E-Game Changer! How Online Casinos Affected the Global Gambling Scene

Gambling has been part of society even in ancient times. In the mid-90s, the first online casino was launched; since then, it has grown and is now a multi-billion industry. Many adults and young adults worldwide play poker, online slot machines, and roulette. Companies have invested in this industry, creating jobs and revenues for many people.

Online casino sites like Casinocrawlers.com have been catering to players from anywhere you can connect online. The progress in technology made gamblers go online for convenience and accessibility. Traveling to local gambling halls and big city casinos is now a thing of the past.

Online gambling became a game-changer because of some factors that contributed to its popularity. The advanced technology and shift in social situations made online casinos thrive today. So after a year since the world crisis, here are the impacts of online casinos.

Social Games

Social media platforms are far beyond the chatrooms of the early to mid-90s. Designed to connect friends and relatives with pictures and private messengers, it also has games that you can play with them. Some to pass the time, but also it has online free poker and others.

Being exposed early on to these games as a pastime is a gateway for many gamblers. Casino-type games in the form of cashless social online games introduce a new generation to gambling. These games started in the mid to late 2000 in-browser game websites, now, these kids are young adults, and most have a job.

Internet algorithms in search engines and social media advertise online casinos to those avid players. With a steady income, young adults having experience in social games now switch to online casinos for more fun. Now millions of the working class have the convenience of playing casinos online and a chance to win big.

The Pandemic

The world crisis has devastated many industries, including recreation and leisure like casinos. The lockdown prevented travel, and tourism was at rock bottom when Covid19 hit. Even work shifted from the offices to homes. Since traveling is a hassle, more people go online for anything from shopping to entertainment.

The industry thrived online with a broader reach of consumers as an adaptation to the crisis. Online casinos made the game more affordable to young adults and middle-class citizens. Playing in casinos is expensive, with fees, dress codes, and other distractions present. Online, your attention is on the game, and you can make small bets without anyone batting an eye.

Legal Struggles

The profit generated and its impact on the economy caught the government’s attention. Many countries banned or gave strict regulations to online casinos. Protecting their citizens from the bad habits of gambling and getting more taxes from it are some of their options.

Some states legalized online gambling in America, and others restricted or banned it. In Europe, some countries are passing laws to add taxes and control some forms of online gambling and betting. In Asia, the Philippines is making laws to tax online cockfights. It became popular in the middle of the pandemic, making millions of revenue.

In some countries, companies were prosecuted and penalized but not punished players. Some countries even blocked online casinos in their territories.


Many shifted to electronic banking options to pay bills and buy what they needed. Going cashless is a big convenience because you always pay the exact amount. It became available to everyone through smartphones.

Another alternative is cryptocurrency. Also called “crypto,” it is a form of decentralized and encrypted currency in blockchains. Crypto is secured and anonymous, and every transaction is untraceable. Many use this because it is more secure than their credit cards or E-banking.

Once only available to tech-savvy people, E-banking is now for everyone. The cashless application became the norm as a payment option to avoid contact from person to person.


Many young adults are now playing online casinos because it is accessible and affordable. Most of these young adults have a form of income through a small business or a job that gives them the capability to play online casinos.

Many have known them through ads online that most are now all eyes on their screens. Affordable betting prices, perks, and bonuses made playing online casinos more attractive even to new players.

Curiosity gets them into the game and the thrill of winning hooks them. Accessibility and convenience play a part in spreading online gambling, and the variety of games is something for everyone.


Through the advancement of technology, online gambling has progressed. Smartphones made it accessible to people with fast internet and cheap mobile technology. This progress helps casinos reach out to players instead of going to casino halls.

Electronic banking through mobile apps makes payment and payout easier. Programs are improved to ensure fairness and graphics to be more appealing to players. Security also is updated through firewalls and encryption. They are placing protocols to ward off hackers that may steal information or compromise the site with a virus.

The government also uses technology to block citizens from accessing gambling sites. When someone in the country accesses it, they will trace the site and then block it. Hackers are also creating crafty ways to infiltrate their mainframe, and it is a cat and mouse game between them and the site security.


Today, many accept gambling as a pastime, but it still has a bad reputation among conservatives. Online casinos’ revenue enables them to give back to society. Their CSR is supporting organizations that help individuals with gambling addictions.

The industry generates jobs for people, and now that regular casinos are opening again, the gambling industry is recovering. Amidst the global crisis, online gambling flourished with revenue and job opportunities.

The Future

Countries and casino companies are trying to meet a middle ground in doing business in their territories. The government benefits with the taxes and jobs for their people while casinos do business and expand their reach across the globe.

Many countries are open to online gambling. At the same time, casinos are adapting to the available alternative payment options. However, protests and controversies are being resolved in some nations regarding illegal gambling issues. Online casinos are doing their best to break boundaries and legalize their business.

Though conservatives may say that it has terrible effects, online gambling is. Whatever effects the industry has on the economy and society, it is up to the company to give back to people.


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