Features of IP telephony and the Usage of Virtual Telephony

December 23, 2022

The virtual PBX is connected using IP telephony technology. Devices work due to the following process: the voice during a call is transformed into a digital signal and transmitted through the device to the subscriber at the other end of the line. However, when the subscriber picks up the phone, he/she hears the same voice because of a transformation from digital to analog. In other words, when a client calls a certain virtual number, the call goes to a virtual PBX, then it is processed by certain algorithms and redirected to the operator. 

Tasks of virtual telephony

Business uses this kind of telephony to more effectively set up the work of managers with clients. Customers who are provided with decent service become more loyal and even regular with the company (by the way, the marketing department spends considerable budgets to solve such problems). Moreover, the usage of an Indian virtual number will help to create a positive image and trusting relationships with clients from India. By the way, you can get such a number due to a well-known Freezvon Company.

In addition, the expenses for communications are reduced, and the company does not depend on wired or satellite communications. It is possible to maintain a customer base around the clock, and the number of missed and unprocessed calls has declined. PBX virtual format allows for analysis and reporting.

Features of technical support

You do not have to purchase expensive equipment in order to ensure full-fledged communication (unlike the organization of a conventional mini-PBX). The technique is required to a minimum. All that is needed in the work of virtual telephony is a computer with specific software and Internet access. There is also a second option – the usage of a PC with headphones and a microphone. In some cases, communication is organized via a smartphone or tablet. Employees can physically be anywhere due to the software, but all data will be recorded in a single database. In addition, it is possible to view the client’s number, the time of the conversation, the data of the employee assigned to the client, and other information. 

As for the Internet channel, it is better to allocate a separate channel for a virtual PBX with a width of at least 100 kbps for each line. A lot of different numbers can be connected to the corporate network at any time.

What is an IP phone?

If everything is clear with a computer and a smartphone, then few people have come across an IP phone. What is this device? An IP phone, at first glance, is no different from a regular landline phone in a modern design. Although the IP phone has a liquid crystal display and a fairly wide functionality: 

  • It records conversations.
  • It fixes the presence of subscribers.
  • It can organize audio conferences.
  • It redirects to a mobile or landline phone.
  • There is a voicemail. 

Moreover, it’s easy to connect the headset.

Virtual PBX and savings

Using a virtual PBX makes it possible to save very important things that are not actually things.

  • Finances: you need a minimum of hardware and software, and you can also reduce spending on several telephone lines.
  • The place. There is no need to allocate space for a server room and support all the necessary conditions. Small companies do not even need to equip an office – employees can work remotely.
  • Electricity. Servers require round-the-clock power consumption to maintain, which does not positively affect the bills. 
  • Employees. Additional qualified personnel would be needed to maintain the servers, and this task would be performed by the provider company. In addition, optimizing the work of employees allows you to better cope with tasks and to interrupt work with unproductive team members. 

This type of telephony is chosen by those who have a large number of incoming and outgoing calls (namely several hundred per day). The most frequent clients practicing the use of virtual PBX are retail chains, banking institutions, manufacturing enterprises, support services, government agencies, security agencies, real estate agencies, medical institutions, and service companies. Virtual telephony is also used within the same company with branches in different cities. This type of telephony can be chosen by a business of any scale. In short, you can create an effective virtual office with the lowest possible investment.


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