ArticleGPT Review: Best for Fact-checked and SEO-friendly Articles

October 25, 2023

AI writing tools have steadily turned into a valuable resource for many content creators online and it is very easy to see why. After all, they do a fantastic job of helping to optimize the content writing process and increase the level of productivity for those who use them.

To this end, the rise of an AI article writer like ArticleGPT is no surprise but with so many AI products out there, it can be hard to determine the best one to use. In this review, we will quickly dive into everything that you need to know about ArticleGPT such as its features, benefits, limitations, and more.

What Does ArticleGPT Do?

ArticleGPT by HIX.AI is a long-form content generator that is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models to generate original full-length content drafts based on the given user’s input. Whether you need help crafting general articles, news articles, product reviews, product roundups, or even how-to guides, you can be confident that it can help you do the job.

However, the biggest highlight of this tool is the fact that each piece of content that it generates is factually accurate, hallucination-free, and up-to-date. This is because it only pulls information from reputable and vetted online sources. Furthermore, all the content it produces will be error-free and completely plagiarism-free.

To this end, it can be a valuable writing assistant for a wide range of users who often need to quickly create large amounts of content daily. Some of these include freelancers, marketers, students, researchers, and many more. However, if you browse HIX.AI‘s site, you will find that there’s so much more that ArticleGPT can offer.

What Are The Key Features of ArticleGPT?

HIX.AI’s ArticleGPT provides users with a wide range of exceptional features that make it stand out even among the most advanced AI writing tools out there. Check out some of the main aspects that make such a unique writing resource below:

#1. Supports 50+ Languages:

When crafting long-form content, it is always important that you consider the target audience if you want to ensure that you consistently maintain high engagement rates. With ArticleGPT, you will be able to generate content in over 50 different languages, which will enable you to reach local audiences in their native language. Some of these options include English, French, Japanese, Spanish, and more.

#2. Access Multiple Tones:

Content personalization is very important because it enables you to connect with readers in a writing style that they are more likely to engage with and respond to. After all, you can’t expect to reach older readers in the same manner as younger readers and vice versa. To this end, it helps to adjust your style of voice, and ArticleGPT often makes it extremely easy for users to customize the generated content as they choose between options like friendly, professional, casual, persuasive, etc.

#3. Fast and Easy UI

Most AI writing tools tend to come with overly complicated user interfaces or are unable to process your large content request fast enough. ArticleGPT breaks the pattern by ensuring that you can get fully-fledged articles within a matter of seconds. On top of that, the platform is incredibly simple enough to utilize that even first-time users should have no problem including the AI writing tool in their daily workflow.

#4. Reference Selection

One of the main challenges of using AI writing tools is the fear of being provided with copied text that could lead to copyright issues. However, ArticleGPT comes with a reference selection feature that ensures users can select their preferred websites or even upload documents for the tool to cite from each generated article. As a result, you can effectively automate the citing process, which can often save you a lot of time and effort.

#5. Facilitates SEO-optimization

When it comes to long-form content, your blog articles must be SEO-optimized to ensure that they are visible online and can attract more readers. This can often be a tedious process when handled manually, but with ArticleGPT, it becomes easy to integrate your targeted keywords into the generated content. In doing so, you can ensure that your content remains high on SERPs.

Why Should You Consider Using ArticleGPT?

There are a few key benefits that come with implementing ArticleGPT into your daily content creation workflow. For starters, the tool can significantly help boost your level of productivity by churning out a ton of quality content within a fraction of the time that it would take you to do it manually.

ArticleGPT can also help you with the ideation process, as you can use it to generate fresh and engaging content ideas. In doing so, you can avoid wasting so much time trying to overcome writer’s block, which can often be a hindrance, especially if you are on a tight deadline.

In addition, the use of ArticleGPT to generate long-form content effectively provides users with greater flexibility in their content writing. After all, with this tool’s help, it becomes easy to adjust the content’s tone, style, and voice. You can even craft content in multiple languages, which will result in improved audience engagement and a wider reach.

Furthermore, ArticleGPT can be counted on to help produce numerous types of content that can cover a wide range of niches and fields, no matter how technical they may be. This makes it a highly versatile option that is worth investing in over the long run, especially when compared to other writing tools that tend to be limited.

What Are The Limitations of ArticleGPT?

On the flip side, as valuable as its features may be, it is also important to consider some of ArticleGPT’s limitations. To begin with, users must remember that it is an AI-driven platform, which means that it is only capable of generating content that is based on existing information. In other words, it can’t craft never seen before content from scratch, which limits its ability to handle creative tasks.

However, despite these limitations, ArticleGPT still does an effective job for content creators, brands, and working professionals who are seeking out an efficient means of streamlining their workload and enhancing productivity.

What Is ArticleGPT’s Pricing Structure?

ArticleGPT comes with a free-tier plan that users can use to test out the tool’s features but that trial period is limited, which means that to get full access, you will need to subscribe to one of HIX.AI’s paid plans. ArticleGPT is available on the Pro Plan, which currently costs $39.99/month.

Under this pricing tier, users will have a monthly limit of 600,000 words on GPT-3.5 and 20,000 words on GPT-4. However, this can be increased by subscribing to the Ultimate plan, which provides you with unlimited words on GPT-3.5 and up to 50,000 words on GPT-4. This plan will cost $99.99/month.


Based on this review, it’s safe to say that ArticleGPT is a unique and effective long-form writing tool that does well to stand out among the rest of the market. With its wide range of features, smooth UI, reliable performance, and ease of accessibility, this AI writing tool has it all packed up in one neat package.

To this end, we would highly recommend giving it a chance if you haven’t already. However, don’t make the mistake of becoming too overly reliant on it. These tools are only meant to assist in the writing process, not replace human input completely. So, always be sure to review the generated content and make any necessary adjustments.


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