Buying vs. Building A Home: Which Is A Better Option In 2022?

February 25, 2022

When owning a property, you might be torn between buying an existing one or building it from scratch. It’s a tough decision since both can help you reach your goal—to have your own dream home.

Buying a home gives future homeowners the convenience of fast move-in. However, some properties may need repair and renovation along the way.

In contrast, building a home from the ground up ensures everything is according to your choices. Still, planning and construction are more time-consuming.

However, planning and construction involve aspects like leasing heavy machinery and hiring contractors. This can appear to be a little more demanding than simply buying a house but the rewards are far greater.

To help you decide which of the two is the better option in 2022, here are some considerations in buying versus building a home.

1. Total Cost  

The cost of buying versus building a home is the number one deciding factor. You want to save by getting your dream home at the best price.

Buying a home gives you the convenience of knowing the total cost upfront. You can talk to a real estate agent and see the price right away. Then, you can easily decide based on your current allotted budget.

On the other hand, building a home from scratch requires rigorous planning to make sure the whole project fits your budget. Also, note that the project cost is exclusive of the land price. Plus, you may have to spend on additional expenses during the construction.

To have a general idea of how to compute the cost to build, you may visit Boutique Home Plans and other online house planning services. You may also look at their existing floor plans and get a quote to compare the prices.

2. Floor Plan And Design  

The floor plan and the overall design of the home are essential whether buying or building. It dictates the functionality, comfort, and aesthetic appeal of the house.

When you’re buying a home, what you see is what you get. You’ll be allowed to visit the property and observe every detail. In addition, you can check all the rooms and visualize the traffic flow and the possible furniture arrangements and decorations.

The downside of buying an existing house is you can only make minor changes unless you spend extra on major renovations.

In contrast, building a home enables you to customize everything, from the floor plan to the interior and exterior details. You can coordinate directly with an architect to share your vision of the home.

Building a home is the better option if you want a house with fine architectural details and meticulously designed interiors. You can hire an architect or buy a customizable house plan online from trusted experts in design and build.

3. Timeline  

The total project timeline is vital in acquiring your dream home. If you want a quick move-in, the better option is buying a home. However, building a home is for you if you’re going to take your time specifically planning the details of your dream home.

Buying a home is fast and easy, especially if you have enough budget for all the expenses. You only need to communicate with one person to get everything done most of the time. After buying, you can move into the property right away.

If the property you bought requires repair and renovation, you might need to wait a little longer before moving in. However, the project may only take a few weeks than building from scratch, which requires months or even more than a year.

On the other hand, building a home requires more time. The planning alone can take several months to finalize, depending on the size of the house and the complexity of the design. The construction materials may also take a long to arrive on the site, especially if they’re sourced outside your region.

Moreover, you’ll spend more time coordinating with the architect, engineer, plumber, and contractors to ensure every detail goes according to plan. Unforeseen weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances may also cause delays in the construction.

4. Risks  

Buying and building a home have their risks. It’s crucial to know the details of the process to lessen stress and headache.

When buying a home, you need to be keen on details upon visiting the property. It’s ideal to hire an inspector to ensure the house is in excellent condition. A thorough investigation of the home’s history will also help you decide if it’s the best deal.

Building a home may impose an equal amount of risk factors. Without proper planning and constant communication between the professionals involved, the construction can cause many headaches. You can lessen the risk by having someone with a background in construction to guide you.

The financial risk in both buying and building a home is quite similar. Whether you’re buying or building, you’re required to set a budget. At the same time, additional expenses may occur when you decide to repair or renovate in buying or changing certain areas while building.

5. Structural Integrity  

Ensuring the structural integrity of a home is an important safety factor. It determines how strong the house is to keep you secured and protected against calamities.

Some properties you can buy at the lowest price may need extra repairs to maintain their structure. This means you’ll need to spend more on top of the property cost. However, repairs and renovations can increase your home’s value, so you can sell it at a higher price if needed.

Meanwhile, building a home requires the expertise of a civil or structural engineer. They will guarantee that your home is built above standards by following the building code. All the allied professionals will work together to give you the home of the best quality.

As long as the house you’re buying or building follows the building code in your region, you’ll be worry-free.


Which is better: to buy or build a home? After considering the abovementioned factors, the decision lies in your personal preferences and convenience.

Owning a home gives a different level of fulfillment. It gives you the freedom to design the property according to preferences. Whether you’re buying or building it from scratch, it requires time and effort, and it comes with a price.


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