Artificial intelligence in the gambling industry

February 23, 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved significantly in recent years, and many industries are looking for ways to use artificial intelligence systems to solve real problems. Artificial intelligence in a casino can seem very useful with different possible uses, but before going further, it is helpful to understand what Artificial Intelligence is and how it works.

Intelligence is the characteristic of large capacities of strategic memorization, resolution of problems, and objective lens communication—the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge and ability.

Artificial Intelligence is the IT industry that occupies the creation and studio of human-type artificial intelligence. The theory and development of information systems in the degree of assurance of activities generate rich intelligence, such as visual perception, vocal reconnaissance, decision-making, and multilingual translation.

The function of artificial intelligence

Like any other computer program, artificial intelligence is a set of instructions, something like an algorithm. The difference from traditional software is that AI analyzes extensive data sets to look for patterns or connections between variables and is trained by its results to improve continuously.

Once it identifies what a pattern looks like, it makes a hypothesis, for example, that data A, B, C, and D are related in some way and evaluates the validity of these hypotheses through repetition. As long as it works, it continually improves its guesses and “learns” in the process.

People can see the models in visual form. For example, our brains have evolved to recognize individuals in large numbers, even when they move. For a computer, this is a surprisingly tricky task. However, people are unable to scan massive databases for patterns as an AI can. Gambling generates vast amounts of data, both on player behavior and gaming performance. In this data-rich environment, artificial intelligence can be used to optimize the game design and for a more effective customer engagement strategy.

The casino industry has always been at the forefront when it comes to adopting new technologies and innovations. Artificial intelligence is one of those technologies that has started to become a vital part of the gaming industry. It has primarily ensured gambling law, better detection of financial crimes, and a better user experience.

Artificial intelligence in gambling

It is a very powerful and effective technology, so it has been adopted and integrated at various gambling industry levels. Artificial Intelligence in gambling has significant potential for even more uses, but it’s certainly not the solution to all the industry’s problems. Below are some of the industrial areas where Artificial Intelligence has started to be used.

Customer assistance

The use of chatbots in chat services to serve customers is already quite widespread in several industries. Most of these industries, including gaming, are adopting the use of artificial intelligence for more efficient customer service. Customer service is essential, and Artificial Intelligence has already begun to be integrated into many of them. Chatbots are computer programs that mimic human behavior and chat with customers via (real-time written dialogue). They do this by simulating how a real person would engage in conversation.

Many industries adopt chatbots for their systems, as this promising technology is cheaper than building a customer support team. To make chatbots work, they use an AI feature called Natural Language Processing (NLP). It means natural language processing and uses algorithms to learn how to extract information from people’s spoken and written words.

Detection of irregular behavior

Some players try to find ways to locate fraud casinos, both online and offline, using irregular methods. Such erratic behavior is detected in land-based casinos through cameras and people who monitor and investigate suspicious cases.

In online casinos, however, this is not possible, so companies are investing in artificial intelligence to identify instances where there are attempts at fraud. This artificial intelligence system analyzes the collected data and uses it to observe users’ in-game fraud trends.

Over time the AI machine is able to identify players who are cheating, giving odds for or against cheating. However, in this case, the application of artificial intelligence is not entirely accurate, so the final decision needs to be made by humans.

Financial Fraud Detection

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence used to detect credit card fraud or online casino transactions. It does this by building predictive models of potential malicious credit card transactions and comparing real-time transactions with these models to identify illegal activity.

This form of artificial intelligence is particularly beneficial for online casinos, which often fall victim to this type of scam. In this case, the AI becomes an additional security layer that guarantees that payments correspond correctly to the transactions made for them.

Personalized user experience

Every player’s behavior in online casinos offers a significant amount of data that can be used to personalize the player’s experience.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, the analysis of this data and its exploitation becomes possible, and the result can become a completely customized environment for each individual player. By analyzing the common elements of the games the player prefers, new games with similar characteristics can be found, which are suggested to the player, increasing the likelihood of trying them.

This artificial intelligence application is not yet widely used in the industry, as it is in development. Still, expectations are high as it is estimated that it will offer significant assistance to online casinos in their efforts to meet the needs and preferences of their customers. Artificial intelligence technology is still evolving and has shown that it is likely to become a very important part of the online gaming industry.

Artificial intelligence-enabled the adoption of further technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality that revolutionized video games. But as with any new technology that comes into play, the first steps need to be gradual and careful to anticipate any new risks that may arise.

However, if used correctly, Artificial Intelligence could prove to be the most revolutionary innovation ever adopted by the online gaming industry.


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