How a Widget For IT Support Service Works?

February 10, 2022

Gone are the days when customers select a product based on its price. Instead, every customer is more focused on making a purchase decision and continuing to be loyal customers based on their experience with the company.

IT support helpdesk is the company’s first line of defense when it comes to appeasing and ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the service. So while you have an idea of how to represent the company and services to the customers, it is not always possible to have a one-on-one interaction with every customer. Hence the strength of your company and how you are better than your competitors can be conveyed with the help of an IT support widget.

It supports widgets that appear on the bottom of a website that usually works in a pop-up form. The widget’s focus is to engage customers and website visitors so that they can easily get in touch with the IT team to get answers to any queries and issues around the clock.

If you want to know how the widget for IT support service works, continue reading, and you will see why you should embed one on your company’s website.

How does a Widget For IT Support Service Work?

It has been studied that approximately 12 hours are needed to respond to an email request in a foreign IT helpdesk. Similarly, the time takes 10 hours for a social media response, and live chat can be from two minutes to less. Hence, it is quite obvious that customers would like to have a live chat instead of waiting for an email or social media response. Comm 100 report stated that customers are happier to engage with a company that offers a live chat widget.

So how does the widget work for the IT support service?

Secure New Clients/Customers

If you are a startup company or have a small business like a vegan leather shop, you must engage with your customers who visit your website. With the help of a widget, mainly a live chat option, you can influence a customer to interact with you in real time.

This feature exponentially increases new customers’ visits to the site because they can immediately receive answers to their queries. In addition, with the live chat widget, the possibility of retaining customers increases significantly when their issues are dealt with immediately instead of being on hold while on a call.

Improves Your Business

Most IT support widgets come with inbuilt analytics that can provide the business with different types of data like the types of visitors on the website, the geographic location of the visitors, the most often asked questions, the trends, and the overall behavior of the visitors. All this data can help an enterprise make an informed decision on improving the business.

Adding easy feedback and survey forms with these widgets will help you understand your customers and their requirements, and the time they take to fill in the forms will warrant lowering the bounce rates.

If you require funds for your business, GreenDayOnline is an excellent option.

Multiple Support System

Since the IT helpdesk encompasses a website, app, messaging, and other Internet-based activities, finding a solution that can support all these IT aspects is always helpful. For example, a dedicated IT widget can support the website with a chat widget where the customer can establish their first point of contact with the company since most customers are likely to search a website to understand a company’s products and services and the overall branding.

A mobile-based application has become the preferred choice for many users to look for answers to their queries and raise issues. With in-app widget support, an enterprise can offer a practical and improved customer experience around the clock.

Adding a social media widget to your website or mobile application is the easiest way to support your potential and existing clients who want to get in touch with you. Using social media channel messaging apps and embedding widgets in the website allows your customers to be in touch with you at their convenience.

Organic Promotion

One of the best ways to promote a business or a brand is through word of mouth, referred to as organic promotion. Nowadays, word of mouth is often associated with using social media to post about a product or a business. With the social media widget on the sidebar of every page, you encourage the visitors to like and share your content and direct them toward promoting your business.

Any visitor who shares your content with others on social media is a step closer to being a dedicated customer.

Direct Your Customers

A call to action (CTA) widget at the end of every page allows you to direct your customers to where you want them to head, leading to a viable conversion. The last thing you want is for your potential customer to leave the page because they are unsure what to do. Leading the visitors to the sales funnel by sprinkling CTAs across the site warrants an increase in turning leads to customers.

Erase Language Barrier

An IT support widget Can connect with customers easily by eliminating language barriers. Potential customers can choose to communicate in the language of their preference. This improves overall customer satisfaction and ensures customers quickly get the support they require.

Improves IT Support Teams’ Performance

The help of a visit allows the team to handle multiple customers and queries every time. As a result, this improves the overall production efficiency and performance of the team, which benefits the company and increases the ROI in the long run.

Summing It Up

Customer satisfaction is one of the primary takeaways of using a widget for IT service. Eventually, it will help with the customer experience and improve the business’s health.

Finding the right widget for the IT support team is essential as it can help an enterprise offer proactive customer assistance. If you want to know more about IT support services and how widgets are helpful to your company, contact us.


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