How Social Media Is Giving Handcrafted Goods a New Opportunity to Grow

July 3, 2024

Thanks in no small part to 5G internet connectivity and advanced mobile phone technology, social media is alive and well. In fact, recent statistics have shown that the global number of social media users has now surpassed five billion for the first time in history. What is perhaps even more interesting is the fact that this meteoric growth is only expected to increase in coming years.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram are great ways to connect with others and keep up to date with the latest online trends. However, these platforms are just as useful for those who wish to market their goods and services to the general public.

How is social media reinventing the ways handcrafted products are being marketed to discerning customers? What benefits can these channels provide? Why might these user-friendly platforms represent the future for entrepreneurs? Whether you have been looking for a way to break into a lucrative online marketplace or you are hoping to increase the overall digital footprint of your business, the observations highlighted in this article will undoubtedly help.

A greater degree of connectivity

Many long-time users will cite the decidedly ‘organic’ nature of social media. This is another way of saying that it is relatively easy to engage with a select audience. From likes and shares to customer feedback and product reviews, it is possible to establish connections while developing a sense of brand loyalty over time.

Furthermore, social media platforms allow creators to follow the latest trends. This is particularly beneficial for those who are selling handcrafted goods, as it is always important to understand what potential customers are looking for. Such data would be much more difficult to obtain through traditional analytics alone.

Word of mouth

One of the most pronounced trends in recent times involves consumers reading the reviews of others before making a purchase. In other words, they no longer trust marketing campaigns alone. Social media can provide those who manufacture handcrafted goods with a much-needed edge if they can garner customer feedback on these platforms. It is also interesting to note that this concept stretches far beyond the brick-and-mortar domain.

Objective opinions are now a crucial part of the overall engagement formula. For instance, vacationers will use sites such as to read the latest hotel reviews before confirming a reservation. The weight of well-written reviews can have a great effect in other industries as well, as providers of table games in NZ or artisan goldsmiths can achieve a great reputation thanks to them. Likewise, fans of graphic novels are always interested in hearing feedback from fellow enthusiasts. Simply stated, social media circles provide a host of opportunities to strengthen the reputation of any brand.

These observations are just as true when discussing other industries. For example, those involved with the do-it-yourself (DIY) sector can post instructional videos linking to a separate third-party page devoted to related products. Fans of sewing will likewise gravitate towards social media pages offering the latest deals on fabrics and knitting accessories. Whatever the industry, there is a marketplace for everyone thanks to the sheer scope of social media.

The power of networking

Another massive benefit that is entirely unique to social media is due to how simple it is to interact with customers and followers. This is not always the case with standalone websites that commonly rely upon communication methods such as emails or chat bots. The level of real-time communication fostered by platforms such as Facebook and X is a powerful means to proactively engage with an audience base that could very well be located hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away.

Brands can also use social media influencers; online ’celebrities’ who enjoy numerous followers. Connecting with an influencer will enable even the smallest of handcrafting businesses to reach a much wider audience base. Furthermore, positive reviews and ongoing promotions from these very same influencers is an excellent way to establish a solid brand reputation over time.

Multiple platforms for different needs

Not all individuals who are hoping to succeed within the handcrafted goods marketplace will develop the same ‘game plan’. Certain social media platforms are created for specific goals. Here is a quick breakdown of the most popular options at the moment:

  • Facebook
  • X
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

The platform a brand will select is based on the ultimate objectives of the creator. Most handcrafting specialists prefer to create multiple profiles so that they can tap into as large of an audience base as possible.

Growth never occurs in a straight line

Anyone who has ever been associated with the online retail sector knows that progress takes time. Mistakes will also be made, and these should serve as learning experiences as opposed to monumental setbacks. Once again, social media rises to the occasion.

It is easy to obtain and analyze real-time feedback related to a specific handcrafted product or a new advertising campaign. This allows the creator to appreciate how their efforts are resonating with the intended audience. On-the-fly changes can be made when needed. Furthermore, responding to both positive and negative reviews is a great way to build a rapport with the customers themselves.

A plethora of new opportunities

Regardless of whether you have recently become involved with marketing handcrafted goods or you happen to be a seasoned veteran, social media can be a powerful ally. It is always important to take advantage of the opportunities at your disposal!


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