Dating Apps That Have Video Chat Features; How to Choose What You Need

March 22, 2024

Today, there are up to eight thousand dating sites and applications in the world. Such services have become an integral part of life for millions of people, helping them make new friends or find love. Objectively speaking, not all modern dating platforms are equally convenient and effective. There are obvious leaders in terms of innovation, and there are those who are not in a hurry to implement new functionality.

Let’s talk about built-in video chat as an important component of modern web dating. In most popular dating platforms, integrated video chats have been working for a long time, however, not in all of them. Currently, we are convinced that the lack of video chat is a serious flaw that needs to be corrected!

Why is video chat needed on dating sites and apps and how to choose the right platform?

Online video chat is not just an additional feature. This is a very powerful tool that greatly simplifies the dating process and helps the user make a more informed choice. Here are just a few arguments in favor of having a video chat:

  1. Profile authentication: There are indeed many fakes and bots on dating platforms. This is a known problem that is difficult to solve. When you communicate via video, you will see what kind of person you are communicating with immediately; whether their appearance matches the photos in their profile, and whether they really are who they say they are. Texting will never give you the same opportunity.
  2. Deeper acquaintance: When you see and hear a person, read their gestures and facial expressions, and catch intonations and mood, this significantly helps you to know the chat partner much better and understand whether you are ready to continue communicating with them and develop the relationship further. You can easily form a more objective opinion about the person.
  3. Convenience of communication and time saving: You won’t spend a lot of time writing messages and waiting for the other person to reply. Communication happens much faster in video chat. At this point, it will definitely not be the case that a person missed the notification and responded to you only a few hours later or the next day.

Fortunately, most dating services already have a built-in video chat function today. There are Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Hinge, Match, POF, and others. You can make new acquaintances in the usual text chat, and later, when you are ready to take the next step, you can switch to video chat. It’s really convenient. However, there is a nuance; not all users end up switching to video communication because some are shy, some are not sure that it is worth taking such a step, and some are hiding their real faces (impersonators). Therefore, a more reasonable solution is to initially date in web services, where communication takes place via video. Today, there are a lot of options for such services!

Choosing online video chat for new acquaintances and comfortable communication

Next, we will talk specifically about random video chats; a format of dating between people, which is based precisely on chance. In such services, the system connects random users via video and allows them to communicate on various topics. There is no texting stage here, which saves a lot of time. You immediately start with video communication. This means that you can form an objective picture of a person faster and decide whether you are ready to know them. If you change your mind, you can switch to the next chat partner at any time.

Let’s look at the main features of several popular online video chats:

  • Dirtyroulette — an online video chat for “adult” dating and communication on sincere topics. Interesting features of the chat include:
    • gender filter;
    • filter by country;
    • search for chat partners based on interests and;
    • separate chat with ladies.
  • CooMeet — a functional online video chat for dating and communication, offering users several significant advantages such as:
    • error-free gender filter;
    • search for chat partners by age;
    • built-in message translator and;
    • high-quality moderation and support service at
  • Shagle — a minimalistic video chat for dating and communicating with new people. Also, the site has several important features such as:
    • simple gender filter;
    • search for interlocutors in more than 70 countries and;
    • opportunity to give virtual gifts to other participants.
  • Chatous — a combination of random video chat and functional messenger. Additionally, the service has several unique features such as:
    • convenient mobile apps for iOS and Android;
    • searching for people with similar interests using hashtags and;
    • ability to share media files, as well as send self-deleting messages.
  • Freechatnow — one of the oldest video chats on our list. It has been operating since the late 90s and offers a number of interesting features such as:
    • several chat categories to choose from; Singles Chat, Free Sex Cams, Adult Chat, Roleplay Chat, and others;
    • instant message exchange and;
    • nice optimized site for mobile devices.

Today, the choice of interesting video chats is very large. Nonetheless, their number continues to grow because the format is extremely popular among contemporaries. Interest in it will continue to increase in the future!

Try dating in video chats if you’re looking for something new

At this point, if you have only used traditional dating apps and sites and ignored random video chats, we strongly recommend that you change your mindset. You are missing out on so many interesting opportunities!

Modern online video chats have surpassed many competitors in many aspects. Thousands of people around the world appreciate the opportunities they open up. Therefore, you have to try this format too. This may be exactly what you have been looking for all your life!


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