Innovative Lighting Solutions: Gas Lanterns in Modern Design

May 10, 2024

Gas lanterns once dominated the urban streets and houses before electricity. Although light bulbs now illuminate our homes and neighborhoods, many modern houses are adorned with functioning gas lanterns to illuminate their outdoor setting and elevate their overall appeal.

A lot of modern homeowners love these lanterns for their nostalgic charm. However, incorporating them offers numerous benefits that go beyond aesthetics.

Read below if you’re curious about incorporating gas lanterns into your home. This comprehensive guide will tell you about these design elements, from benefits to buying considerations.

Why Incorporate a Gas Lantern Design Outdoors

Incorporating gas lanterns in your outdoor setting enhances your exterior’s aesthetic appeal, ambiance, and functionality. Here are some of the many reasons why gas lanterns make an excellent home addition.

Homey but elegant appeal

Traditional gas lantern designs have that comforting appeal that reminds us of the simple life. At the same time, these iconic fixtures help boost your home’s elegant look because they showcase the aesthetic of past homeowners living a posh life.

Inviting atmosphere

The glow from gas lanterns is not something any electronic device can reproduce. Although they can capture the same tone, they can’t get the same inviting feeling. The natural light from these lanterns can transform any area into a cozy retreat. The flickering, dancing flames create a relaxing atmosphere that elevates the outdoor experience, regardless of occasion or season.

Durability and reliability

Traditional and modern gas lanterns are designed to withstand significant heat and other outdoor elements for an extensive period. Plus, unlike other lighting fixtures, they don’t require frequent replacements or extensive maintenance, offering an incredible lasting performance.

Meanwhile, because gas lanterns don’t run on electricity, they make for reliable light sources outdoors in case of power outages. You can sit comfortably on the porch under these lanterns while you wait for the lights to turn back on.

Eco-friendly option

Modern gas lanterns are now built to be more eco-friendly. Instead of oil lamps, many are using natural gas or propane, which are among the safest and cleanest fuel types to burn. Because of that, they don’t emit pollution that may harm the environment or anyone at home. Plus, they don’t consume as much energy as electric lanterns.

Modern Gas Lantern Models for Different Architectural Styles

Select a suitable model matching your aesthetic to incorporate gas lanterns into your exterior design. Doing so will help you enhance your house’s overall appeal, potentially increasing its value.

Modern gas lanterns come in various shapes, sizes, and finishes that complement various architectural designs. To help you decide, we list some of the most common ones below.

Colonial style

When we think of traditional lanterns, the colonial style might be the first thing that comes to mind. These lanterns typically feature a box-shaped design with glass panels to maximize the light output.

Additionally, they have metal roof-like tops to shield the flame from wind and rain, which used to be a design necessity but has become a distinctive feature that makes this style synonymous with traditional lanterns.

Modernist style

Sleek lines and minimal ornaments characterize these lanterns. They feature geometric or asymmetrical shapes but mostly squares or rectangles. Their minimalist design deliberately forgoes any decorative details in favor of pure form. Because of that, they align more with contemporary and minimalist architecture.

Craftsman style

If you’re looking for something boho, these lanterns are excellent choices for your home. Their designs and finishes may vary, but they strongly emphasize handcrafted details and artisan materials. The most common example of this is stained art glass panels surrounding the fire to create a vibrant pop of color.

Victorian style

Victorian gas lanterns are distinguishable by their ornate designs. They often feature intricate scrollwork, floral motifs, and combinations of materials like polished brass, bronze, and colorful glass. This style is an excellent option to create a noticeable, elegant statement on your exterior design.

Gas Lantern Buying Considerations

Matching the architecture is one of the most essential aspects when choosing the perfect gas lantern for your exterior. However, other factors should be considered apart from aesthetics to help narrow your choices.

These are the following.

Lantern size

Consider the scale of the lantern in relation to the spot where you want to hang or mount it. The ideal size must be proportional to the area, allowing the style to complement your outdoor setting further.

Don’t get something that’s too big or small. Find the right balance that will allow the lantern to blend well with the overall design.

Material quality

Gas lanterns are built to last. However, to get that benefit, you must invest in sets that come in durable materials. The best options are brass, copper, and aluminum because they last longer and age beautifully.

Fuel type

The best fuel options must be environmentally friendly to enjoy the cozy lighting guilt-free. You can choose natural gas and propane as the two main clean-burning fuels. Both are excellent choices, but propane is more energy-efficient and sustainable than natural gas.

Safety features

Many modern lanterns have safety features like automatic shut-off to cut the gas supply if the flame goes out unexpectedly. This reduces the risk of gas leaks that might cause fires if left unaddressed. Opting for lanterns with these functions will help your family’s peace of mind.

You must also check for safety certifications or compliance. They will indicate that the product went through different tests to ensure impeccable safety for homeowners.

Adjustable light

Modern lanterns come with adjustable flame controls. It’s an excellent feature to create different atmospheres for various outdoor settings, whether an intimate gathering with friends or a romantic night with a loved one.

This function is also handy for saving money on fuel consumption. Adjusting the height of the flame within the lantern means controlling how the device consumes fuel. Many models come with manual controls. However, some allow homeowners to control the light from a panel inside the house.

Illuminate Your Home With Elegance

Gas lanterns may be remnants of the past, but they have a special place in every homeowner’s heart. They evoke an authentic, cozy atmosphere that no electronic device could mimic. That’s why they remain an excellent addition to any outdoor setting or aesthetic.


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