How To Win And Make Money With Sports Betting

Everyone loves to win, and sports betting is no different. Sadly, not everyone gets to be a lucky winner, but that’s because placing the perfect bet is a combination of a lot of things. Not only do you need the best sports betting strategies, but you also need a good bankroll management system, betting discipline, and choosing the best sportsbooks with the highest odds.

How Do You Always Win In Sports Betting?

A fact about sports betting is that if you are in it to be the next millionaire with a single bet, then we have some bad news for you—that’s close to impossible. As the American Gaming Association always pushes for responsible gambling, your approach towards sports betting should be purely for fun and entertainment purposes. However, with the tips, hacks, and strategies below, you can start counting your wins one at a time.

Types of Sports Bets

Before making any bets, it’s crucial to know that not all bets are the same and that the type of bet you choose can easily decide the risk you have or the amount of money you stand to make. Different gamblers have different preferences, but we’ll list them all for you to choose from.

MoneyLine Bets

If you’ve ever come across a bet option with a minus or positive sign associated with a team, then that’s a money line bet. The minus sign indicates that the team is a favorite and is likely to win, while the positive sign shows that the other team is the underdog in the match. Most gamblers prefer this bet type for games like hockey and baseball, where the scores are low.

An example would be in an MLB match of the Dodgers -200 against the White Sox +155, which means to win $100, you’ll have to bet $200 on the Dodgers.

Point Spread Bets

When placing a point spread bet, the focus isn’t about who wins at the end of the match; instead, the focus is on how much. This type of bet is popular in games with a high score margin, such as the NFL. The bet will still have a minus and positive sign indicating the favorite and underdog team.

An example of a point spread bet is a match between Detroit Lions +4 and Dallas Cowboys -4. If you bet on the Detroit Lions, it means that they have to win by four more points.

Parlay Bets

If you are more of a risk-taker looking for bigger wins, then you can try a parlay bet which is a combination of more than one bet. You can have a money line bet together with a point spread bet. All you need is to do your homework well.

Easiest Sports To Bet On

With over 20 sports to bet on, it’s not easy to know which ones are worth your time except those you already have a favorite team, of course. But with an in-depth look, you’ll find that some sports are better than others when it comes to betting.

American football is one great sport to bet on, especially during the Super Bowl when sportsbooks are generous with high odds. Horse Racing and NBA have great live betting options for you to place your bets in real-time. And when it comes to a wide selection of markets, soccer and cricket won’t disappoint you.

What Is The Best Strategy For Sports Betting?

To turn a profit in betting and make it consistent, you need a betting system that guides you. The strategies listed below have been tried and tested, and if they worked for others, why not you.

Flat Betting Model

Just as the name suggests, the model revolves around placing bets using a ‘flat’ amount that doesn’t change. It’s a good strategy, especially if you’re thinking long-term. If your account balance is $100, you can settle for a flat rate of 5%, which means each bet you place will be $5. If you get more wins than losses, you’ll notice that the strategy preserves your bankroll while making profits.

Percentage Model

The percentage betting system is all about increasing your bet amount when you meet a specific ‘percentage’ goal. You can stake 1% of your balance at first, but after the amount increases by 20%, you can increase your bet amount for the subsequent bets. A great tip for this model is looking for bet events with close to 50/50 odds.

Confidence Model

The driving force for this model is your confidence in a particular outcome. You only place a bet on a team in which you are highly confident. Before you place your bet, make sure you have tried it for fun before with other matches, and you should also avoid betting on your favorite team because you’ll be biased.

ZigZag System

The ZigZag betting strategy is a rather interesting one and suggests that a team that lost in its previous match is >50% likely to win in the next game. What to note about this system is that it works best in a seven-game series sport such as the NBA or NHL.

What Is The Safest Way To Bet On Sports?

Your safety should always be your number one priority whenever you are betting. When we talk about safety, we are not only talking about the security of your hard-earned money but also the choices you make while betting. Here are some key tips not to leave out.

  1. Bet at the safest betting sites: Before settling for a sportsbook, make sure it is legit and has a valid license from a reputable authority.
  2. Bet what you can afford to lose: Always have a reasonable budget before placing your bets, and don’t go overboard in a chase to recover losses.
  3. Check out several sites: Open accounts with more than one bookie to compare the markets and odds available to get more money for your wager.
  4. Have a betting schedule: Sports betting requires a plan beforehand. Don’t bet on games impromptu but have select matches that you’ve researched.
  5. Go for sites with responsible gambling: A safe site shows it cares about you through responsible gaming. Such a site will have measures that will help you bet within appropriate limits.

Most Trusted Online Sportsbooks For US Players

Choosing a sportsbook you can trust is a vital decision, just like selecting your bet option. A reliable and trustworthy bookie is safe, secure, user-friendly, has the best odds, has many markets, and offers bonuses for you to claim.

Here are the top 5 sportsbooks with their welcome bonuses for new players.

Best USA Sportsbooks Bonuses

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s it! A complete guide that will get you to start winning on sports betting. Don’t feel shy to check out the article several times because it’s pretty insightful. It’s hard to cram all the tips in one read, and for most, this will be an eye-opener to start placing smart bets. The next time you want to place a sports bet, you have all it takes to make the right bet!

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