How Live Casino Games Are Mixing Old and New Technology

November 8, 2023

The emergence of live casino games has changed how we gamble online, with human dealers now appearing on our screens as we play. Yet, the way that they incorporate new technology while still using classic items is perhaps the key reason for the success of these games, so how does this work?

The Classic Items Still Getting Used

When you enter a live casino you’ll see familiar games, with many versions of roulette, blackjack, and baccarat among them. Titles such as Mega Fire Blaze Roulette and Gold Vault Roulette hint at some of the innovative features now included, but these games are played on a traditional roulette wheel, which a human dealer spins each time. It’s the closest we can get to a live casino experience on the internet. In the same way, Craps Live is carried out with dice, and on the type of table you’ll be familiar will if you’ve ever play craps.

In the case of card games, they’re playing using the type of playing cards that reached Europe from Asia in the 14th or 15th century and have become part of our popular culture since then. While the images and presentation of these cards have changed over the years, it seems likely that a time traveler from the past with some knowledge of blackjack or baccarat would have little trouble understanding what’s happening in these games.

The New Elements

Leading developers such as Evolution have been working hard to introduce new features that make their games stand out. In the example of Lightning Roulette, multipliers are added to random numbers on each round, with the dealer pulling a lever that leads to a sequence of lightning strikes, revealing the numbers with multipliers on them before the wheel gets spun.

A completely different way of playing is shown on Gonzo’s Treasure Map by the same developer. In this case, a human presenter stands in front of a wall where different symbols are hidden, with players needing to choose which tiles they think the most valuable images are behind. This type of game that’s not based on a classic table game is known as a game show, and other titles of this type, like Big Bad Wolf and Crazy Time, use elements such as money wheels and dice.

More subtle changes can be seen in the way that the cards dealt are transformed from physical cards into digital versions in some card games when the dealer puts them on the table after drawing them. This is done through the use of augmented reality and adds to the feeling of it being a slick, modern game without losing the appeal of the original.

What to Expect Next?

The recent releases in this sector suggest that we’re going to carry on seeing an increasing sense of diversity in live casino games. While this is going to mean that we see new ways of playing introduced, the new games are probably going to continue with this mixture of new and older elements to appeal to as many players as possible.


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