How do I prepare for Amazon AWS Interview?

May 22, 2021

Nowadays the modern world is seeing a significant change in how organizations and businesses are working. Everything is becoming digitized, and the advent of cloud computing and cloud computing platforms has emerged as the most notable rising driving force for its expansion. The majority of firms are now aiming to use these platforms for their operations, resulting in a tremendous increase in the need for cloud specialists.

Though ample opportunities are available for people in this field, acute knowledge is still lacking in the cloud industry which is leading the IT industries to face a huge loss every year. And to find these Cloud professionals, companies are trying their level best that can work and is familiar with cloud systems. If you are having an interest in this career approach in the cloud industry, then this chance might be great for you. With much spirit of cracking the AWS Interview Questions, all you need is to make your knowledge base strong both in theory and practical forms. With intense knowledge of cloud computing platforms like AWS you rightly make your way to excellent job opportunities.

Bear in mind, that only the training certification of AWS can only give you the vast knowledge of this unique platform. But to go on for the AWS career, you will have to prepare the basic areas that can help you through the interview process. This article might help you out through this interview process as here you can get some idea of how you can answer all the questions. But before you start preparing for the exam; let’s have a clear understanding of what AWS is. So, Let’s Go Through It.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is known as the fastest-growing technology field in the world. This cloud computing platform that aids businesses to develop different apps utilizes containers and templates to simplify the process of development.

About AWS Interview Process

  • The AWS interview process is long and tedious, but it is constant. This makes it simple for you to plan for the future.
  • It also lowers your chances of being caught off guard during the interview.
  • You should be aware that nothing ever implies that the interview will be simple; rather, it will give you an idea of what to expect.
  • This procedure might take months in some cases.
  • A substantial portion of the questions will be focused on your technical knowledge and familiarity with the AWS platform.

AWS Hiring Process

The whole process of the interview can be broken down as:

  • Online Assessment
  • Screening Call
  • Interview with Hiring Manager
  • Final Interview

How to prepare?

First of all, you need to get your thoughts clear depending on what profile you are interested to work with. As job profiles or roles for architects, administrators, and developers are different in AWS. But while going through your learning process, you will find that AWS Architect and AWS Administrator have many things in common in domain expertise. But if you are a developer then preparation for AWS Developer Interview Questions would be different as here you can be asked:

  • AWS SDKs
  • Which service to use in AWS
  • Algorithms & Data structure

Which resource can be best for you?

  • You might find several resources to prepare for this AWS interview. Just getting enrolled in these online courses can be a great way to learn the ways to crack the interview. Since these courses offer a well-structured form of learning process established by industry specialists so, they give a complete form of information while covering practically all the areas from the beginning.
  • Secondly, you can also find a lot of video tutorials on YouTube to make your preparation easy. These videos enable your learning process in a much easier form for the basics of AWS and other advanced concepts as well.
  • Thirdly, getting the right AWS certification can help you to stand out among the crowd. You can let through the interview questions easily just by cracking the exam.
  • Finally, if you can take a look at the AWS Interview Questions available over the internet, then it might be a great help to understand their patterns and can answer them well. And to test your depth of knowledge all you need to do is to pass the test in the following areas:
  • Basic knowledge of AWS
  • Get familiar with Software design concepts

The AWS Interview Questions are mostly to see whether you are capable enough to handle every system’s programming while working with cloud computing. Through this preparation process, you can also understand what are your strengths and weaknesses and can eventually work upon them to get better. The process of the interview may seem to you as ever daunting but with enough preparation and knowledge, it can be easily covered.

Working on various sample questions related to your desired job role can thereby help you to answer them easily during the interview. And if you get into a course session to make your preparation an easy-going one then you can opt for that as well. So, now that you have got a brief idea of how to prepare for the interview questions, choose the suitable one for you and get the most out of it to pass the interview.


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