How does Playing Online Video Games Affect your Mental Health? Let’s Find out

October 23, 2021

These days, playing online video games is a common form of entertainment. With every passing day, more and more people are playing games to enjoy their free time. But is playing online games healthy for your mind and body or not? In this post, we will discuss the pros and cons of playing online video games and find out the results in the end.

Playing video games in your spare time can be a great recreational hobby. You can reunite with your family and friends by doing that. Also, it has been proved that adults who play video games regularly are less shy and less hesitant to talk to someone new as compared to those who do not do online gaming. Though, as the excess of everything is terrible, playing too many video games can lead to several mental health issues. Following are the pros and cons of playing online video games.

Gamers are Less Shy

It has been observed that children and adults who regularly play online games can socialize easily. Moreover, compared to other students and their colleagues, gamers are more friendly and less shy. Having a friendly and jolly nature can prove to be an excellent quality sometimes as children have to go to college, university and then workplaces. Being talkative and having little knowledge about everything is considered an excellent quality at workplaces. So, gaming can help someone get rid of their shyness.

Playing Video Games Can Help in Increasing your Memory

Having a good memory is one of the most critical aspects of today’s life. A person with a long-lasting memory can perform much better in every field compared to an average memory. In addition to memory, playing online video games can also help enhance your performance at work or in the study. People who play games daily or twice a week have been observed to be more innovative and more intellectual.

Keeps your Mind Fresh 

Another positive side of playing online games is; it keeps your mind fresh. After working for ten to twelve hours a day, when you are exhausted and bored of your routine, playing an interesting online game can refresh you even if you play it for like 30 minutes. Researches have shown that playing online video games is just like you are exercising your mind. Above all, online gaming directly impacts and affects areas of the brain responsible for fine motor skills, information organizations, spatial orientation, and memory. If you are a fan of gaming gadgets and stuff, you must check what is xur selling.

Online Brain Games Helps You Solve Real-World Problems 

Playing online brain games can teach strategy and problem-solving skills, which makes them a valuable tool for youngsters as well as adults. Also, such kinds of games teach time management, planning on the basic level, and resource management. Developing and learning these types of approaches can be directly appropriate to live as well. Also, these educational-based online games encourage children to discover more about the world by researching and reading.

Excess of Video Games can Disturb your Mental Health

Playing online video games on computers, laptops, Xbox, etc., is not a bad habit until or unless you are not addicted to them. Once you are addicted to them, you will not find peace and satisfaction in anything else, not even in good food. It is always recommended that playing video games for more than an hour a day can disturb your mental health very badly. You can even become a psycho if you keep losing in these games. Always remember that excess of playing video games is an addiction that is very hard to control.

It can Degrade your Academic or Professional Performance 

Playing too many video games can seriously affect your performance both in academics and in the office. Pupils who are addicted to gaming get bad grades and are scolded by parents and teachers. In the same way, adults who go to workplaces and are addicted to gaming cannot perform well in their professional lives. As a result, they get fired from everywhere, and in the end, they end up being a drug or alcohol addict.

Playing too Many Games can be a Cause of Stress

Some online games involve money and gambling, such as poker. Once a person is addicted to games, he does not want to lose at any cost. The lust to keep winning makes him a psychopath, and when he loses, he spends more money on purchasing cards, cars, and guns in online games from xur today. Ultimately, he ends up having nothing, which gives takes him in severe stress.

Can be a Cause of Violent Behavior 

Our young generation is so much inspired by the money-making and mafia games in which stealing someone’s cash, car, or killing someone is not a big deal. Instead, these things increase a player’s stats in games. These kinds of things are one of the significant causes our children have failing on having ethics and patience. Many of the criminals out there love to play killing games which affected their brains so much that they took out real weapons on actual humans. This is a terrifying thing about playing too many video games.

Final Verdict

From the above discussion, we can conclude that most of the adverse effects of video games arise from extreme use. The habit becomes bad when a gamer spends hours in one place enjoying video games. On the other hand, if you do gaming and keep a balance between everything, it will not become an addiction, and you will enjoy it even more. There are a number of gamers living successful lives and still playing online video games. Moderate doses of gaming will not only make you intelligent but also enhance your mental abilities. While playing too many games will make you a psychopath, and you will end up living a miserable life.


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