Best Quiz Competitions You Can Try on Mobile Phone

February 26, 2022

Thanks to the ease of use and handling, mobile phones could be utilized for any purpose imaginable. The shift from bulky rooms occupying computers to handheld devices has been so fast. So today we will deal with just one aspect that is best quiz competitions that are available for you to try on your mobile phone.

With the spread of this handheld device, the competitions and contests are getting crowded with people who are willing to spare time and test their knowledge and abilities. The same is the case with the applications that cater to this demand.

This two-way flow of traffic has created questions and queries that confuse the end-users. Such as, when you look for a genuine, entertaining, and sometimes paying app, it is hard to spend your precious time assessing each and every app that is recommended or displayed for you.

With this blog, we have done that for you. So that you don’t have to spend hours searching for the best and perfect quiz competition apps for your mobile phone. We, as well as our friends over at quiz official, believe that you only need to pick the best out of this list for yourself and you will be covered.

Without any further delay, let’s get to the list and find out what is out there for you in the online world.

Heads Up!

The app world allows the developers to take any preexisting idea from the real world and translate it into the digital realm. The same is the case with Heads Up. If you think of the title Charades and looking for a free version on your Android or Apple iOS, here is the one for you.

You can download it for your child, your dad, or your mom because it caters to a wide range of audiences. Here you have to guess names words, titles, and many other things. This could encompass a wide range of things including movies, books, celebrities, songs that are acted out by the person you are involved.


The depth of options you can explore here is enough to get you going for months without looking at any other alternative. The QuizUp has done its homework comprehensively and so it is ready to engage you without any hiccups.

Here you can pick from more than 12000 topics, take part in illustrated quizzes, or take part in different challenges. Additionally, you can talk about your interests here as well, and let others know. Engage your friends and test who is the best among you or there is the whole world to compete against, just choose your opponent.

Psych! Outwit Your Friends

This is a game of fun and emersion. In Psych, you have to submit an answer to each trivia question that is asked of you. The answer has not to be right always. As the questions are displayed on the screen, you can take your time to read them out and prepare your fake-but-plausible response.

For you to win here, it is important to guess the correct answer each time. This way you will earn points. The more players you psyche, the more points there are for you to answer. So it is counting your ability to convince people with your words.

Popcorn Trivia

Grab your popcorn and get ready, not to watch your favorite movie or season, this time it is all about testing your knowledge in the field. It is time to check, how much attention you are when you are watching your favorite silver screen hits.

The Popcorn Trivia is an addictive application that takes you on a journey to assess your own knowledge by asking questions. These are based on classic films, blockbusters, span picture rounds, and fan favorites as well as multiple-choice questions.

It not just asks from you but enhances your list of facts by telling you something interesting at the end that you most probably have not heard or known before. Go against others or play solo, the choice is yours. Download it now for your iOS or Android and open it ASAP!

Image of best quiz competitions

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

This title attracts millions of heads to the TV screens each year as modified and appropriate versions of this title pop up in prime time. With such fame around it, how can we not get it for our mobile phones?

This is a free iOS and Android app that you can get right now. You can become a millionaire at least in the virtual world by spending some time on the platform. Test your knowledge, learn new facts and figures by competing with others.

You can feel personally, what it is like to sit on the hot seat to answers questions from a whole lot of subjects and areas. It brings for you features like Ask the Audience, Ask the Expert, 50:50, and more. Bring your friends and family and you can prove yourself in front of them here.


So these are some of the best quiz competitions that you can play on your mobile phones right now. Other platforms with the same intention and purpose include Logo Game, SongPop 2, Newsmiester, Boggle with Friends, and DK Quiz. These are totally worth exploring and will never disappoint you.


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