Netflix Error Codes – How To Fix Them?

May 14, 2020

Netflix is one of the most popular online video streaming platforms. Over some time, it has gained so much popularity. Series makers, filmmakers, Bollywood is also attracted to this platform. There are many situations where you face Netflix issues, and they appear with Error codes. Here are some Netflix Error Codes that may help you solve the issues you encountered.

Netflix is being liked by almost a variety of entertainment lovers worldwide for its excellent performance and effortless functionality. Netflix is a favorite online video website that permits users to watch various movies and TV shows through PC, TV, tablets, or cellular phones. Netflix may quickly fail if you’re visiting the website from Firefox using incognito mode or some other mainstream browsers.

Netflix Error Codes

Like any other digital platform, it also comes across many unusual bugs. In an unexpected situation, it returns an error with a specific of its own. Today we will present some of the most common errors over Netflix and how to fix them? So let’s get started.

Netflix Site Error. We were unable to process your request

When you encounter such an error, it simply means that either your last login attempt was incomplete or an inactive account is saved on your device. You can fix it by verifying your login or by restarting Netflix.

Netflix is among the most popular web streaming media watched in over 50 nations. Netflix is among the ideal TV show and movie streaming services. If Netflix isn’t down, then the source of the problem may be your dwelling.

Netflix Error Codes

Fix Netflix Site Error

As mentioned above, the most frequent cause for Netflix Error 1011 is poor web connectivity. Check with the specific error code you encounter when using Netflix, and adhere to the suggested solutions to repair it! Unfortunately, when you attempt to access Netflix, it will open the UK edition of the service and show UK content rather than the US.

Luckily, however, the problem is just a minor issue and can be fixed quite easily, employing several distinct procedures. Please search for the specific problem you’re facing and follow its steps to address the situation. Before going to the fixes, it’s always preferable to know the main reason for the problem.

If you encounter such Netflix Error Codes, you can try out the following troubleshooting methods.

  • Restart the Netflix.
  • Delete the cookies.
  • Verify login.
  • Restart your home network.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Try a different web browser.

Why does my Netflix say error?

If your Netflix says error, it is having some trouble during connectivity. Your internet connection may be the main culprit here. You can try us some fixes as given further. Sign back in and test if the issue is solved. If you’re still having problems employing the app, you may have to reset the TV fully. The usual cause of Netflix problems is internet connection problems.

  • Check if your network supports streaming because some college or public networks don’t allow it.
  • Try a different network.
  • Check your network speed.
  • Reboot your device.
  • Restart the Netflix.
  • Disable a VPN software, if any.

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How do I get rid of Netflix errors?

You may face some unwanted errors while streaming on Netflix. To avoid such annoying errors, you need to read out further. We present some common errors with their fixes in the best possible manner. Here’s the list of some common errors with their meaning.

Netflix Error Code

Error NW 2-5 – This error means there is some internet connectivity issue.

Fix: Check your internet speed and connectivity. 

Error 30103 – It means some information on the device needs to be updated.

Fix: Try to restart your device or turn off the airplay.

Error 12001 – Some information on your device needs to be refreshed.

Fix: Switch your network, reboot the device, or clear the cache. 

Error UI-800-3 – There is some issue with the Netflix data stored on your device.

Fix: Clear the cache or reinstall the app. 

How do I fix Netflix error 15001?

Netflix Error 15001 depicts that some data on your device needs to be refreshed or a software update is required. So you may consider refreshing the app by clearing cache or simply updating your device’s software.

Netflix site error when logging in

If you face a Netflix site error while logging in, it previously shows an uncompleted login attempt. It is also possible that there is some issue regarding the accounts. Hence it is advisable to try to login again with the correct credentials. After that, check the account settings properly. It would help if you got some hints from there.

Netflix site error solution

Here are some possible solutions to solve the Netflix site error.

  • Restart your device.
  • Log in with another device.
  • Reset the Netflix app.
  • Check your network if it allows streaming.
  • Restart your home network.
  • Try another web browser.

We have shared all the possible solutions that will help you to fix Netflix Error codes on Android, iOS, and Windows.


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