How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently

August 7

Have you already made up your mind to delete your existing Gmail account? If it is then, here you are going to learn the steps to delete Gmail account in straightforward steps. Gmail is a Google account that gives you access to the available Google services. And the services include Gmail, Drive, YouTube, Google+ and lots more. Since you have already decided to delete your account, you will be learning How to Delete Gmail Account?

But right before you delete Gmail account, remember that there are few things like you will lose the access to the Google services or any subscription. Also, all the information that is saved with chrome and play store apps as well. Apart from that your access to contacts linked to this Gmail account will be removed too.

How to Delete Gmail Account?

Deleting Gmail account is an easy task and can be done instantly in just a few minutes of time. So, let us have a look at how to delete your Gmail Account? Before we begin, check on whether the Gmail account that you are currently going to delete is no longer attached to your bank account and other essential services.

How to Backup Gmail Account Data?

It is recommended to change the email account that you have been using for getting services like Google Play and others. And also download all the necessary email data that you have received in Gmail.

To do so, follow the below steps:

Go to download data page and “Select None” option.

delete google account

After that, Scroll down and select the “Mail” option then click Next.

How to delete google account

Now you will be asked to Customise archive format choose the File type, archive size, delivery method and click create an archive.

how to close google account safely

That’s all! Your entire mail data is saved!

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Steps to Delete Gmail Account:

Now you have to follow the instruction that is given below to delete Gmail Account.

First Step – Go for the “sign-in” option and log into your Gmail account by entering the password if you are signed out.

how to delete a google account

Second Step – Click on “My Account” and then you will be redirected to the next page.

how to remove google account

Third Step – And here you have to choose “Delete your account or services”. Into the next page, you will find several Google service lists that are linked to your account. And if you wish, you can delete or remove all of it.

remove google account

Fourth Step – After that, you have to click on the “bin icon” that is just next to Gmail. Now provide the email address for keeping your Google accounts, Drive and others active. Remember that you cannot use another alternative Gmail address.

Fifth Step – Now you will get the email that you have provided and click on a link for confirmation.

Sixth Step – Into the web page, you will get a screen to confirm Gmail deletion and read it very carefully. Since you have been using this Gmail address as a recovery option, say it for your bank account details and other important services or details. Now then you will no longer get the access to the information that you have linked to your Gmail Account.

remove gmail account

Seventh Step – Click on the box to tick. Yes, I want to delete the provided Gmail address permanently from your Google Account.  And the final step is to click on “DELETE GMAIL” and done.

In this way, you have successfully deleted your Gmail Account.


Here you have learnt how to delete Gmail account by following simple and easy steps. In this manner, users of Google Account can delete their Gmail account at any moment they wish to. From now on, you will be longer to able to send or receive any email into your deleted account of Gmail. And if you wish to recover your deleted account, you should do it within a limited period of time. But mostly the users of Gmail have failed to recover their deleted account.


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