each seller as well.

So you may have heard of accounts that buy followers in Australia being blacklisted, or completely banned or shut down. However, just like your face has never actually “stayed that way”, this too is pretty much a myth. While the story is still perpetuated and may have some roots in truth; you’ll not soon be stormed by any governing agency if you purchase a few Instagram followers now and again. Whether you’re in Australia or anywhere else.

Worst case scenario is generally that the followers you’ve paid for just don’t really make an impact at all, or worse, you decide to get them from a scam site, and are swindled out of the $50 you decided to spend. The best way to thwart both of these possibilities is to buy your followers from a reputable source, and then make sure you keep on top of your content and interactions. Buying followers from a good source means you’re less likely to be paying for bots or inactive accounts. Especially if you buy Instagram followers in the UK, you’ll also avoid picking up followers that have language barriers, or those that aren’t “on brand”.

Are there laws against buying Instagram followers in the UK?

The UK is one of the best places to look if you’re planning on purchasing your followers. This is largely because the country sports one of the largest pools of active IG users on the planet. With over 30 million active users, the UK also sports a number of westernized values, which means their users are also more likely to interact with your content in ways that will benefit you.

No, it is not illegal to buy followers on Instagram in the UK. This is why when you search on Google in the United Kingdom, you can find many blogs listing the best websites to buy Instagram followers in the UK publicly and you can see that there are many options and many sites to purchase followers from. Although this marketing tactic is frowned upon, literally everyone is using it to look popular more quickly.

Liking, commenting, sharing posts with friends… Social media socializing is an incredibly common daily occurrence in places like the US and the UK, as is social media commerce. A number of users report engaging with ads and purchasing products via the platform, which means if you can get yourself followers in these spheres, you may also get yourself, customers, not to mention get a bird’s eye view of what your customers want, and what your competitors are doing. Which is the whole point, right?

What about in the United States?

I’ve done a lot of research online and found no laws in the united states that punish this practice of purchasing followers on Instagram. Sure, there were a few attempted lawsuits from Facebook against a few sellers, but most of them are based overseas and would not show up in court anyway. The same happened with some sellers in New Zealand.

To conclude, it seems like there are little to no consequences to using this social media marketing tactic to boost your number of followers. And even if the laws would change in the future, they would most likely target the sellers and not the buyers.

So the choice is yours. Just keep in mind that whether or not you purchase followers, this is just a small step towards success. The real work comes after buying followers. Coming up with a solid, original marketing plan, launching ad campaigns. Organizing social media contests and having smart sales funnels to slowly convert your followers into paying customers.


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