Are Progressive Casino Games all made Equal?

Arguably, one of the most interesting developments in casino gaming from the past few years, progressive jackpots have spread throughout the various operators to become a fixture of both mobile and desktop gaming. Still, due to the size of the prizes they offer, progressive jackpots have resisted becoming ordinary – in fact, they’re still nowhere near as common as many other casino features.

Prize Pools

So, what are they? Progressive jackpots are large prize pools that a casino’s entire user base can contribute to. Put another way, a percentage of all wagers made at one or more websites is set aside to create a jackpot that doesn’t stop increasing until it’s won. Inevitably, these prizes can climb into the five or six figures, meaning that they have a special place in casino players’ collective hearts.

An article published by the French La Riviera Casino notes that there are three different types of progressive jackpots, namely, stand-alone ones, and both locally and globally connected prize pools. In theory, these progressive jackpots can be added to any casino game or Jeux de casino in the local parlance, but they’re usually associated with a niche of simple video slots.

Of course, there are plenty of standard slot machines that offer large jackpots without falling into the category of a progressive game. The equally French operator of casinos en ligne Le Roi Johnny has around thirty of these slots, including Treasure Room, Reels of Wealth, and Legend of the Nile. It might sound like a difficult distinction to make but, in brief, this type of jackpot game only gets its prizes from one place – their own pots.

Bonus Features

As with many other products covered in our Buying Guides section, the question that needs to be asked is whether any of these progressive jackpots are superior to others – and the answer is “yes”. Globally-connected prizes can pull in funds from multiple websites and, therefore, thousands of different players. Contrast this with the stand-alone progressive jackpots, which only get their dollars and cents from people playing that particular game.

Other than that, many of the differences between progressive games are cosmetic. Bonus features might increase your chances of claiming small wins and multipliers, while the overall design of the machine can include imagery from popular fandoms or themes to attract certain kinds of players. The one thing that is unlikely to change from one slot to another is a player’s chance of claiming the jackpot. It’s always going to be low.

La Riviera Casino does offer a bit of a strategy for progressive jackpot games. Betting the maximum amount possible and ensuring that all pay lines are activated offers the best and sometimes only chance of claiming the biggest prize. Progressive jackpots are what’s known as high volatility games, meaning that they can pay out large sums but only at very rare intervals.

In any case, progressive jackpots can be found at almost every casino on the internet, as well as in real-life poker games. While care is required in their handling (you don’t want to exhaust your bankroll too quickly), they’re available to play by anyone.


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