CapCut Free Online Video Editor: How to Create Sumptuous Food Videos

May 16, 2023

Now that you’ve mastered your cooking skills and are excited to share cooking videos with the world, people will love to learn about your new skills with visually appealing content. Let’s show you how to create great food/cooking videos using CapCut’s free online video editor.

Why CapCut Online Video Editor?

CapCut online video editor is a free all-in-one tool that allows you to create amazing videos anytime and anywhere. Multiple food videos are frequenting the internet, but with good video editing techniques and excellent cooking skills, you’re sure to become one of the most famous and trending brands.

The more reason you need CapCut online video editor is a simple editing and flexible tool packed with many features to enrich video content for your food business.

CapCut Free Online Video Editor: What are its Main Features?

CapCut online video editor has several features to make video creation/editing easy and seamless. Combining these robust features gives you beautiful and exciting content for your food video before uploading it to social channels. Check out its main features;

1. Text to Speech

Suppose you got some cooking recipes/lists in the form of text files. In that case, the ‘text to speech’ feature helps you convert your files into natural voiceovers to make the video content more educative, informative, and captivating.

Interestingly, there are various language options to select from when converting your text to speech. So, if you want to make videos for your audience in different languages such as English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, German, French, etc., you have these available on the tool.

After selecting the language and brand voice that suits your video content, you can set the right speed and speech duration and finalize editing before downloading.

2. Green Screen and Background Remover

CapCut’s free online video editor can help you fix videos with bad backgrounds and unwanted objects. When making your cooking videos, it is not unlikely to have images or some unwanted portraits that will make your video look ugly and unprofessional. CapCut green screen and video background remover feature help you eliminate these at a click.

CapCut automatically enables you to change the background of your video, making the image look more relevant and authentic to your brand story. In most cases, you can add a well-styled video background that makes your content more visually appealing. Lastly, make your video green screen rather than remove the background.

3. Video Merger

CapCut video merger feature allows you to combine multiple videos in one. Suppose you got different cooking videos recorded at different times, such as videos showing cooking ingredients, cooking procedures, helpful tips, tricks, etc. In that case, all can be merged into one to give a resonating effect to your audience.

Especially for YouTube audiences that enjoy long-form content, you can merge different food videos and images of the same content to engage better and inform your audiences.

4. Video Resize

Video resizing using CapCut online video editor

Most content creators with long-form content might have challenges uploading to social media channels like Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook, which perform best with short-form content. However, CapCut video resize feature has got you covered without compromising the quality of your content.

When resized as per the corresponding aspect ratio, your detailed sumptuous food video can still flood social media and engage your audience while still delivering its quality. That’s why you need to use our CapCut video resizing feature.

CapCut Free Online Video Editor: Are There Advanced Features?

CapCut free online video editor also has advanced features, offering extra benefits while filming your videos. Let’s discuss these advanced features further;

1. Multiple ready-to-use template

You can check out our online ready-to-use templates with different music and text styles. Select a template that resonates with your brand voice and style, and start your video creation immediately.

2. High-quality Output

CapCut free online video editor, allows you to export your 4K video while retaining a high-quality output without any watermark found on your cooking video.

3. Auto-text Feature

You can use our auto-caption and auto-subtitle function to generate text for your video in one instance. CapCut automatically adds subtitles to your videos in sync with your footage. This caption can also be customized to make your video distinct and unique.

CapCut Online Video Editor: How to Create/Edit Sumptuous Cooking Videos

Are you dreaming of filming your cooking tutorial series? Applying all the features discussed above, here’s how the CapCut online video editor tool helps you make great food videos.

Step 1: Visit CapCut Official Website

  • As a solopreneur, you need to get on CapCut’s official website and register your needs before creating or editing videos.
  • After registering, sign in to have unlimited access to all available online to your advantage.

Step 2: Select the Template

CapCut coffee template to create a foodie video

  • Next, select your desired template to get started or start videoing from scratch.
  • You can also upload videos from your computer, smartphone, drive, dropbox, etc.

Step 3: Get Creative With Different Transitions

Since cooking videos tend to have several angles, such as close-ups of the food recipe, panoramas of spices, and footage of the chef, a transition will put the clips together to make the story cohesive (this is essentially important for YouTube video editing). The transition is located at the left-side library of the tool.

  • Having imported or videoed your clip into the CapCut online editor. Click the box to select from a wide range of transitions.
  • Our ‘Basic’ transition works incredibly with foodie videos. But to emphasize a clip, use the ‘Zany’ transitions underneath ‘Social Media.’

Step 4: Filter Your Foodie Video

Filters enrich the color of your foodie tutorials, adding plenty of extra flavors and making them more delectable. You want to take advantage of this!

  • Experiment by adding astonishing foodie filters like ‘Bake,’ ‘French,’ ‘Tasty,’ etc.
  • When grinning, you can add filters like ‘Picnic,’ ‘Oasis,’ and ‘Clear,’ which perfectly align without a cookout!

Interestingly, all CapCut filters, canvasses, and stickers are yours! Do well to explore and season your cooking tutorial to woo your audience.

Step 5: Add Subtitles

Your content becomes more accessible when you add subtitles, and CapCut covers you.

  • Our “auto-caption” feature converts your speech to text and automatically subtitles your video.
  • In addition, you can record your voiceover from the safety of our CapCut online video editor tool while focusing on deep-frying your chicken.

Step 6: Highlight Important Ingredients and Details

  • CapCut’s “Text” function helps you highlight essential details or ingredients in your tutorial. If your recipe requires more coriander or any other, highlight this instruction using the animated font.
  • Different fonts work differently for individuals, depending on their styles. Do well to explore and select the best fit for your brand.

Step 7: Edit Your Video on a Larger Screen

  • For the cleanest edit that’ll wow your audience, CapCut allows you to work on a larger screen. This gives further attention to details, positioning your text perfectly, making the cuts clean, and churning out polished videos.
  • You’re sure to make the most of your YouTube video editing stand out!

Step 8: Video Ready for Export

Your CapCut edit is ready for export to your social media platforms. Follow these steps to export;

  • CapCut can export videos for up to 4K – the highest recording resolution.
  • Check your video sizes and aspect ratio. YouTube has an optimal ratio of 16:9. However, if your video is in a different ratio, CapCut preset canvas will help resize it.
  • Before hitting the button, rewatch your video to ensure everything is in the correct order – cuts are exact, the text has no spelling errors, etc. Boom, you’re set!
  • You can upload directly to your social media platforms from CapCut.


Now you have everything to make your foodie look as compelling as possible for the money you wish to harvest. CapCut free online video editor, is the best tool to provide the great food video your audiences are salivating for. Get started today!


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