Help in Obtaining a Rare WoW Soultwisted Deathwalker

March 29, 2022

A guide to obtaining the Soultwisted Deathwalker mound in World of Warcraft and boosting services to achieve the Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Two Achievement.

How to get Soultwisted Deathwalker in World of Warcraft

The second season of World of Warcraft Shadowlands is nearing its end. Fans of the game are frozen in anticipation of the announcement of the next update, where a new raid will appear and the third season will begin. Along with this will reset all of the mythic+ rankings and arenas. With the release of the new update, many achievements and rare vehicles can no longer be obtained. For those who haven’t gotten the WoW Soultwisted Deathwalker, we recommend that you hurry up to meet a number of conditions to get a rare mount into your collection. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to add and keep it in your collection in the next update.

What the Soultwisted Deathwalker is awarded for

In Shadowlands Season 2, you must score 2,000 ranking points by successfully completing epochal dungeons in a timed dungeon in order to obtain a rare mound and achieve “Master of Keys.” All you need to do is close all 15 keys in Tyrannical and Fortified weeks.

If you are an experienced keyman, repeatedly closing difficult dungeons in each addition, it will not be difficult to get this achievement. For successful completion, it is advisable to find a good group of 4 people to make it easier to interact. The speed of obtaining the Achievement and Mount also depends on the role of the character. Fighters are the hardest to achieve, as this is the largest group of players in WoW.

The easiest way to get a Soultwisted Deathwalker is to play as a healer or tank specialist. These roles are much less common in the game, plus you can assemble your own group for a dungeon. A good tank or healer gets a large queue of other players. Many players pay attention to the rating when forming a group, so it is important to close the keys in the timer. The shorter the time it takes to pass the mythic+, the more ranking points you get.

Changes in mythic+ dungeons

Before the release of patch 9.1, the WoW ranking system was based on the third-party addon Later, the developers added their own and along with that, decided to change a number of achievements, now based on ranking points:

  • Shadowlands Keystone Explorer: Season Two – awarded for earning 750 rating points;
  • Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Two is awarded for earning 1500 rating points;
  • Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Two – awarded for earning 2,000 rating points.

For the last achievement, players are given the Soultwisted Deathwalker vehicle, which is tied to the account. That is, it can be used on alternate characters.

The difficulty of obtaining this achievement is that it cannot now be completed in one week. The developers split the two main modifiers, “Fortified” and “Tyrannical,” into two weeks, giving them two different ratings. Even if you close all level 15+ dungeons in one week, you won’t have 2,000 points. You’ll have to close level 15 dungeons again in the timer for the next seven days.

The easiest way to get a mount and other difficult achievements are by using boosting services. When an experienced pack of players takes you into a group and quickly sneaks you a key in 30 minutes. You don’t even have to play as your character. Their equipment level is enough to cap your damage. If you don’t have time for that either, you can share your account to have one of your players play as your character. Boosting services are safe and confidential.


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