Some of the Best Instagram Captions for Girls and Boys With Guide

June 21, 2021

Instagram knows no age, and men and women from all walks of life use this popular social media platform nowadays. From teens, working adults, to even parents and grandparents, there’s always space on Instagram for everyone.

As you may know, this social platform is all about posting photographs of anything under the sun—depending on the purpose of your account and what kind of content you want to post. So, for instance, if it’s more of a personal account, then your followers can expect to find selfies, group photos with family and friends, and other personal shenanigans you may be up to.

One of Instagram’s main features is that you can write down a caption underneath the photo you want to post. You can use captions to increase your engagement, share quotes, talk more about the photo in detail, promote something, and more. If you want a simple way to increase your engagement may check out Instagram bot services.

If you’ve somehow run out of caption ideas for your Instagram account, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explain more about what an Instagram caption is, how to come up with one, and you’ll even find a couple of caption suggestions that you can copy and paste.

What Are Instagram Captions?

As mentioned, an Instagram caption is something you write down below your post. It could be an explanation of what the photo is all about, a description to help provide more context to your followers, or even something completed unrelated and random. These captions aren’t just limited to characters and words, either—you can make use of emojis, tags, and hashtags as well to make things more engaging.

instagram captions for girls

How to Choose Instagram Captions for Girls?

Make Use of Emojis

Using plain text for your captions can get dull and boring, so why not spice things up with emojis? Besides, using emojis is a great way to leave hints and Easter eggs for your followers to solve. For instance, there was a time when Britney Speaks kept using the apple emoji, and it turned out that there were rumors claiming the singer and celebrity was going to release a single entitled Apple Pie.

Consider the Character Limit for Captions

When coming up with a cool Instagram caption, you also have to think about the character limit. You can’t just type out an entire story—you must be strategic too. Instagram’s caption character limit is more or less 2,200 characters, which is about 330 words.

This is definitely enough to communicate what you want clearly with enough extra room for a few emojis here and there.

Engage Your Followers

One way to increase your engagement on Instagram is to ask them something on your caption itself. For instance, you could post an outfit photo and caption it something like “What are your thoughts about this look? Is it a yay or nay?”

Captions like this will definitely lead to your followers leaving comments on your post.

Best Instagram Captions for Girls

I’m not a high-maintenance gal, you just can’t be bothered to make the effort. Life is worth living when you’re happy and laughing.
Stay sassy! It keeps the basics away. A smile is everything you need to change the world.
Life is tough, but so am I. It’s better to have tried and failed than to live life with any regrets.
Do whatever’s good for your soul. You can either be a beauty or a beast, but sometimes, you gotta be both!
A selfie a day keeps the doctor away. Summer is the best. Are you with me?
Time to declutter my life like Marie Kondo. Get out there and live a little.
Don’t bother testing my waters if you don’t even know how to swim. Keep your chin up, darling, or else your crown will slip.
It may hurt a lot now, but I know that I’m strong enough to handle it. If good things come to those who wait, then you better get ready to sharpen your patience.
I am the best and happiest version of myself whenever I’m with you. The real challenge in life is to think positively about yourself.
No one is you and no one else can ever be you. This is the power you hold. A best friend is like a four-leaf clover. They’re hard to find but extremely lucky to have.

instagram captions for boys

How to Choose Instagram Captions for Boys

Come up With a Couple Of Good Captions Beforehand

One way you can be sure that you’re using the right caption for the photo you plan on posting is to have a list of captions ready. When the time comes that you want to post a picture, all you have to do is look through your list and choose which one fits the vibe and overall mood of your photo.

Tell a Story

Does your caption tell a story? That’s one thing that can definitely pique the interest of your followers and increase engagement at the same time. For instance, if you’re planning to post a photo of yourself during a vacation, you can try to relay an interesting event that happened during that time, or simply just talk about how happy that relaxing vacation made you.

The First Line Matters

Another secret to choosing a good Instagram caption lies in the first line. If you have a killer first line, you can rest assured knowing that many of your followers will be intrigued and will check out your post. You can try hitting them with interesting statistics or capture their attention via a fascinating statement.

Best Instagram Captions for Boys

Take a deep breath and remember how much of a badass you are! Be such a dope soul with a calming presence that people start craving your vibe.
Be the type of person you want your younger self to be proud of. She brings out the best in me.
Keep your squats low and your standards high. Getting WHEYsted.
Get busy living or get busy dying. Work until your signature becomes an autograph.
The man who has no imagination has no wings, and I refuse not to fly. Good vibes. Good friends. Good times.
If you dare break my heart even once, you can never enter my life ever again. Take every chance you get in life and live like there’s no tomorrow.
Confidence Level: Selfie with no Filter. Friends that sweat together, stay together.
When no one else believes in you, make sure that you believe in yourself. Pain is temporary, pride is forever.
Make the most out of tonight. Leave all your worries for tomorrow. One Tequila, two Tequila, three Tequila, floor.
It’s a chill in bed kinda day. Memories made together, last forever.


Overall, the best kind of caption is the one that exudes self-love and confidence. Instagram captions are the perfect avenue to be thankful and show the world that you have some self-worth. If you’re looking to write funny captions for your post, you should definitely make use of puns that can your followers laugh out loud.

But if you don’t want to create your own caption, feel free to copy and paste our suggestions. Whether you’re a girl, a boy, or anything else in between, these Instagram captions will surely encapsulate confidence and show the world that you’re living your best life.


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