Download High Definition Audio Codec on Windows 10

June 15

IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver is important to play audio files on Windows 10, but after installing Window 10 update, users are facing some serious issues with the Audio Codec. In such cases, you have to reinstall High Definition Audio Codec drivers.

Outdated drivers might even lead to system failures. When it has to do with audio drivers, probably lots of people already know that Realtek is a fantastic developer who has been providing quality Audio Codec drivers for a while now. All these Realtek HD Audio codecs are certified with Microsoft’s UAA (Universal Audio Architecture).

Here in this article, we are going to share how to download and install Realtek IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver for Windows Vista/7/8/10 32-bit and 64-bit.

There are four ways you may use to install or update the driver in Windows 10.

How to High Definition Audio Codec

This Realtek driver package has been specifically developed by Realtek Semiconductor Corp for the operation of all audio devices in Windows.

Reboot your computer and see whether the issue still exists. Sometimes restarting your PC will fix the issue. So you don’t have to follow other solutions. Otherwise, go through these steps and fix the issue.

Method 1: Update High Definition Audio drivers

First, go to Device Manager and then find Realtek IDT Audio Driver. Right-click on it and click on update the drivers.

If there’s no update available, reinstall the driver by clicking on Uninstall after rebooting PC.

You can manually download Realtek Audio Drivers from here:

Method 2: Start IDT Audio Related Services

If you have no audio after updating the latest drivers, enable Windows Service using Services.

Open Run and type services.msc.

This will open the service manager window. Double click on the following Windows services to open them and then make sure that they are running in the background.

If not then start them with right-click and start from General.

  • Windows Audio
  • Multimedia Class Scheduler
  • Windows Audio Endpoint Builder.

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Once done, restart the computer and see if the sound problem is resolved or not. Hope you liked this article. Comment down your issue.


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  1. The updated version contains new voice decryption algorithms that simplify data conversion when entering them using a microphone.

  2. Another advantage of the new version of Realtek drivers is the full support of all existing digital audio formats, including the latest developments. You just need to download Realtek HD Audio Driver for Windows 7 / XP / Vista and install it.

    Thanks, man for sharing the easy guide.

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