Could Online Slots be the Future of Slots?

June 7, 2021

Slots are arguably the most played casino games globally. In the past, slot fans had to play their favorite games on physical slot machines. However, thanks to technology, the era of spinning reels and waiting for three red sevens to appear are almost over. The current generation is that of Online Slots accessible on leading online casinos like JackpotCity Online Casino. Online slots have dramatically changed the slot game experience. So, could they be the future of slots? Please read further to discover more.


Access is perhaps the most critical argument for why online slots are the future of slots. Initially, gamblers had to go to a physical casino to access the slot machines. However, with online slots, you can access your favorite slot game from the comfort of your home.

There are many top online casinos offering members access to a wide range of slot games.

Moreover, the online casino operators have gone a step further to make the games available on mobile devices through mobile casino apps. As a result, people in remote villages who couldn’t otherwise have accessed casinos to play a slot game can now do it online.

It is effortless for players to create accounts on these platforms and begin playing. The casinos also allow players to test some of the games for free before playing with real money. Therefore, since online slots are more accessible, they are definitely the future of slots.

Technological Innovations

Several technology innovations have emerged recently. The technologies have made online slot games more immersive hence attracting more players. Examples include more sophisticated smartphones that can run top-quality graphics and graphic design innovations that provide better quality games.

Studies suggest that the gaming industry has seen nothing yet! There are more innovations on the way, meaning gamers should expect better online slot games. In this regard, as innovations keep coming, the games will be better hence attracting more players. Eventually, there will be very few players going for physical slot machines.


Online slots have given game developers the leeway to develop more expressive games. Players can access slot games with different themes. For example, apart from the fruity theme, you can also play millionaire slots, fortune slots, lucky slots, among others.

When you visit any online casino, you will discover that online slot games are the majority. Game developers have also capitalized on the growing demand for online slot games by developing more immersive games.

Superior Gameplay

Reviews from several slot players suggest that online slots offer a superior gameplay experience to their offline counterparts. Even though some argue the difference is minimal, it indeed is better to play an online slot game. In addition, with online slots, the developers can get more creative with the graphics, including animations, soundtracks, and effects.

Moreover, the gameplay keeps improving as developers learn new ways of doing things. With emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and 3D, slots developers create games that allow players to join the action virtually. Such innovations make the games more interesting.


Back in the day, there was only one payline that ran across the middle of the reels, and it was you needed to keep your eye on. Over time, slot games have started having more paylines in several games. This development makes the game more thrilling but also makes it challenging to keep up with.

Online slots offer players more paylines, and experts expect games to have more paylines in the future. For example, Megaways slots are trendy in this regard, but more competition for the crown of most paylines is expected in the future.

Many Secure Payment Methods

One of the things that make online slots popular is the payment options available. To play physical slots, players had to carry some coins with them. Then after a while, players could use debit and credit cards.

Later, technological innovations brought about more payment options. Nowadays, many eWallets work with online casinos, making it easy for players to deposit and withdraw cash from online casinos. Examples of popular eWallets include PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Recently, many online casinos started accepting Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This new payment technology has the capacity to change the future of online casinos. Online gambling depends heavily on secure payment methods. As more secure payment options become available, it becomes easier to play online slots.

Female Friendly Slots

For many years gambling was regarded as a masculine affair. As a result, people widely assumed that only men would visit casinos. When online casinos emerged, experts believed the same trend would continue. At first, their assumption seemed accurate because online gambling advertising only targeted men.

But, in the recent past, that perception has changed. Several studies have revealed that up to 43.8% of online gamblers are women. This statistic must have caught the eye of developers as there are more slot games developed with female players in mind.

Additionally, the fact that women don’t have to visit the brick-and-mortar casino to play the games makes it easier for them. This is a significant trend going into the future. It also indicates that there is a brighter future for online slots than offline slots.

Bonuses and Promotions

The competition among online casinos has become very fierce that they have to innovate to outdo each other. One way online casinos fight for a share in the flooded market is by offering mouth-watering offers.

When you register an account at any online casino, you are likely to get a welcome bonus. The bonus comes as cash and free spins. They usually restrict the free spins to particular games the online casino is promoting. In the end, this makes online slot games very popular.

Bottom Line

Once you play online slots, there is no going back! The factors discussed in this article are the ones that make online slots superior. Also, since land-based casinos are not usually accessible by everyone, online options are most preferred. Therefore, you can confidently suggest that online slots are the future of slots.


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