10 Best Games Like Babydow [Play Now for Free]

October 3

Who doesn’t love babies? And, its okay if you are too young to have one, because it has all become so real with baby simulation games like babydow.

Babydow is a game, specifically focused towards the female audience. It allows one to look after babies, teach them to walk and play, just like in the real world.  It gives you the chance to raise a child from birth to the age of three, without actually having to give birth to one.

10 Games Like Babydow

Sadly, this popular game has now been discontinued, but there is no need to be disappointed because we bring to you, a list of several other games like Babydow. 

1. Kindergarten

The concept of this game is a little bit different from other baby simulation games. Here, you act as the babysitter of a kindergarten or a play school.

Parents come and admit their young babies at your kindergarten and you take over the responsibility of taking care of them.

Your tasks include, keeping up with the baby’s needs, his food, his baths and also keeping him busy. You have to keep the baby happy! If your babies remain happy, you earn more coins, through which you can buy items for your play school and keep making it a happier place to be.

It is a free online simulation game, which you can easily find online. So lets get the kindergarten started!

2. Baby Blimp

Now, what exactly is the concept behind this game? It is actually really funny because Baby Blimp is actually a baby-making factory handled by storks and birds. Uniqueness at its best, i would say. You are made to be the Chief Stork, the manager of the factory.

You have to do everything right from when the baby pops out on to the assembly line till he reaches his/her parents. Dress it up, bathe the baby, make him look all neat and well.

3. Baby Valley

Just another free online baby simulation game that teaches you how to take care of a baby and keep him happy. You can groom your baby with new hairstyles and clothes according to the coins that you earn.

You also have the option of a baby valley community where you can connect with friends and have your baby play with other babies. You can exchange or gift items with your friends. You have to make sure that your baby is always clean and healthy.

This simulation baby game like BabyDow is free and available online on multiple sites.

Here is one of them, press on the link.

4. Baby Sitting

This baby simulation game, has better graphics and visuals compared to the other ones. Similar to  the game- “kindergarten”, you are a kindergarten worker and have to take care of this children that the parents drop off with you.

Changing them, feeding them, bathing them and putting them off to sleep, its all your job now!

You can find this game on several websites online. Just type in the name and get going!

5.  Baby Care

It is a fantasy, single player, baby simulation game, by Bubadu. You can learn a lot about childcare from this life-like game.

You get to be the manager of your own kindergarten, which you run from your home itself. It is essential to keep all the babies happy, by taking good care of them and giving them timely attention. If you don’t, the babies start crying and your life starts reducing, eventually having you to restart the level all over again.

The game has easy controls, great graphics and several incentives to get you hooked on to it, almost immediately.

Start this game now, just click on this link. Find more games, by Budabu.

6. Cyber Infants

You can adopt a baby, in this game, similar to Babydow and take good care of him/her. You need to complete all the tasks to keep the baby happy and contended. If you don’t, the baby starts to get cranky and fussy, just like in real life.

The better and the higher efficiency you show, towards all the work that you have to do for the baby, the more points and coins, you earn. You can unlock achievements, which makes the game all the more exciting and fun

Find the game, on this link now! 

7. Super Mom

This game, seems to have better graphics than most other baby-simulation games in this list. The game involves the similar tasks that you have to complete to keep the baby happy and smiling, just like a real super mom does for her children.

The game has good visuals and beautiful audio effects, to make the feeling more realistic and fun.

You can find this game online, but here is a link to make it easier for you. 

8.  Baby Boom

This fun-loving game, allows you to take care of four babies at a time, look after their needs or else they get cranky. Playing with the baby and taking good care fetches you points. But if the baby cries, too much, your lives are deducted.

The graphics and visuals aren’t as good as most other games, but some features in this Baby Boom, do give it an edge over the others. You have to see it to believe it!

So here is a link. Go play it now!

9. Baby Baby

You get paid 5 dollars per hour for your baby sitting services at the kindergarten, from which you can buy new items to make a better surrounding.

The game involves all the similar requirements as other baby simulation games. You have to click on the baby to see what she wants and give it to her in a timely fashion.


A baby takes a lot of effort and time but in the end its all worth it!!

Find the link to this game, here.

10. Mother Simulator

This game, gives you life-like experience of mother-hood. It is a time-taking and a complicated game because of the high amount of details covered by it. It has three tutorials that you need to finish, before actually starting the game.

The uniqueness of this game, takes it to another level altogether. One of them being that you are expected to feed yourself too, and not just the child. Which is weird but actually, realistic. In one level, you are expected to tackle a bout of food poisoning, but at the same time managing your baby.

The strangeness continues- The goal of one of the levels is to throw dirty diapers into basketball hoops, placed in your backyard.

Sounds damn interesting, right? Play this now! just click on the link.

The game – Mother Simulator, is a paid game ( 85 INR ) , it can be downloaded from the link above.


So here is the final list of contenders, that we find best, if you are in search of a perfect baby simulation game like Babydow-

  1. Kindergarten
  2. Baby Blimp
  3. Baby Valley
  4. Baby sitting
  5. Baby care
  6. Cyber Infant
  7. Super Mom
  8. Baby Boom
  9. Baby Baby
  10. Mother Simulator

So, we hope that your search for the best simulation baby games like Baydow ends here! Learn how to be a loving and caring mother and keep your baby happy!


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