How to Choose a Home Warranty? Top Buying Tips

December 1, 2021

We all need a home, either for a short time or for permanent residence. For that, we buy a pre-owned home. We know that there will be a chance of failure or partial breakdown of the home appliances or a system component. In this situation, we’ll have to go for expensive repairs, or we might need to replace that appliance, which can lead to budget disarrangement. Still, a home warranty will act as a lifesaver here. That is a protection contract that will involve all the breakdown charges either in the form of repairs or replacement. Many companies currently offer home warranties, and it is challenging to choose the most appropriate one among them.

To assist the people who want to buy a home warranty, our team researched and compiled the leading factors one should keep in mind. If you are one of them, read this article until the end to choose the most suitable plan for the home warranty.

Top Buying Tips

A home warranty must be according to your requirements. By keeping in mind the following steps, we hope you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate home warranty plan.

Decide Your Requirements

First of all, create a list of those things you don’t want to miss in the Plan of the home warranty. Secondly, take a look and find out the faulty appliances those need to be repaired. Moreover, check out the condition of the critical systems available in your home, including heating systems and climate control systems.

Do Some Research

According to your requirements, find the companies and enlist them. Later, go through their plans and compare the prices and the services. Moreover, take a look at the reviews and ratings available on the home warranty websites. It is recommended to go and check Complete Care Home Warranty review.

Discuss to Your Neighbors and Friends

Contact your neighborhood and your friends, those who already bought a home warranty. Their opinions will help you to find out the most suitable one. However, get information about the companies working around your home and also check out their contract policies.

Get Free Quotes

Now when you’ve chosen the most suitable companies, go for free quotes offered by those companies. This step will help you in deciding whether the Plan comes under the budget or exceeds. Getting quotations from these shortlisted companies is quite simple. You have to send them your address and contact information.

Key Factors for Taking Decision

We’ve learned about researching the companies. Now, we’ll talk about the factors that we should keep in mind while finalizing the warranty.

Operational Area

Must check out if the selected company is providing services in your area or not. Because several companies only offer services in a particular city, the IGS home warranty is only available in Ohio. It is pretty easy to look at the companies serving in your area through the provided list.


Must learn about the variety of coverage because every company has its term and a condition that brings the difference in Plan. The converge for the following items and systems is standard for several companies, i.e., air conditioning system, electric system, housing work, plumbing system, dishwasher, heater and microwave, heating ventilation and air conditioning, etc.

However, if you want to add other things to the Plan, you will have to pay extra money. For example, swimming pools, Spa, leakage of tops, second A/C, and stand by the freezer.


Cost isn’t fixed permanently; it varies according to the chosen Plan, covered area of the home, and the additional things added in the Plan; usually, for one year home warranty plan, the cost will be around $350 to $550. However, if your Plan is concise and contains many add-ons, you can expect the price to range between $450 to $850. And if we talk about the service fees along with the warranty plan-it’ll be anywhere from $50 to $150 for every complaint.

Quality of the Service

For a particular duration, some of the home warranty providers present a guarantee of labor. Sometimes, they also offer a three-month repair guarantee or a lifetime guarantee on some particular parts. Must find this type of feature before buying the home warranty plan.

Claim Fulfillment

After purchasing a home warranty, mostly you’ll have to wait for a month according to the company policy. Once it is ended, you may start complaining or call the service provider for a visit. It’s important to know that most companies will ask the technician to figure out the issue between 2-4 working days from the day of complaint. But in case of emergency, the technician may approach you within 24 hours usually. If you want to learn more about claims, then review your contract of service.

Customer Support

Usually, you can file your claim anytime you want, regardless of office hours, either via phone call or online, by submitting the required information. So, confirm it first that the company you’ve selected is offering such kind of customer support. Go for reviews to check the quality of this service.

Contractors or Technicians’ Interconnection

The warranty company you’re going to select must have a network of professionals and contractors having a license and adequate knowledge. If a technician is not available in your area, ask them if you can find a contractor on your own independently.

Things to Know Before Buying A Home Warranty

We’ve selected a few things that one must be aware of before proceeding to buy the warranty.

Understand Your Warranty Contract

Take proper time to review the warranty plan because every Plan has some constraints. Before the contract begins, make sure that your appliances are physically sound and expected to work. Warranty doesn’t mean everything is covered.

Go for Offers And Discounts

Keep in touch with some prominent home warranty companies’ social media accounts or offices because they offer different discounts and offers.

Confirm the Things Said by Sales Executive

They will say a lot of things to push you on the purchasing track. So must confirm the Things before proceeding to avoid any inconvenience after purchasing the contract.


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