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May 24, 2021

Before we talk about the best NetSuite consulting firm, I would like to add more info about what is NetSuite and what are its benefits?

1 – Why is Oracle NetSuite an ERP? (Enterprise resource planning)

An ERP is an integrated system that encompasses all the processes of organizations to manage their daily business activities.

Within this definition, Oracle NetSuite automates all key business operations (front office and back office), from financial management, business management, revenue management, and billing, to inventory, supply chain, production, and inventory management solutions. warehouses, in the same system with information that is automatically updated in each transaction, eliminating capture errors.

The administration of the business is carried out with information 100% in real-time.

  • Covers all processes of the organization
  • Includes all internal roles
  • Controlled access to customers and suppliers
  • Integration with internal systems

2 – What will Oracle NetSuite bring to the management of your business?

In the new normal that the business world is facing, management software must offer the following 4 elements to be the backbone of the company in its process of adaptation to the new normal, which will be irreversible.

Visibility and Control

It allows knowing at all times the real financial situation of the company as well as the priority indicators of each


It is accessible anywhere, you only need a browser with internet access, in parallel, it provides security, performance, and business-class availability.


It was designed to automate all key business processes in companies of any size and industry, its modular design allows it to adapt to the needs of each business.

Cost’s reduction

It does not require a physical infrastructure in the company’s facilities to operate, it minimizes the investment in IT assets and turns it into an operational expense for the rental of a cloud software service.

3 – Features of the Oracle NetSuite ERP

Oracle NetSuite is the only cloud system that integrates ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and BI in a single platform to manage all areas of an organization. NetSuite provides 360º visibility of the entire company, in real-time and from any device with NetSuite mobile app.

Although NetSuite is a very robust ERP, it also offers advanced modules to cover specialized processes by industry, as well as handling multi-company financial consolidation. NetSuite, being modular, allows you to add functionality in the later stages of the initial implementation. Oracle NetSuite grows with your business.

  • Improved assimilation of technological change
  • Gradual and phased investment
  • Results and benefits in less time.
  • Allows better adoption of best business practices.
  • Streamlines the implementation of later phases.

4 – Who is Anchor Group?

We are a NetSuite Consulting firm located in Wisconsin, USA. We have been dedicated to achieving the successful digital transformation of our clients with the NetSuite implementation # 1 in the Oracle NetSuite cloud. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that includes consulting, localization, development, training, and support. Our best implementation and consulting practices at the business process level set us apart.

5 – Why have companies selected Anchor Group as an ally for their digital transformation?

Companies choose us because we always seek the satisfaction and trust of our customers knowing that Anchor Group is ​​their strategically expert in cloud solutions and the No.1 NetSuite consulting firm.

  • Extensive experience implementing Oracle NetSuite
  • Deep knowledge of the platform.
  • Experience of our consultants.
  • Proven quality and commitment of partners.
  • Proven implementation methodology.
  • Satisfied customers.

6- Request a commercial estimate to know the investment range that your technology update project requires.

The quotation of a comprehensive system such as an ERP depends on several factors, therefore, we ask you to contact the best NetSuite consulting firm (Anchor Group).


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