How To Delete Page in Google Docs

August 16, 2020

Google Docs is an office suite provided by Google Inc. It is included in Google Drive with two other features such as Google Sheets, Google Slides, and google docs. It is just like Microsoft Office Word it has many features just like it. You can create a blank document and insert your data. It provides a dictation tool, editor tool, and all the tools present in Microsoft word. It is available in 100 languages as well as is available in Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Chrome OS. Google provides its own cloud and the clipboard so that the user can copy and paste text from Google sheets to Google Docs or from Google Slides to Google Docs.

Features of Google Docs

There are a number of features provided by Google Docs let’s enlist them one by one.

Clear formatting- clear formatting insurance the copy-paste text to look the same as the other text in the document. many users complain by copying and pasting some text from another source makes it seem different. Then the user has to change the font size, colour, or style. But this feature will save you from all that work.

Fonts- many office suites provide a Limited stock of fonts. But Google dogs provide you with additional fonts that you can download and use free of cost. It is just like adding an extension to Google Chrome. It provides you with more styles without much work.

Suggestion mode- track the changes in the whole document and will suggest how the document should look. Just like Microsoft Word, you can click on suggesting to see what colour-coded suggestions are made by Google docs. By clicking on suggesting it will create comments right next to the areas which need changes.

Comments- Google Docs has come up with a new idea called tagging. Comments were very limited in an office suite earlier. But Google Docs had made it reach some Heights. Now you can tag peoples in a comment. You can just enter @ or + sign to tag someone in your document. The tagged person will get an email about the tagging.

Dictation- just like Microsoft Word Google Docs also provides the feature of dictation. you can talk and it will convert it to text for you. But a drawback is that you can only use the voice typing in the Chrome browser. it has not been established in other browsers right now. But the Google Docs voice typing is better than any other voice typing. It provides a set of commands that you can use in your document.

Research- this feature allows you to keep in hand a dictionary with you while editing a document. You can select a word and right-click on it and choose to define it. A small window will open on the right-hand side of the document and will define the meaning of the word. Also if you click on a link present in the document it will not open in the same tab but will open in a new tab.

Revision history- this is a fantastic feature by the Google docs. You can always go back to the previous version of your document in Google Docs. Just simply go to the File tab and then click on see the revision history. you will see a timeline which will show you the record of all the revisions that were made in the human. If you wish to go on a previous revision you can just click on it and voila there you are.

How to delete a page in Google Docs

Read and follow these methods to remove extra pages from Google Docs. These methods are tested and working fine.

Method 1- Beginning

Step 1- go to the beginning of the page.

Step 2- Place the cursor in the beginning and click on it.

Step 3- press delete or backspace. The Blank Page will disappear.

Method 2- Margins

Step 1- go to the view tab place on the top of your document.

Step 2- select the ruler, Now you can see the ruler on the top and left corner of the document.

Step 3- adjust the margins to the ruler so that the text is wrapped in the number of pages you want it to be.

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Method 3- page break

Step 1- go to the end of your text in your document.

Step 2- start a selection from the end of your text to further down.

Step 3- The selection will highlight the unwanted spaces, press the delete or backspace button.

Method 4- custom spacing

Step 1- go to the Format tab placed on the top of your document.

Step 2- look for the line and spacing option.

Step 3- in the options beside the line and spacing, click on custom spacing.

Step 4- insert the spacing you want between your text and lines.

Method 5- between Text

Step 1- if you want to delete a blank page that is between pages that contain text.

Step 2- place the cursor right at the beginning of the blank page.

Step 3- Start a selection From there to the bottom of the blank page.

Step 4- press delete to delete the whole Blank Page.


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