Do smartphones help us get rid of boredom?

October 16, 2021

When we feel bored, when we want to fill our time with something, we use the phone.

A smartphone can be useful in many cases. Whether you use it for your entertainment and to recreate and have fun, whether you want to learn, to use it at work, to play, it is obvious that the phone is very useful.

Certainly, many people have had at least once that unpleasant state of boredom.  Which we all want to fill with interesting activities but since you have a smartphone you have everything you need to get rid of this boredom.

Why are we bored?

It may seem like a strange question, even if each of us was bored at times. Many did not ask themselves why they are bored but what to do to not be bored.

But to answer the question more clearly: what is boredom? We can say that it is clear, that is a period of melancholy, a period in which you waste your time and do nothing productive, either you have nothing to do or you are waiting for someone.

This feeling of boredom can be said to have not only negative effects but also beneficial effects, when we feel boredom, our brain tries to find new contexts and investigates the unknown.

We try to get rid of boredom with what we have at hand if we do not have other means to help us and no person to communicate face to face, so we use the phone to get over that moment of boredom.

What can you do with a smartphone when you get bored?

You can do a lot of things, such as playing online games and online slots which will definitely make you relax or put your mind to the contribution, they increase your curiosity and imagination and definitely make your day better by getting rid of boredom. You can also use social networks to socialize and have fun with friends. Why not even play online games together.

Obviously, if we use something for a long time, there is a risk of getting bored of it, so in life, everything must be done in moderation so as not to lose interest.

Even the use of phones must be done sparingly.

A few years ago, smartphones didn’t exist, so boredom was harder to control, even if you could do outdoor activities, the weather wasn’t always to your aid, rainy days and harsh winters were pretty boring until the famous smartphone appeared. Now, no one can say they get bored with a smartphone because you can do a lot of things.

Since when did this important object (smartphone) appear in our lives?

It’s been more than 20 years since the invention of the smartphone, more than 20 years since our lives changed and our smartphones came to our aid. It has helped us in many ways, it has helped us to use it as a computer, to use it instead of a cinema, to be able to watch movies and videos right from the comfort of our home, to listen to music and to play. In addition to these helpful things that have made our lives lighter, it helped us get rid of boredom.

Obviously, we also need an internet source to get rid of boredom, the internet will help us find even more interesting sources and activities. You need either 3G, 4G, or more recently 5G internet, or WI-FI internet.

As you probably know, phones are constantly changing and evolving. In 2021, a series of even smarter phones came out, only good for use in any need, especially if you don’t know what to experiment with, and what to do in the days when you don’t have to do anything important, just wasting your time. Phones have helped us the way we think and communicate. We have the opportunity to communicate with people from every corner of the world, both audio and video, which is amazing.

This smartphone comes to your aid, with different and new ways to experiment.

Below I will give examples of new phones based on the important skills they have.

A good phone for taking professional pictures:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

A good phone for gaming:

Asus ROG Phone III

These are just some of the many examples but these are the best examples of phones that could make you get bored while experimenting and learning but also having fun doing interesting things.

Of course, there are a lot of useful applications for phones.

Applications that you definitely need and that will get you out of a lot of trouble.

There are photo editing applications, time scheduling apps, many social apps, music listening apps, game apps, and many other applications that are worth discovering and using, why not, to your advantage.

There are certainly other ways besides phones to keep us away from boredom as possible.

Also related to technology are TVs, PCs, tablets, etc. but only smartphones can have them all in one phone. Which makes our lives easier and sometimes saves us time and even money.


The conclusion we should all draw is that boredom is not necessarily a bad thing, it can help us to want to experience more and get over that moment.

Another important thing is that the phone can help you when you get bored, having a lot of skills that will make you more curious, it will not only help you get rid of boredom but will teach you new and many things and help you as much.

Keep in mind that everything must be done in moderation so that the state of boredom does not reappear, which no one really wants because the world is in a constant state of knowledge and this boredom may not be useful anywhere.


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