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October 28

Have you ever visited @ Farmer Boys Restaurant? No, Do not worry I am here to give you accurate guidance with the perfect Farmer Boys Menu and updated Prices.

So you will get surprised by the Farmer Boys Menu uses Farm Fresh Ingredients. Yes, Complete details about food and Prices read out in @ Farmer Boys Menu Prices.

The most amazing famous restaurant Farmer Boys served World Greatest Hamburger, Farmers Boys Sides, Farm Fresh Breakfast Menu, Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps, Drinks, and many more food items you find on the menu.

You would love to visit Farmer Boys Locations nearest to you so don’t wait just move on and visit. The Complete Famer Boys Nutrition chart you will get here about the food ingredients in it.

So browse the Complete details in the below chart and other useful links I added for you to get better understand.

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Farmer Boys Restaurant Menu Prices

Combo Includes Regular Drink & Choice of Any 2 Combination of Onion Rings, Crispy Zucchini or Small Fries

The Farmer’s Burger$6.79
The Farmer’s Burger – Combo$10.99
The Natural Burger$5.69
The Natural Burger – Combo$9.89
The Bell Ringer Double Cheeseburger$6.19
The Bell Ringer Double Cheeseburger – Combo$10.39
The Big Cheese Cheeseburger$4.79
The Big Cheese Cheeseburger – Combo$8.99
The Bacon Boy Double Bacon Cheeseburger$6.59
The Bacon Boy Double Bacon Cheeseburger – Combo$10.79
The Barn Burner Spicy Cheeseburger$4.99
The Barn Burner Spicy Cheeseburger – Combo$9.19
The Market Veggie Burger$5.99
The Market Veggie Burger – Burger$9.99
Add Hass Avocado$2.09
Add Bacon$2.09

Farm Fresh Sides menu prices

Harvest Fries$2.39
Harvest Fries with Chili Cheese$5.59
Colossal Onion Rings4 Pc.$4.19
Colossal Onion Rings7 Pc.$4.89
Crispy Zucchini4 Pc.$4.09
Crispy Zucchini7 Pc.$4.89

Farm Fresh Breakfast menu prices Include Toast & Hash Browns or Tomato Slices

3 Grade AA Eggs (Any Style)$7.09
3 Grade AA Eggs (Any Style) with Bacon, Sausage or Ham$8.29
Farmer’s 3 Egg Omelets$8.49
Denver 3 Egg Omelets$8.29
Ham & Cheese 3 Egg Omelets$8.29
California 3 Egg Omelets$8.29

Farm Fresh Breakfast menu prices

The Breakfast Burrito$6.69
Daybreak Sandwich$4.69
Daybreak Sandwich with Bacon, Sausage or Ham$5.69
Farmhand Bowl$6.69
Sausage, Biscuit & Gravy Bowl$6.69
Country Fried Chicken & Gravy Bowl$6.69

Farm Fresh Breakfast menu prices Combo Includes 2 Eggs & Bacon or Sausage

French Toast3 Pc.$6.29
French Toast – Combo3 Pc.$7.39
Hot Cakes4 Pc.$6.29
Hot Cakes – Combo4 Pc.$7.19

Lil’ Farmhand Breakfast menu prices Include 1 Egg & Bacon or Sausage

French Toast$5.19
Hot Cake$5.19

Salads & Wraps menu prices

Farmer’s Chopped Cobb Salad$8.49
Farmer’s Chopped Cobb Wrap$7.29
Chicken BBQ Ranch Salad$8.49
Chicken BBQ Ranch Wrap$6.59
Char-Broiled Chicken Salad$8.29
Char-Broiled Chicken Wrap$7.29
Side Salad$3.79
Fruit Bowl$3.49

Sandwiches & More Menu Prices

Hearty Farmer’s Club Sandwich$7.39
Hearty Farmer’s Club Sandwich – Combo$11.59
Bacon Turkey Melt Sandwich$6.59
Bacon Turkey Melt Sandwich – Combo$10.79
Patty Melt Sandwich$5.69
Patty Melt Sandwich – Combo$11.59
Tuna Melt Sandwich$6.29
Tuna Melt Sandwich – Combo$10.49
California BLT Sandwich$7.09
California BLT Sandwich – Combo$11.29
Sourdough Chicken Avocado Sandwich$7.39
Sourdough Chicken Avocado Sandwich – Combo$11.59
Hearty Pastrami Sandwich$7.69
Hearty Pastrami Sandwich – Combo$11.89
Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich$6.89
Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich – Combo$11.09
Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich$6.69
Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich – Combo$10.89
Hand-Battered Fish Dinner4 Pc.$10.79
Fish & Fries3 Pc.$7.79
Chicken Tenderloins4 Pc.$6.39
Chicken Tenderloins – Combo4 Pc.$10.59

Lil’ Farmhand Meals Menu Prices Include Small Fries & Kid’s Drink

Jr. Cheeseburger$3.99
Crispy Chicken Tenders2 Pc.$5.09
Turkey Sandwich$3.99
Grilled Cheese$3.99

Dairy Fresh Shakes Menu Prices

Shake (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Cookies & Cream)Regular$4.59
Shake (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Cookies & Cream)Large$5.59
Drinks Menu Prices
Fountain DrinkRegular$2.39
Fountain DrinkMedium$2.99
Fountain DrinkLarge$3.29
Orange Juice$3.09

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Check out the Farmer Boys History, Locations, Careers, App & rewards, and many more.

Farmer Boys History

Since 1981 Farmer boys restaurant was founded in Torrance, California, by Cyprus-immigrant Havadjias brothers. They had got great success over the world and open up 90 restaurants mainly situated in Southern and Central California and Nevada.

Farmer Restaurant Menu Prices and Locations
Farmer Restaurant Menu Prices and Locations

The name of the restaurant comes from the Farmer’s fresh ingredients they used in there kitchen. With the best quality and fresh. Although the prices are a little higher than others, the quality can cover it.

Farmer Boys Locations

If you are in the imagination to visit. Don’t see it in your dreams make it such in reality. Yes, You can find Farmer Boys Locations anywhere in the USA.

So you no need to worry only to think but you can also visit the Farmer Boys restaurant near to you and make your experience with them.

Browse the locations in the below link just to open up the link and enter your city name, state name or Zipcode. The map will show you the nearest Farmer boys with the perfect distance in km and the various roads you can choose one of it


Farmer Boys Nutrition

You can get the perfect details about the food details. Yes, we all need to aware of what to eat so here farmer Boys making Nutrition chart of the Food.

Which are the ingredients used in the food? about fat, calories, cholesterol, proteins, and much more important aspect included in the chart.

Browse the below link don’t go anywhere.

Continue reading Menu & Nutrition

Farmer Boys Careers

Farmers Carerrs

Farmer Boy’s brand is well known and growing rapidly in the USA. So if you wanted to join the team and grow with them. 

You have an amazing opportunity for your future. If you are interested and wanted to apply for it. Different categories required the posts.

For a restaurant, Corporate office, or Independent Franchise locations. You can select one of them according to your potential and work quality.

Browse the requirement and for applications in the below link.


Farmer Boys App & Rewards

Farmer appDownload the Farmer Boys app from your google play store and install it. For your first sign up you will get $5 as a First Reward.

For each $60 points earned and get a $5 reward.

Every $1 spent and get $1 as a reward.

Specialize in new offers and on your birthdays.

For your android or iPhone here I am giving the link for download.

So have a look into it.

Mac App StoreGoogle Play

Farmer Boys Feedback

Farmer Boys ContactWhat is your opinion about your last visit @ Farmer Boys Restaurant please share with us for our improvement.

We love to hear from you do not hesitate to tell us what is going in your mind. Yes, if you have any idea or suggestion want to share with us free fell to share.

We implement it if we need it to stay connected with us on the official site or click on the below link.

 Contact Us

Thank you for visiting my page stay and read all the information. How much of it is useful to you please tell to us. Write in the comment box of my page mymenuprice.


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