How To Get iPhone Emojis On Android (No Root Required)

March 31, 2020

Are you also one of those people who think conversations are incomplete without emojis? Do you think that emojis are a better way to express one’s feelings be it love or aggression? Usually, many of us are quite specific about the usage of emojis in our texts and we feel that something is missing without them. A wink at the end of a risky text makes it less risky as well. You can use emojis on different platforms, and these emojis are different for each one of them, hence iPhone emojis for Android, or Android emojis for iPhone, etc. are looking out for very often by the users. It is because the users can show their affection easily with unlimited heart emojis at the end leaving a smile on the reader’s face.

How To Get iPhone Emojis On Android?

We hope that you would understand that not all emojis are the same. Then what will happen if you are an iPhone user who has just switched to Android? Well, we understand that you are not ready to compromise with the Android ones. So we have the solution to this problem. Let’s see how we can use iPhone emojis for Android.

Different Ways to Use iPhone Emojis For Android

There are different ways in which we can use iPhone emojis for Android. Let’s have a detailed look at them. 

Get iPhone Emojis with Rooted Device

This method can easily help you install and use iPhone emojis for Android and is the easiest method to do so. It just requires basic access to certain modules and you are good to go. The basic necessity is to download the iOS Emoji Magisk Module which is the zip file of the iOS emoji package. You have to download this zip file and install it on your Android phone to use the iPhone emojis for Android. The steps in detail are given below:

  1. Download the emoji zip file from this link. You simply need to click on the link and download the zip file on your Android phone.
  2. After the file is downloaded, the next step is to install it on your phone. But please check that you have granted all the required permissions before trying to install it.
  3. If the installation does not take place, you should enable installation from unknown sources to install the application. This permission is needed for anything apart from the Google Play store. 
  4. After installing the emoji magisk module, open the app and click on the Next button that appears on the bottom.
  5. From that page, you are now directed to open file. Just wait for the module to install. After the module is done installing a dialogue box appears asking for permission for a reboot, click on reboot. 
  6. After the device is done with reboot, you will be able to use the iPhone emojis for Android. 

That is one way that you can iPhone emojis for Android by the use of a magisk module which can be installed in simple steps. The best thing about this method is that there are no modified files left after this process. That lets you forget the cleaning part on your device. 

Get iPhone Emojis For Android Without Root

If you wish to use iPhone emojis for Android without rooting the device, even then the process is quite simple. You just need to install certain emoji font applications on your Android phone. These applications will help you use the iPhone emojis without any hassles. Let’s now take a look at how can you use iPhone emojis for Android without rooting the device. The steps are:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Go to Security and check the box that says Allow installation from unknown sources.
  3. Now, you need to download the Emoji Font Application. Since this won’t be available on Google Play Store, you should use this link.
  4. It will first install Aptoide and then you would be prompted to download Emoji Font 3.
  5. Click on the Download button to download the file.
  6. After the download is complete, tap on Open to install the app.
  7. Again, open the Settings app on your device.
  8. Go to display option and select Font Style.
  9. Change the Font Style to Emoji Font 3 and Save the Settings.
  10. If required, you may also adjust the Font Size as well.
  11. Now, go to the Keyboards option under Languages and Input.
  12. Open Input Methods and select G-Board as Default Keyboard.

That’s all. Now you can easily use iPhone emojis on your Android device. After the entire process is complete, you can open emojis will now have an option to use the emojis of iOS as well as G-board. 

Get iPhone Emojis Using a Third Party Application

This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy such emojis on Android as it is just like installing an app. Only a few minor changes in the Settings are required and you can easily use the iPhone emojis without any hassles. But you should use these applications only if you are sure that they are legit. If you don’t see Emojis while talking to your friend, who uses an iPhone and see boxes instead, it’s time to uninstall the app and use one of the above methods.


These were the different methods to use the iPhone emojis on your Android device. In general, one method works for a rooted device and the other one works for a non-rooted device. All the other methods are only a reproductive of either of these methods. If you still face any issues regarding this, you should use the comments section to communicate with us.

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