Decrypting the ways to grow the Instagram followers

June 23, 2021

There is no about that one who is creating great content out there and over Instagram. One is pretty sure that this content is in trend, will be loved by people and receive loads of love and increase one’s Instagram followers. But to one’s surprise, there are only a few likes and comments: one’s follower count doesn’t show much of a drastic difference.

It happens to many people, and they wonder, what is one doing wrong so that they are not able to gain many Instagram followers? Here a few ways that have been decrypted to increase one’s follower’s overtime. These tips aren’t those “instant” growth in follower’s tips, but one will have to be patient with them and gradually see the Instagram followers increasing.

Keep the bio clean. 

One should make them in Instagram bio as optimal as possible. One only gets 150 words to write in the bio, so use those words wisely. Bio is a reflection of who one is and should reflect the same. Ensure that one’s bio has a short but to-the-point description of the account owner.

The next thing that should come under the bio is few lines that describe one’s personality. Make sure that one is to the point in this one and write the true self. The next thing is an action such as “Read more,” “Click here” in the bio. There should be at least an action button in one’s bio. The last one is having a link. Only the bio link is the clickable link on Instagram, therefore use it wisely.

Post at the perfect time. 

There is no perfect time where one has to post on Instagram to increase their Instagram followers. One has to find out their perfect time. The easy way to find their time when the audience is most active is by seeing the Instagram insights. One can go on their profile page and click on the insights button.

It shows the time periods when one’s followers are most active. Therefore should post around the highest active time period to gain more exposure and increase the Instagram followers.

Although, one can use another logical tactic such as posting at the most relevant time. For instance, if one posts videos on cooking, the most relevant time to make a post is at the hours where people cook.

Don’t forget to post daily. 

Although it isn’t a compulsion to post daily on Instagram, analytics show that people who post 7 or more times a week have a stable increase in Instagram followers than that of the people who post the fewer number of times.

Although posting daily doesn’t mean that one should just post anything that isn’t related to their niche. Explore the niche more and try to keep the posts relevant.

One shouldn’t forget, even though one will be posting at least once a day or seven times a week, quality over quantity.

Get a grasp of the Instagram algorithm.

In a recent update, Instagram has changed its algorithm, and one can expect that more than 50% of their followers will be able to see the post.

Therefore instead of trying to wear down the Instagram algorithm, try to use it to one’s advantage. There are few factors that make one’s posts show higher in one’s timeline. Instagram has an algorithm that determines that how much one’s post will be liked by others, and the determination is done via previous data and activity.

It depends on higher one’s post will be, depending on how recent the post is made. Other factors, such as if one follows the account, their relationship with the account, whether one frequently interacts with the account, matter too.

Create different types of content. 

Instagram is more than just posting a picture with captions. It has evolved further than that. Therefore one should take advantage of the feature of Instagram to increase one’s Instagram followers.

Although posting a photo with a caption is still popular, one can now even post videos, reels, go live over Instagram.

Therefore make sure that one posts all types of content and use all the features of Instagram to one’s advantage.

Become unique when it comes to posting. 

Copying content from other’s posts won’t help one grow and increase their Instagram followers. One has to be themselves and make posts. Use one’s own creativity and try to post that is unique. Everyone has their own unique and different creativity. It can evolve into one’s own unique style. Therefore ensure that one uses their own head rather than just copy the content that is trending or the content of the competitors.

Captions still work. 

People still love to read captions. Many people are readers and will even read captions rather than watch any reels or videos. Therefore, it the best whether one posts a video or posts a picture that one should write a caption that is strong and impactful.

People will love the idea of reading strong captions. One can even write a small passage of how one thought of making the post and keep it relevant. Although, one should ensure that the caption should go in one single flow.

Do proper SEO.

When one wants more Instagram followers, it is obvious that one is lacking followers and wants to increase them. To gain more followers, it is necessary to be visible in new people’s eyes. And how can one catch people’s eye? Do proper SEO of the posts and keywords. One of the best things one can use is hashtags. Use them wisely although, don’t go spamming them as it will create a negative effect.

Market the Instagram account.

One should always make sure that they have their Instagram account linked to the other profiles. Use the Instagram link in the footers of one’s website, use it in the footer of every email one sends out, use it in the bio of other social media account.  People shouldn’t feel the need to search for one’s account, and it should be available for them in few clicks.


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