Cheap CS:GO Knives That are Actually Cool

May 6, 2021

When people mention CS:GO knife skins, the first association is almost always to the skin trading market, earning money and some expensive skins. However, a big part of it is simply cosmetic – in a lot of multiplayer games where trading skins isn’t a thing, people still spend a bunch of money on them, simply as a cosmetic upgrade to what they see on the screen.

Not saying that you should always get the cheapest CS:GO knife, but we have assembled a list of around ten knife skins that are both reasonably priced and reasonably cool-looking.

Gut Knife Damascus Steel

A very simple yet beautiful knife that lets you see the Damascus steel in its full glory, as its patterns seemingly move with the light. It features a wooden handle, but more importantly than that, the very recognizable gut hook on the end of the spine of the blade. This simple but effective design runs for about $95-110 in the market, making it one of the cheaper knife skins out there.

Huntsman Knife Rust Coat

A very modern knife with a very rustic finish, this huntsman’s knife looks like something straight out of a slasher horror film. So, if you want a knife skin that looks like it’s been used and not exactly for gathering firewood, this is the choice for you. It’s still in that lower price range, only going for $100-115 on the market, depending on the seller, so it’s considered cheap for a CS:GO knife skin.

Gut Knife Doppler

Another gut knife on the list, but this time you don’t get to bask in the raw beauty of the steel but in its mesmerizing paint. It’s painted black and silver, and over it is a red candy finish that makes the entire knife pop and accentuates that recognizable hook at the tip.

As for the price, it’s usually in the low hundreds, most likely in the range of $130-150, which is still very reasonable for such a cool-looking piece of equipment.

Urban Masked Bayonet

The design of the bayonet has barely changed in the last 70 or so years, and this skin and knife are the perfect examples of that. There’s much beauty to be found in its simplicity and effectiveness.

There’s not much need to describe this one – it looks like your standard modern bayonet that would be used in any combat situation today. The price of this one actually jumps around quite a bit, so it can go for anything between $140 and $180, but if you can get it on the low end, you absolutely should.

Flip Knife Stained

A slight curve to the blade, the simple charm of the patina, and wear and tear that shows on it – there aren’t many covert knives that can compete with this one. That very “used” look is where it’s at – it gives this skin soul and lets you imagine all the gritty ways this knife could have gotten its markings.

This one jumps around in price too, but in the lower range, going for anywhere from $105-130, but if you catch it at the right moment, it definitely pays off.

Shadow Daggers Night

These daggers simply look fierce – they are push daggers, which means they act pretty much like brass knuckles would, only with knives attached to them. For this specific pair, they have a dark finish to them, of the sort that would be used in night ops to not reflect any light.

If you want to throw some punches that will deal significant damage, these should be your choice. As for the price, they are on the lower end, starting at around $90, which is more than a fair price.

Black Laminate Flip Knife

Another very cool flip knife with a curved blade, the black laminate version of this one, is breathtaking. The blade itself is stonewashed and nothing much to behold, although it does fit the look very organically.

The handle, however – that’s talking business. It has been given a black laminate that simply looks stunning. The price? $120-150, whether you find it on a good day or not. It does tend to jump around quite a bit between the low and high limit, so pay close attention if this is the one you’re interested in.

Boreal Forest Flip Knife

Yet another flip knife on this list, with a now-familiar curved blade, and this time with a camouflage finish that makes it suited for jungle or forest combat. It is definitely a signature look that actually has a certain charm and fits in quite nicely to any map or other skin you might have. It’s also quite cheap, starting at around $95 and not going beyond $115 or so.

Stained Bowie Knife

The bowie knife is the definition of a survival knife, suited for survival in any situation you could think up. And with a stained look, it truly does give off the impression that it’s been used in some guerilla warfare. This one has a pretty steady price, not moving far from $110 very often.

Ultraviolet Flip Knife

Both the last one on this list and the last flip knife we’ve decided to cover, the ultraviolet version of it is truly a piece to be admired. A cool black blade adorned with a violet handle makes for a color scheme that’s very memorable. The price moves from around $120 to $150, which is pretty average in this range of knife skins.


There you have it, 10 of the coolest CS:GO knife skins that you can find for a very reasonable price. Not only can you later trade them up, but you can also use them in the game if you want to show off in a competitive game. But, if trading is your business, these are the ones you should probably start from and work your way up to some of the more prestigious versions.


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