How to Be an Instagram Fashion Influencer

December 29, 2021

Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing information and influencing people on various matters. Many clothing brands use this platform to promote their products and new styles. Collaborating with Instagram influencers is a popular marketing approach that many fashion brands use these days to reach out to their target customers. Hence, there has been a constant increase in the demand for Insta fashion influencers.

Fashion influencers have thousands of followers, and many of them even have millions of people following them. Thus, they have become a medium to engage the audience, build trust, and enhance sales. In other words, fashion influencers endeavor to develop a fan base by promoting a particular clothing brand and its products and increasing their follower base.

If fashion and style are something you relate to, you can become a big name in the Instagram fashion influencer domain. However, it doesn’t happen overnight, and one must follow expert tips and certain guidelines. One of them is to associate with a top Instagram growth service in 2022 to increase the follower base. This article discusses important tips that will help you in your journey of becoming a fashion influencer on Instagram.

Focus On Increasing Followers

Digital marketing companies engaged by fashion houses and do influencer marketing by partnering with the popular influencers having a huge base of followers. Therefore, one should have a huge follower base on Instagram to become a fashion influencer. In simple words, the marketing agencies look for popular faces on Instagram and tie up with them. With the rising competition, one should think of innovative ideas to be in the limelight in this social circuit and get attracted by the top agencies.

Creating The-Niche-And-The-Content Pillars

Fashion is a vast field. When starting your journey as a fashion influencer, you must emphasize deciding a niche for yourself. This will help you stay focused and identify the right target audience. To do this, your first step should be thinking about your passion. Your fashion niche can be kids’ fashion, teen fashion, or styling men and women. You can also pick handbags, belts, fashion accessories, make-up, hair, or anything related.

Interesting Content Rules Instagram

After identifying the niche, it is time to concentrate on the content. If you are passionate about the content you are posting, it will help you create better and amazing content. Also, you must learn more about the subject and create content that would interest people. From fashion tips, do’s and don’ts to DIY fashion, wedding attire and so much more; it is a vast field. Since you will be required to add new content consistently, it becomes important to identify your niche and target audience, which helps maintain uniformity while posting the content.

Give a Comprehensive Viewpoint

Don’t just focus on the positive aspects of a product, do share the Cons as well.  Focus on how to carry the product or use the product, behind-the-scenes matters, interesting information about the product or brand, etc. Make sure not to make tall claims. Provide a genuine review to have a loyal fan base and to honestly instigate people to buy.

Pictures and Videos DO Matter

Seldom do people buy fashion products just by reading the text? So, do ensure that you post engaging pictures and also pay attention to the quality of the pictures and videos that you are sharing.  Upload images and videos of high resolution and let them speak for the brand you intend to promote. Highlight the related product that goes with a particular product range. Don’t forget to add catchy captions.

Hone Your Video Making and Editing Skills

People love watching short videos, and the success of TikTok and Instagram Reels substantiates this fact. Therefore, one should consciously master making short videos and posts as people like to watch the most.

To begin with, you must try your hands on making videos unless the perfect message you try to spread is attained. Regular practice making the videos will hone up your skills.

Focus on researching new fashion trends to understand what is ruling the market and how well you can incorporate these ideas to make your videos more interesting. It will captivate and engage your audience more. People overlook boring and meaningless videos and posts.

While doing so, don’t miss focusing on creating videos and posts related to your niche. They can be contrasting lipsticks, wearing a patterned top, giving tips for styling the tops, adjusting the grooming, etc.

Be active in front of the camera, making moves rather than simply staying still wearing a particular dress or shoes. Again, one should batch the reels with the constant posting of the videos. It garners more viewership and followers.

Writing Good Captions 

It can be a good opportunity. It can create controversy, spark conversation, and hog the limelight within the community. In addition, new followers are also added to the dialogue process, increasing the viewership.

Re-styling tips fusing particular dress materials, mix and match styling, can be successful methods of starting a conversation and viewership. The first line should be an eye-catcher to hold on to the audience. The captions should be easy to read and understand. Make sure not to make extended captions, as they are considered boring in the followers’ minds; instead, make them short to induce excitement.

Adding “call to action options” like sharing, seeking opinions and advice, or asking questions can make the audience more attached to you and the product you are promoting. It also increases the follower base.

Build a Strong Community 

To make your Insta account successful and have a good reach, it is important to have many followers. However, these followers must be genuine, and hence you must focus on growing your account followers organically. Although the number matters, the community quality helps hold on to the numbers and bring new followers. Give stress on the depth of the community to win more trust.

Encourage interactive communication with the audience, not only with you but with other community members. Spend time to respond to the reactions. Ensure to reply wisely and with wit rather than being snobbish and angry. For a personal touch, one can add voice notes if the time permits. Go for polls on a particular fashion trend or various lifestyle matters.

Optimization of the Profile and Bio 

If, as a new entrant as an influencer, you feel not enough brands are coming to you, it is time to optimize the page, create a business profile, highlight the niche, specify the target audience, strategize the content, and be consistent. One should also try to build their network with great care.


People often look for the latest fashion trends and products on social media sites. No wonder Instagram fashion influencers are increasing by the day. Once the influencers have created a massive base of followers in the fashion niche, they get paid by the brands and earn handsomely.

Although there is no thumb rule to become a fashion influencer, and something ideas can be a hit, and some may flop but maintaining consistency and quality is paramount. One can also engage professional social media strategists to be more popular and do things right.


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