14 Best Antivirus for iPhone [Download Free Apps]

April 17

iPhone Antivirus software helps to ensure that our device and information is kept safe and sound where it belongs and doesn’t reach the wrong hands. To be completely honest, the iPhone or iPad doesn’t require an Anti-Virus. Previously, no iPhone antivirus apps were available on the App Store or iTunes but now there are loads and loads of them. If you are an extra cautious person who is extremely picky about safety, these 14 will be the best Antivirus for iPhone to use.

In case you have jailbroken or as they say “cracked” your device, then you might feel the need for one and honestly, you definitely should get one immediately. So this article is going to be all about the best iPhone antivirus that you can easily find available for download online.


Best Antivirus for iPhone

It’s less likely that your Apple iPhone or iPad will get infected by malware compared to a PC, it doesn’t mean they are completely immune to virus attacks. The importance that smartphones hold in our life is immense and unbeatable. Therefore, it’s essential that all the data we hold- media, files, documents, passwords, etc. should be well protected and safe. For this reason, you can use any one of these 14 Best Antivirus for your iPhones or iPads.

1. Avira Mobile security

Available readily for free download on the App Store, is one of the best iPhone antiviruses that you will find out there. The things that it can do without a single dime of money, is amazing. It offers Avira Web Protection-  they mark the safe websites and block the unnecessary pop-ups too!

Another amazing feature of this Antivirus being- automatic e-mail scans to make sure they are never leaked, an anti-theft tool to give your iPhone a fighting chance, contact back up, activity reports, Alerts for hacked accounts and so much more! This German Anti Virus website for mobiles (Android as well as iPhones) gives you a lot at no price at all.


2. McAfee Security

McAfee is a well-known name in the AntiVirus business and it is absolutely free! Being one of the most trusted anti-virus software and I personally would suggest that you use this. It is also available on the App Store. It is meant for PC, Androids, iPhones, and iPads!

The security scan feature can protect your phone against WI-FI and other threats. It alerts you before you access unprotected and malicious websites. They have a feature called the McAfee vault which keeps all your media safe and sound. This software is also good with its Anti-Theft tool. The coolest thing being the “Thief Cam” which photographs anyone who tries to break into your media vault.


3. Mobishield

While this Anti-virus software might not be free, it is dirt cheap @ 1.39$, which is worth it! With mobishield, you can give your mobile a complete health check up to scan and eliminate any threats that might be coming or have come your way.

It possesses a  Safe vault for your media and other cool features like Risk repair, Check the iPhone monitoring information, Monitoring iPhone traffic, Monitor iPhone battery, Monitor iPhone storage; , Monitoring system information, Backup and Recover Contacts, Support safe backup and restoration and loads more.



4. Norton Mobile Security


Symantech Corporation [US] brings you this amazing iPhone antivirus software that will protect your precious device from all hazards. They have packages starting from $10+, which is very affordable. Norton defends against viruses, spyware, malware, and other online threats and safeguards your identity and online transactions.

They provide a 100% guarantee that from the moment you subscribe, a Norton expert will help keep your device virus and malware free or you will get a refund! The reason why paying for it is worthwhile is mainly that you can secure multiple PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets with a single subscription.


5. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Enjoy an advanced level of security and protection with this amazing iPhone Antivirus App. Their reliable cloud-based Smart Protection Network™ and Mobile App Reputation technology will always stop threats before they can reach you. Nevertheless, it is a little bit on the expensive side, which I honestly found unnecessary since it doesn’t possess any extraordinary features that Avira or McAfee don’t.

It is also a mobile optimizer which ensures speedy operations and maximum capacity utilization on your iPhones. For iPhones, they also provide a guard against identity theft and phishing scams, block fraudulent websites, and safeguarding privacy on social media.


6. F-Secure Safe

This antivirus for iPhone is essentially free but there are in-app purchases that you need to get to fully experience the app and its features. With F secure safe you get full Internet security for smartphones, computers, and tablets.

They also have a child safety and child lock feature to protect your children from unsuitable websites.  You can locate your device in case you lose it or it is stolen. This iPhone antivirus software is available in 20+ languages too!


7. Lookout

This is a free antivirus for iPhone but it also has a premium version for advanced features, that are not necessary required by iPhone users. You can perform all the function that other antivirus software can, with ease and a great interface. Backup your data quickly and without any confusion with Lookout antivirus.

Some unique and special features that you get with lookout are System adviser, App monitor, White-glove Identity Restoration Support.

A very effective set of anti-theft technologies used by Lookout include a set of device location tools, an alarm that works even if your device is on silent, and the ability to display a custom message on the lock screen to help you get the device back. This makes Lookout, stand apart from other iPhone antivirus software.


8.  Avast Secure-Me

Available on the app store for download, this is also one of the highly suggested iPhone antivirus software out there. Its main focus is on evaluating network security. This application is really effective and completely free one! Low resource consumption makes it an ideal choice for iPhone users.

The best part being the Wi-Fi security feature- checks for vulnerabilities such as routers with weak passwords, unsecured wireless networks,  it includes a basic VPN service that guarantees extreme safety when a device is connected to a public network.

9. Log Dog Mobile Security

With Log Dog,  you are always super aware because you get alerts anytime suspicious activity occurs in your Gmail, Facebook and other online accounts. Your data is always kept safe with this iPhone antivirus software and hundreds of parameters are used to identify unauthorized access to your accounts.

A simple and fast way to make sure that your smartphone is free from threats from hackers and other unauthorized access. It is a free app, with in-app purchases for better features which are not necessarily needed in Apple Products.


10. AVG Secure VPN

AVG is very popular antivirus software for androids and PC’s (mac, windows, Linux) and now also for iPads and iPhones! The features are all basic and simple, that are generally present in any iPhone antivirus App.

With AVG secure VPN you can protect and hide everything you do online, including your browsing, emails, searches, payments, banking, and streaming, at home and on the go. What makes this software stand out is the unrestricted access it can provide you with. All you have to do is select a server from a list of international locations, and browse and stream content online as if you were there — always privately.


11. Mobile Security & Anti-Theft Protection for iPhone

Last on the list of Best iOS antivirus App is Mobile Security. With a 3.7 rating on App store but quite a few good consumer reviews; I couldn’t help but put it on this list since it almost deserves this place. It is a free application which offers an interesting mix of privacy and security-related functions.

Secure VPN, safe browsing and a Vault to securely hide your media, is what Mobile security has to offer you. The premium plan starting from $8.99 (£6.40) a month – gets you cloud backup and a “premium security VPN”, which is unnecessary on an iPhone, since Apple has already made it pretty secure.


List of Top 14 Free iPhone Antivirus Apps

iPhone does not need a lot of security measures, but if you want a double surety that all your data is safe, then these 14 Best iPhone Antivirus apps will surely help you out! Anti-theft features can be really helpful at times, so do not hesitate to download one of these-

  1. Avira Antivirus
  2. McAfee Security
  3. Mobishield
  4. Norton
  5. F-Secure safe
  6. Trend Micro Mobile Security 
  7. Lookout 
  8. Avast Secure-Me 
  9. Log Dog Mobile Security
  10. AVG Secure VPN
  11. Mobile Security & Anti-Theft Protection for iPhone
  12. Total AV Free Antivirus
  13. Panda Security Free Antivirus
  14. ZoneAlarm Mobile Security Free

Wrapping Up!

It’s time to be cautious and aware of your precious smartphones in this world inflicted by loads of cyber crimes. These free applications like Avira, McAfee, Log Dog are an editor’s choice, so do not forget to check them out on iTunes or their official websites.


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