If You’re Playing Online Blackjack… Be Sure to Avoid These Costly Mistakes!

February 7, 2024

Today we’ll be talking about blackjack – the classic card game, not the hacking group – and while this is primarily considered a luck-based game, there’s also an amount of skill and strategy you’re able to include if you plan on getting far in this age-old game.

The thing is, once you master the game, it can be greatly rewarding, especially if you’re playing South African online blackjack for real money. But failing to follow the basics or make certain mistakes will surely dampen your mood, not to mention empty your pockets.

With this in mind, we’re here to go over all the mistakes that could end up costing the bank over time while passing on some of the knowledge we’ve received to have you playing like a pro next time you hit the tables.

Mistake #1: Not Understanding the Rules

Before we get into the specifics, it’s important to understand the basic rules of the game. For this reason, you’re really going to want to brush up on the game’s rules, which will eventually give you a competitive edge in the game.

Look up video tutorials and guides easily found online, as well as perhaps taking the time to chat with other experienced players, which could allow you to gain valuable insights into the ins and outs of this game. By being completely familiar with the rules, you’re not only able to refine your gameplay, but there’s also the chance of pushing those odds in your favor every now and then. You’ll also elevate your gaming experience, making it considerably more engaging and thrilling in the process – win, win.

Mistake #2: Betting More Than You Can Afford

One of the biggest mistakes any casino player could ever make is betting beyond their means. Even though gambling is known for its risks, it’s also important to keep in mind that it’s just a game. For this reason, setting a realistic budget and sticking to it is one of the smartest things you can do.

By creating a preset financial boundary, you’re now able to enjoy your favorite games in a responsibly controlled environment, allowing you to experience the thrill of the game without creating any unnecessary financial stress or strain.

Mistake #3: Relying on a Betting System

While you may have read online how blackjack betting systems are all the rage, you also need to keep in mind that while these promise significant returns, they also come with their own set of risks. Betting systems such as the Fibonacci or Martingale systems typically involve increasing and decreasing your bet size based on your most recent wins or losses. What they do not do, however is alter the house edge, which could eventually lead to some pretty hard losses eventually. Long story short, betting systems might increase the excitement of the game for a short while but aren’t financially sustainable in the long run.

Mistake #4: Chasing Losses

It’s really common to get caught up in the excitement of the game, especially if you’re a new player, and the temptation to try to win back two or three concurrent losses is always going to be there, but chasing losses is another of those cardinal errors you’re not going to want to commit.

Apart from being reckless, this behavior is also extremely risky because there is absolutely no way of knowing whether this future bet is ever going to pay off. For this reason, chasing losses is always a bad idea, and your budget focus should always be on the spending rather than on what you could potentially win – birds in the hand and all that.

Mistake #5: Not Taking Breaks

If you’ve ever really got into a game of blackjack, then you know how easily it is to get lost in the thrill of the game and wind up playing for hours rather than the 30 minutes you had originally planned. With this in mind, it’s really important to remember to take a couple of breaks every now and then to allow yourself the time to refresh your focus, allowing you to start the next game with a fresh outlook each time. Stepping away from your screen regularly will help you snap out of ‘zombie mode,’ which prevents fatigue and promotes better emotional and mental well-being overall.

Mistake #6: Playing When Tired or Drunk

Whether you’re really overtired after an incredibly long week or perhaps had a couple too many after a night out, playing when your reasoning might be somewhat impaired is another top mistake. Just like any other risky behavior you can think of, gambling is something you’re going to want to participate in when you’re fully lucid and your judgment is spot on. No matter how experienced you are, casino decisions are financial decisions, and for that reason, you’re always going to want to be sober and in full control when taking them. The simple rule of thumb here is if today feels off, there’s always tomorrow.

The Bottom Line

If you’re planning on playing blackjack any time soon, we hope that these tips have been helpful. Not completely understanding the rules or playing when tired might not always come across as a gambling red flag, but these bad habits are also known to snowball when you least expect them to, which could eventually negatively impact your gameplay.

If you’re keen on taking up the game, learning how to be cautious and making wise decisions always pays off in the end. Apart from the obvious potential cash wins, practicing responsible gaming is also conducive to a better gambling experience overall, allowing you to enjoy the best aspects of the game without needing to worry about any regrets.


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