Best Sports News Sites in 2022

May 17, 2022

Sports fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to news, with the internet providing a platform for them to consume content whenever and wherever they want.

The way news is disseminated has changed massively during the 21st century as society has become increasingly reliant on using digital devices.

However, the shift away from traditional sports news mediums has undoubtedly presented some challenges, particularly with regard to the reliability of online outlets.

With that in mind, we’ve worked hard on your behalf to identify six sports news sites you should be reading in 2022.

Football Today

While the internet is awash with football websites, it is fair to say that the quality of content on many of them leaves a lot to be desired.

That is not the case where football news site is concerned, with a global team of writers providing readers with excellent coverage of the world’s greatest game.

From coverage of the biggest games on the planet to the latest breaking transfer moves, Football Today has all the main news bases covered.

Where the site really shines is in analysis and opinion, with their talented journalists not afraid to get stuck into the issues that really matter in football.

The Athletic

Founded in 2015, The Athletic has disrupted traditional media to become firmly established as one of the most respected outlets in the sports industry.

The site’s owners have acquired the top journalists across various sports and housed them under one roof to create a ‘Dream Team’ of long-form writing talent.

Fans of North American sports will be in their element on The Athletic, with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NASCAR, and college sports all featured in-depth.

With superb football coverage also thrown into the mix, a subscription to The Athletic is undoubtedly money well spent.

Sky Sports

While Sky Sports is better known as a satellite broadcaster, their supporting website has some of the best news coverage in the business.

There is inevitably a strong focus on football, with the site featuring regular updates from the Premier League, Championship, Scottish Premiership, and more.

Motorsports, horse racing, golf, cricket, rugby, and darts are amongst the other sports featured, while niche sports such as netball also receive coverage.

News from all of the North American major leagues is also on Sky Sports, although this largely focuses on the NFL and NBA.


ESPN regularly attracts more than 100 million unique visitors to each site each month, making it the most-read online outlet for North American sports.

Each of the major leagues is featured in-depth, with fans able to access news, features, scores, fixtures, league tables, statistics, analysis, and more.

ESPN was one of the first outlets to adopt the model of assembling a team of writers who are viewed as the main authorities on their particular sport.

While ESPN is sometimes panned for its political opinions, the site remains one of the go-to resources for sports fans across the world.

SB Nation

Launched nearly 20 years ago, SB Nation has evolved from a blog about the Oakland Athletics to one of the biggest sports blogging networks in the world.

It now covers sports on a national scale, including all NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB teams, NASCAR, college sports, soccer, mixed martial arts, tennis, golf, boxing, and professional wrestling.

More than 300 community sites sit under the SB Nation banner, meaning there is generally something to suit almost every sports fan.

A supporting YouTube channel – Secret Base – has also been a big hit, with the exclusive content regularly watched by millions of sports fans.

CBS Sports

Another outlet that is better known as a broadcaster, CBS Sports has also developed one of the finest sports news sites on the internet.

The NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA feature heavily, while soccer, horse racing, tennis, golf, and motorsports are amongst the other popular sports on the site.

In addition to news, CBS Sports offers loads of features, analysis, and opinions, making this one of the most well-rounded sites you can visit.

CBS Sports also has a fabulous Fantasy Sports section, which allows fans to show off their management skills across several different sports.


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