Are You Planning an Event or Party in 2023? Here are the Best Party Trends to Watch Out for

January 21, 2023

Everyone’s excited about the new year – and why not? It’s a chance for everyone to start anew, and anyone who’s ever been stuck – in a job, in a town, in a dead-end relationship – can begin once again with brighter prospects for the future. If you are looking to celebrate a new beginning – a party, a wedding, a corporate event, a fundraiser, or more – it pays to know what’s in or not this year. Of course, you would want your event to be memorable, but more than this, you’d want your guests to have an amazing time! So are you planning an event or party in 2023? It’s never too early to plan, so here are the best party trends to watch out for.

A mocktail-making event

We’ve all had our share of cocktails – so if you want something healthier and fresher for your guests, you can create your own mocktails. Who says you always have to have alcohol, anyway? This year, people are turning to healthier lifestyles, and if you are one of those enlightened, you can have a mocktail-making event. You can hire a mixologist or bartender to create bespoke mocktails for your guests, and you can even have a raffle and pick names out of a hat so you can get several guests to go behind the bar and create their own!

A milestone party

If you or a loved one are celebrating a milestone this year – a 40th birthday, a 10th anniversary at their job, graduation, or more – you can also have a milestone party. Of course, everything will be centered around that milestone, so you can include the milestone in your decorations, invitations, and more. You can even create a unique name for the event, such as Fabulous at Forty, Sassy and Sexy at Sixty, and more. The possibilities are endless – if you want, you can even have a fairground stall hire provider, and they will set up a complete fairground and funfair for you, complete with rides and games! This is guaranteed to make your party extra spectacular.

A party with all the lights

Another trend to watch out for this year – and it can be suitable for a wide range of events, from corporate and community fundraisers to birthdays and anniversaries – is having a party with different lights. You can hire a lighting coordinator for this, but if you don’t have the budget, you can always do it yourself! Creative lighting can make for an awesome event, and you can string up some traditional fairy lights and backlights and even project images on the walls and ceilings. If you want an extra glamorous affair, you can hang some chandeliers, globes, and pendant lights to also serve as the focal point in the room.

An event with a live musician

You can hire a live musician if you want your party or event to be remembered long after it happened. For instance, you can hire a singer/guitarist to serenade your guests or a singer/harpist for something more elegant and classy. In addition, a live musician is perfect because your guests can still converse with each other while the musician is playing, unlike with a live band.


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