Best 15 VR Apps For iPhone to Use in 2020

January 24, 2020

Today technology has reached its highest level. In the present scenario, nothing seems impossible. Virtual Reality is one of the greatest innovations in which one can relish the real-time simulated experience. VR technology is based on two things augmented reality and mixed reality. People mostly use it for gaming and educational purposes. So, to enjoy VR one needs to have either virtual reality headsets or multi-projected environments. But purchasing VR headsets could be disturbing for some people as it is costly and all can not afford it.

Here is good news if you own an iPhone then you are lucky because you can experience realistic images, sounds, and other sensations. Still, you should have a VR headset but that can be cheaper. All required things to enjoy VR content are an iPhone running iOS 10, cheap headset and yes most importantly a good VR app. Well, you can get headsets on Amazon and as far as apps are considered then read the article till the end yo know about best VR apps.

Top 10 Vr Apps For iPhone

Have a look at top 10 VR Apps that you can use in your iPhone-

1. Incell VR App For iPhone

Definitely, I need to mention this VR software. One of the best free VR apps for iPhone users. It means you don’t need to spend a single penny. Actually, it is a racing game inside the human body and when you play inside the body it feels great.

Inside the game, users have to collect the objects in order to protect humans at the cellular level. Graphics of this application are outstanding and filled with beautiful colours.

Get: Incell VR For iPhone

2. Discovery VR App For iPhone

The second one is also a boss application for all iPhone users. The Discovery Channel is just unbeatable because of its popularity all around the earth. It shows us something which is nearly unimaginable. What if I say that those things you can experience in real life? Sounds great and interesting. Hence, it’s important to know about Discovery VR application.

Fortunately, this program is also free which makes it even superior. Enjoy wildlife without stepping out of your room. You can easily download this program in the app store.

Get: Discovery VR For iPhone

3. YouTube

I think that I do not need to describe this application. Without any second thought, I can say that this software is in everyone’s devices. It is a pre-installed program and yes now YouTube is somewhat a very important part of our lives. So how can we not mention this here?

This is a free entertainment tool having the inclusion of 360 degrees. To enjoy VR experience you need to type 360 degrees videos on Youtube. Don’t forget to wear a headset. Thus, YouTube VR app is must from all other VR apps for iPhone as it includes everything.

Get: YouTube For iPhone

4. Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR is a good entertainment app filled with thousands of movies, documentary films, music videos and much more. It is the best traveling application.

With this app, one can enjoy reality mixed with fantasy while visiting in different cities of the world. But for this, you should also have Jaunt VR app.

Get: Jaunt VR

5. Roller Coaster VR


Do I need to tell about Roller Coaster? I think it’s known to everyone and most of you would have already experienced the fun of Roller Coaster. If not then peeps let me tell you that it is crazy. Good news is that you can experience the beauty of exotic islands in an Island without even shifting from your present location.

All this possible because of Roller Coaster app. It will take you to get that real check-up. Must app for all Roller Coaster lovers.

Get: Roller Coaster VR For iPhone

6. End Space VR

Sci-fi games are favourite, especially among new generation students. It’s worth mentioning one software of this category and End Space is great. We read a lot of positive reviews before writing down here. In this app graphics and 3D audio is excellent which helps VR to make the journey with spacecraft really jolly.

Get: End Space VR For iPhone

7. Haunted Rooms – Escape

We watch horror movies and read books related to this to feel the terror. Have you ever experienced the same terror in real life? Sounds scary but is really fun for adventure-loving people. Thus, the best is to use the Haunted Rooms VR app for this terrific run.

You can feel the presence of something called ghost and the fear caused by the atmosphere.

Get: Haunted Rooms – Escape

8. Google Street View

It is a very popular application among users who love traveling. All you need to do is to download this app on your mobile and enjoy by visiting different places of the globe.

Google Street View serves the motive of traveling that too in 3D. Creating your own image of 360 degrees spheres is also possible. Visit Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower,  etc with this application.

Get: Google Street View For iPhone

9. Zombie Shooter VR

This is in the category of adventurous and thrill. One of the best VR games and is really enthralling. Earlier this application was paid but now it is totally free. So there’s no harm in trying this app. In this, you have to fight with zombies.

Yes I know it sounds crazy but believe me it is the fun-based app. Here you don’t need to apply any rocket science just look at the zombie and your gun will automatically start shooting.

Get: Zombie Shooter VR For iPhone

10. Within

Last VR app in this list of all best VR apps. It has been renamed as Within. The app is bundled with music videos, movies, journalists reports, etc. All I know is that you will enjoy its content. To explore the virtual reality you can also use this “Within” software.

Get: Within For iPhone

Some More Good VR Apps For iPhone

  1. Incell VR
  2. Discovery VR
  3. YouTube
  4. Jaunt VR
  5. Roller Coaster VR
  6. End Space VR
  7. Haunted Rooms – Escape
  8. Google Street View
  9. Zombie Shooter VR
  10. Within
  11. Google Cardboard
  12. NYT VR
  13. Homido VR
  14. Night Terrors- The Beginning
  15. New York Times VR


All VP apps mentioned above are best to experience Virtual Reality without spending much. Thus, you can try any one of them. We have tried to include at least one app from each category. So, as far as I know, this article would be beneficial for people of all fronts.


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