Affordability Crisis Threatens UK Gambling Industry

April 23, 2022

Gambling is legal in the United Kingdom. The Gambling Commission, which was established in response to the Gambling Act of 2005 governs gambling activities in the UK. The Commission regulates a wide range of games, including poker, bingo, sports betting, and other popular casino games.

As a result, any business company that desires to provide these services to UK people must get a license from the Gambling Commission. Given that online gambling is allowed and regulated in the United Kingdom, you won’t have too much trouble getting started if you’re a novice.

With gambling has grown into a profitable venture, there are just too many casino sites to pick from these days. You won’t have any trouble selecting a fish table game online real money casino with attractive bonuses and promotions, simple transaction options, and your favorite casino games to play.

Challenges That You Should Expect

Despite massive expansion in the gambling business, industry leaders have warned that the UK gambling industry is facing an “affordability crisis” as rising living costs compel active users to cut back on their spending.

The warning was issued by the Department of Trust, a new supplier of affordability solutions that hired YouGov in March to survey gambling affordability in light of a significantly shifting economic background.

The Statistical Standpoint

The YouGov poll, which conducted a representative sample of 700 regular UK gamblers, discovered that 32% of respondents claimed they will spend less on gambling in the coming months.

Concerningly, 59 percent of respondents said their spending cuts were due to rising difficulties in their day-to-day expenses.

43 percent of respondents said they were intentionally cutting back on non-essentials, while 38 percent said they were checking their spending but were not making any adjustments.

In line with general UK consumer feedback, 11% of respondents acknowledged struggling to cover even basic expenditures and costs.

An Alarm Bell for the UK Gambling Sector

According to Department of Trust founder Charles Cohen, the YouGov findings should serve as a wake-up call for a gaming industry that is already under pressure to guarantee that players can afford to gamble.

Cohen cautioned that inflation is at levels not seen in decades, resulting in a rapidly evolving affordability issue for the gambling sector. Waiting is no longer an option, as operators want real-time financial data now more than ever.

More Reasons Why the UK Gambling Sector is Threatened by Affordability Crisis

Here are some of the additional reasons why the affordability crisis affects the gambling sector in the UK:

It’s difficult to top the pleasure of visiting upscale casinos such as the Rainbow Casino in the United Kingdom. Everything huge, fancy, or expensive is available at the casino. Between the structures, the cuisine, the performances, the casinos, and the attractions, simply going through the casino – without playing – is an experience in and of itself.

  • Going out of town, on the other hand, is costly. Travel, auto hire, accommodation, food, and entertainment must all be paid for. Not to add that everything on The Strip is significantly pricier. A week there can easily cost you $3,000 to $4,000, not adding your gambling money.
  • Gambling is indeed expensive. Of course, this is dependent on the game you’re playing. Take, for example, table games: most online table games cost $1 a round/hand. Offline, you’ll spend between $3 and $5 each round/hand. This quickly adds up and can quickly deplete a small budget.
  • If you win a substantial quantity of money, you will very certainly have to pay taxes on it. At least in the United Kingdom.
  • There are a lot of salesmen at upscale casinos like the Rainbow or the Park Lane. On the street, random people try to offer you water or mixed records. Employees on the inside are attempting to sell you tickets to a show. Outside at night, smut peddlers try to get you to go to a strip club. In the long term, all of these issues prove to be highly costly.
  • When you play games like poker, it is much simpler to be tricked. Algorithms and other measures are in place at poker sites to detect cheats. However, it is still difficult to identify colluders or players with multiple accounts. This causes you to spend more money trying to make up for your losses.

Possible Solutions to This Affordability Crisis in the UK

With many economic challenges facing the UK gambling industry. Here are some of the great and possible solutions to curb the affordability crisis:

Personal Finance Mobile Apps

Cohen, a former executive at IGT Plc, established the Department of Trust to eliminate all friction points between operator data requests and customers. This is to ensure operators can provide the safest gambling environments possible.

Department of Trust is coming out of stealth mode with the introduction of a personal financial app for gamblers, according to Cohen, who is developing consumer-centric affordability solutions.

This app provides free, impartial personal budgeting tools tailored exclusively for gamblers. It is accessible on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and in the browser.

Department of Trust, for example, employs FCA-regulated Open Banking to provide frictionless affordability checks via the smartphone personal financial App.

Instead of asking for complete bank statements, operators may use the App to make focused requests for certain information such as disposable money, which players can analyze and accept with a single tap.

The app aspires to be the all-in-one solution for consumer personal data requests, which are normally denied by up to 80% of participants.

Adoption of Online Gambling

The adoption of online gambling in the UK will allow you as a player to gamble with a very small budget as compared to gambling in offline casinos.

Online gambling is cheap since you don’t have to travel far to access casino games. Games are just within the online space. In addition to this, you can access free games online that you can gamble on.


With the possible solutions that we have discussed, you can avoid a financial crisis by choosing the right online casinos that are well regulated and licensed. These casinos offer free games helping you save on your budget. With that in mind, have much fun as you gamble.


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