Fix Audio Renderer Error Please Restart Your Computer

May 14

If you are facing Audio Renderer Error on Youtube then this article is for you. You might have seen this error message while using YouTube on your Windows 10. This error message Audio renderer error, Please restart your computer is not specific to any browser and OS type. You will face this error on any browser.

It is annoying to see this error message every time when you open YouTube. Youtube audio renderer error is a very common issue among Windows 10 users and you can easily fix it. Many Windows 10 users have reported this issue. When they try to open any Youtube Video, they will see this message says, “Audio Renderer error. Please restart your computer.”

What is causing the Audio renderer error in YouTube?

Well, we checked all the possible reasons and possibilities for getting this Audio renderer error on Windows 10. Check them out below.

  • Audio driver issue – This is the major problem for audio renderer error windows 10. Your Audio driver may be corrupted or old. In such cases, you have to update them or reinstall them.
  • Old BIOS – On Dell laptops, the issue is most liked with a faulty software update. Dell users can fix the issue by simply
    updating the BIOS version.

For the best results, follow these simple fixes.

audio renderer error

The fastest and easiest solution for audio renderer error is to disconnect and reconnect your audio device. This will work for many users. If this doesn’t work, run the Audio troubleshooter and also try to reinstall or update audio drivers in Windows10.

Due to the Audio Renderer Error, you cannot play video. There are different reasons behind this error. Here are some working solutions for this error on Windows.

Fix Audio Renderer Error Please Restart Your Computer

All drivers say they are updated. They can work one day, and suddenly stop working the next day, for a variety of reasons. For this reason, you can try out restarting the audio driver to resolve the situation. If you’re using Windows 10 for a little while, then you might be aware that the operating process isn’t entirely free from bugs. You can fix this error easily on your Windows 10.

Method 1: Replug audio playback devices

First of all audio playback devices from your computer and then wait for some time.

Reboot your computer and then replug audio playback devices again. Check if you are still facing Youtube Audio Renderer Error or not.

Method 2: Restart Computer

Rebooting your Windows PC or Laptop is the most common solution for Windows related issues. This may help you solve the “Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer.” error. If you don’t know how to restart the audio driver then you can read our driver update guide here.

Method 3: Run audio troubleshooting

For the audio renderer error, you can use an audio troubleshooter.

Step 1: Click on Start Menu and search for the audio troubleshooter.

Step 2: Click on Find and fix audio problems. Also, click on Playing Audio.

Step 3: Wait for the process and check what is the error.

Step 4: If there’s an issue, you’ll see a repair. Click “Yes” to fix.

Step 5: Restart your computer.

Method 4: Restart Audio drivers

Restarting audio driver can refresh system files and make the audio device normal.

Step 1: Press Win + R for Run and then type devmgmt.msc. Press Enter to open Device Manager.

Step 2: Click Sound, video and game controllers > Right-click and choose to Disable audio adapter option.

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds > Right Click on the same audio adapter > choose Enable. Restart your computer.

Method 5: Update the audio driver

Sometimes due to old or corrupted Audio drivers, you will face Audio renderer error, Please restart your computer error. So you have to update Audio Drivers. You can manually download and install Audio Drivers from the official website or you can use 3rd party driver update tools like Driver Easy.

Final Words:

We have shared all the possible solutions to fix Audio renderer error. If you want more information then comment below. Be the first to like this article. Help Us Improve Article


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