Best Refer-a-Friend Bonuses Found at Online Casinos

February 12, 2024

The refer-a-friend bonus is one of the best ways to earn free money at online casinos. All you have to do is invite someone to play on the same website as you, and you both receive cash that you can use to play more games!

This article talks about the best refer-a-friend bonuses you can find at online casinos. It dives deep into how to choose and claim the most beneficial rewards so that you can enjoy the most free credit.

List of Best Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

The best refer-a-friend offers from casinos include:

  • BetMGM: $100
  • Unibet: $50
  • DraftKings: $25 – $100
  • Borgata: $50

You may think the highest amount means the best reward, but this may not be true! The rest of this article discusses the factors that might make some of these bonuses better than others for you, even if the reward price is technically lower.

Factors that Determine the Best Bonus

The best bonus depends on three factors: the reward amount, limits, and tasks. You must consider all three elements together to make the right choice.

1. Reward Amount

Of course, the first consideration is the reward amount. Most casinos offer a fixed amount, but DraftKings stands out. This casino has a unique system: if your friend deposits $25-49, the bonus awarded is $25. For a $50-99 deposit, it’s $50. Lastly, for a $100+ deposit, you will both earn $100.

2. Limits

Casinos will place a cap on how many friends you can invite:

  • BetMGM: 20 per month
  • Unibet: 10
  • DraftKings: 5
  • Borgata: 20

For example, this means you can make $2,000 a month with BetMGM!

So, the best offer for you will depend on how many friends you are going to invite. BetMGM’s bonus sounds incredible, but will 20 of your friends be willing to make an account every month?

3. Tasks

Tasks refer to what your friend must do before you both can claim the bonus. This differs per casino but often includes making a deposit and betting. We discuss these tasks in the next section.

How to Claim a Refer-a-Friend Bonus

No guide to the best online casino refer-a-friend bonus is complete without a how to claim section. Each process begins with you sending a special link through text message or email. The next steps vary by casino:


To claim BetMGM’s bonus, your friend must create a verified account. They must then deposit and wager at least $100 on sports with odds of -200 or greater.

It’s worth noting that all wagers must be placed within 30 days of the account’s creation. Also, your referral must be in the same state as you.


At Unibet, your friend will need to create a verified account and then deposit and wager $50 within 30 days.


After your friend creates an account, they’ll have to deposit at least $25. You can expect to receive your winnings within 72 hours.

You must use your bonus bet within 7 days.


New users must use your link to sign up within 30 days. Then, they must deposit and wager $50 before you can both receive the prize.

Additionally, the bonus can only be used on the same products, such as sports betting or table games, that the referral wagered on.

How to Choose the Best Refer-a-Friend Bonus

To choose the best bonus, you should consider all three factors: reward amount, limits, and tasks.

For example, are your friends willing to deposit and wager $100 within 30 days of receiving your link? If not, you may want to steer clear of BetMGM.

More Considerations

The best bonus for you also depends on the site you want to play on. Each casino offers different experiences, games, tournaments, and other promotions. It’s beneficial to research what each website provides so that you will be excited about spending the free money!

Additionally, you should always read the terms and conditions before you commit to a casino. Refer-a-friend promotions change with time, so it’s essential that you look at the most updated listings to make an informed decision.

Ensure the casino you choose is reputable and safe. There should always be protections in place to keep your data and personal information secure.

Lastly, always think about the friends you are inviting! Some people will prefer games you might not like—if the terms and conditions state you must use the bonus on the same products, send your links to people you know who enjoy the same things as you.


The refer-a-friend bonus is one of the best ways to earn extra money that you can use on your favorite online casino games! With this comprehensive guide, you’re ready to decide which bonus is best for you.


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